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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman about Ashok giving his numbers to girls and saying he will not marry Shagun. She says Shagun is Ruhi and Adi’s mum, and she is a woman, she does not deserve this. He says he knew Ashok is a dog, but did not he will do this with Shagun, I will not leave him. She asks him not to be angry and think being calm. Raman calls Shagun and asks Shagun to meet him. Suraj slaps Ashok and says you are idiot, you are drunk, and told everyone that your plans, you said you will not marry Shagun. Ashok says I was drunk, I just told Abhimanyu, he is our man, he gave me contract, whats the big deal. ………….

Ashok says nothing will happen. Suraj says he will manage everything. Ashok tells him about Mihika. He says just see, Shagun’s brother and Raman’s brother Mihir, he will be ruined. Shagun asks Raman what is the matter. Raman says about Ashok giving award winning performance. Ishita meets Mani at the same hotel. She asks what is the matter, is everything ok. Abhimanyu asks is everything fine. She says yes I have to go and pick Ruhi now. He says your husband’s daughter. She says my daughter, my existence is because of her. Raman asks Shagun is she happy with the marriage decision. Abhimanyu says you should be happy, as your husband is divorcee and you failed in love, if you don’t mind me asking, do you love her. She says he is good, he is very caring, he does unconditional love and can’t do anything wrong, its required for a good marriage.

Raman says marriage can be successful when people have strong bond, love ends in few days. Ishita says love is needed in marriage. Abhimanyu says you always kept me in friends category, first Subbu and now your husband. She says you will always be my best friend. He says your choice is always like this, Aainvi. She says he is not Aainvi, he is rude. Shagun asks Raman does he need certificate of Ashok’s character, you married and moved on, whats your problem when I m marrying/ Raman says as I know the truth.

Ishita and Abhimanyu see Raman. He says what is this lose Raman Bhalla doing here, he came late for meeting and second time he tried to bribe me. I heard he is very Sadu. Ishita says he is my husband. Abhimanyu says what? This Sadu. Raman tells everything to Shagun and says Ashok does not digest wine and told everything. Shagun says you don’t know him, he loves me. Raman says Ishita heard by her ears, he said he will leave you. Abhimanyu says lets meet your husband. Ishita says no, lets go. Shagun says if its Ishita’s plan….. Raman says if this will affect Adi, I won’t tolerate.

Shagun says lets go to Ashok and clear everything. Abhimanyu says he will drop Ishita. Ishita says no, I will go. He leaves. She waits to take an auto. Raman and Shagun see her. Shagun says what the hell is she doing here. Raman asks the same. Ishita says she came for coffee. Shagun does not believe them, and say you want to make me far from my Ashok. Ishita says no, I m going to pick up Ruhi. Shagun says anyone can pick her, lets go to Ashok and clear things.

Ashok shows the bedroom to a girl. He flirts with her and gets closer. Shagun comes home and asks the servant where is Ashok. The servant says upstairs. She goes to the room. Raman and Ishita follow. She opens the door and is shocked seeing Ashok with some girl. Ashok is tensed. Ashok says Shagun you here, its bad luck if we meet before marriage. Shagun slaps and beats him. She slaps the girl and asks who is she. She says she is living with him since 6 years, then he is with this girl. She beats him and kicks out the girl.

She says what do you think, I will leave you if you do this, you told everyone that you are bored of me and will not marry me. Ashok says no, who told you. She says stop lying, how could you do this, this is my house too. I did everything for you, I left Raman and my kids, sent Adi to hostel and you treated me like trophy, how can you cheat on me, is this your love, then why did you make me wait for marriage, disgusting, how dare you. She cries and says she will not leave him, you have to pay for this.

Ishita says lets go, its there personal matter. Raman says wait, I will end this matter today. Suraj comes and asks Ashok whats happening. Shagun asks him to come and see this drama, see your brother. Suraj asks Ashok to tell Shagun. Shagun says I know he is cheating on me. Ashok shows the card of that girl, she is our wedding planner. The girl says yes, I m wedding planner. Shagun asks did you get my bedroom to plan all this. He says I was planning about our wedding night, how would we decorate the room. He says I love you, we are together since 6 years and wanted to be more romantic. He says he got her many diamonds, he too did many things for her too, he is really disappointed. You have really hurt me.

Ashok turns and smiles. He says you and our relation are important, it should not be boring and unromantic. Raman and Ishita looks on. He says trust me, our month break and first wedding night, I m excited, but you spoiled everything, I m doing this for you, why don’t you trust me. Shagun says sorry. Suraj smiles. Ashok apologizes to Sherly and asks her to leave, as he will spend time with Shagun. She says fine and leaves. Ashok says Raman you lost, you can go, Shagun is mine. Shagun says sorry. Ashok says tell me you won’t doubt on me, else we will be separated. She says no, I trust you.

She cries and says she will punish herself. She beats herself. He says I was joking, stop it. She says I have beaten you a lot, I should have not come in Raman’s words, he can’t see me happy, he called me in coffee shop. Ashok asks her not to meet him, its ok with me as I trust you. Shagun asks Raman and Ishita is it over now. Ashok says he is your ex husband and won’t let you go off easily. Shagun says you show you care for me and burn my happiness, why don’t you understand, you moved on, let me marry now, no one can come between me and Ashok. Raman says you are a fool. Ashok is fooling you. Shagun shouts out. Suraj and Ashok smile.

Raman scolds Ishita bringing out his anger. He asks her not to interfere in other’s life. Mihika comes looking for Ishita. Ishita says I heard he will not marry Shagun, he is flirting with other girls. He says let them do anything, does your life has less problems, I m warning you, if you do such things, you will be out of my life. He leaves. Mihika hears everything. Ishita asks Mihika you here. Mihika holds her hand. Amma comes and says she was looking for Mihika. She says your mum in law is not here, so we will do it. Ishita says yes. Mr. Bhalla says you care so much. Amma says Ishita will celebrate both festivals. Mr. Bhalla says he will guide Ishita. Ishita says yes, I will ask mummy ji on email if needed. Everyone leave. Ishita gets upset.

Raman fools Ishita saying Maa used to be mute for nine days. She says she did not read this on net. He asks her to ask Romi and signs Romi to say the same. Ishita thinks as Raman asks her not to speak for nine days. 
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita waiting for Raman. Abhimanyu brings juice for her and asks her not to see the phone. He says he used to do all this when he was in college, leave all this, phone won’t ring. She gets a call from someone else. She says she will come clinic at 10pm and asks Abhimanyu to go and meet other guests. She says girls want to meet you, the most eligible bachelor. He says no, they won’t be interested, as I m father of two kids, that too without marriage. She says maybe someone else will take responsibility. He says no one is like you. They have a talk. She feels Raman does not care of her feelings, and Mani is so sensitive.

Raman is tensed as Ishita did not come home, its so late. He says I will go and pick up, else she will take revenge with south Indian food. Ishita sees Ashok in the party. Ashok says Shagun did not come, as she is not well. Ishita asks Abhimanyu what is he doing here. Abhimanyu says he is the chief guest, why. Ishita says its long story, I will say later, but be away from him, he is bad man. He says this is business and have to deal with all type of people. He goes to meet Ashok. Ashok flirts with a girl. She says she is not interested. He still tries his charm. She calls him cheap.

He says if you knew my status, you would have known me, you would have come after me, on your own, just look at me. I m the best. She says disgusting. Ashok gets Shagun’s call and says its her in whom I m not interested. He takes her call and says he is missing her so much, getting bored too. He is drunk and says he is going home from here. Abhimanyu comes and says so much love, you are still talking to her in party. Ashok says his secret, that he is not doing the marriage. He says all this is to get rid of that woman. He says its his plan to dump her, leave all this. Abhimanyu realizes Ishita was right about Ashok.

Ashok says I stayed with that woman for six years, why should I marry her now, I don’t know why people marry and commit, how they do be with one woman. Ishita hears everything when Ashok is confessing his plan. Ashok says marriage comes with expiry date and my relationship’s expiry date has passed. Abhimanyu says you have drunk a lot, lets talk tomorrow. Ashok says not tomorrow, I can’t be saying it openly. He says I have sent Shagun to her brother’s house, I love my freedom. Abhimanyu asks him to go home. Ashok leaves with Murli. Ashok stops seeing the same lady and gives his card, saying call me on my number. He leaves.

Ishita says I can’t believe this, Ashok is cheating Shagun. She says she is feeling bad. She tells Mani that she wants to go, as Ruhi does not sleep without me. He says do you want to go home and fight with husband asking why did he not come. She says no. He says he will ask the driver to drop her and asks Murli to take her. She smiles. He goes to see her off. Raman comes there and says where will I find her. He sees her with Murli and sees Abhimanyu’s back. Raman says its lottery, she is here, and also that slim guy.

Ishita sees Raman and he hides. He says sit in the car to himself and sits. He leaves. Ishita comes home and talks to Mihika. She says Shagun wasted her 6 years waiting to marry Ashok, you hope when Subbu broke the engagement, what did I went through, where will she go when Ashok leaves. Mihika says but she too…. Ishita says yes, Shagun left Raman and it was her big decision, when Raman was a good person. She says Raman was ready to do anything for her, he loved her a lot. Mihika smiles. Ishita says when Raman loved someone, he would have done a lot. Mihika says she is seeing that Ishita is thinking lots about Raman. Ishita says no, I call him 10 times and he does not take my call.

Mihika says anyway, you are right, no woman deserves a life partner like Ashok. Ishita says this matter is serious, I will talk to Raman, he knows Shagun better. She asks Mihika not to tell anything to Mihir. Raman comes home. Ishita saks you are not at home? He says he went to get icecream for Ruhi. She says where is the icecream. He says he had it. She says you had kid’s icecream. He says yes, for her sake, she has cold, so I ate it better than throwing it. He asks her to mind her work and leaves. Mihika laughs. Ishita says Raman does not have manners.

She comes to the room. She sees her and Ruhi’s pic on his phone SS and says what, my pic, Raman has put my pic as screensaver. She says what happened today. She smiles. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………….plays…………………She thinks of their cute moments shown in FB. Raman comes and she asks him about the pic. He says yes, she is the most imp person of my life, Ruhi. Its good idea to keep your pic, to keep off bad sight. He shows dinosaur’s pic saying its her and annoys her. He says why should I change for you, and shows just Ruhi’s pic and says unwanted people out, but could not remove your hand.

Its morning, Mihir comes to meet Mihika and family. They see the wedding hall pics. Appa asks them to call Raman as he will decide. Appa and Amma see Mihir and Mihika smiling. Amma says Soumya gave many sarees, help me in selecting. They leave. Mihir says he came to meet her and needs to talk. He says we always shared everything, now we are getting married, there is one more thing we should share, that’s financial responsibility, I took 15 lakhs loan. He says Shagun came and I want to do some functions too, as I m her brother. He asks why are you worried. She says actually our wedding arrangements are also going on and now Shagun. He says we will manage, don’t worry. She asks him to drop her to office. He says sure, happily. Mihika says she can’t tell Mihir and have to wait for Ishita, first she should talk to Raman.

Ishita thinks to tell Raman. She talks to Raman and he says its about party right. She says not joke always, its important. He says yes say. She says she saw Ashok in Mani’s house. He says what was Ashok doing there. She says maybe business associates, that’s not important, he was drunk. Raman says he is always drunk. She says he was saying he does not want to marry Shagun. Raman is shocked.

Abhimanyu says this is good, your husband is divorcee and you faced bad thing in love, you both got a second chance in love, if you don’t mind me asking, do you love him. She is stunned.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla telling Ishita that he will drop Ruhi. She says thanks but where is she. He says she might have gone to call Shravan. She says good, they don’t fight these days. Raman comes and Mr. Bhalla asks did he not sleep well. Raman says we was on social sites to catch with some sites. He dislikes the tea and is annoyed. Mr. Bhalla asks him to rest and then go to office. Ishita laughs reading Mani’s joke on message and says he is too cute, he knows how to lift my mood. He gets jealous and asks does he not have any work. She says he has much work, but he is superb, and says she will tell his joke. He says he is not interested. Romi smiles seeing Raman’s reacting. Raman leaves. Ishita asks whats his problem, can’t he smile. He says he is jealous. She says but why.

He says as you are praising some other guy. She thinks great, I m feeling good, this jealousy looks good. Raman gets ready and asks Neelu to send food to his office. She asks him to tell her any joke, as he is very funny, she has to forward. Raman sees Romi smiling and scolds him, asking him to go to office. Romi says yes and leaves. Raman gets annoyed and says I don’t have waste time like Mani to send stupid jokes. She says just meet him once, you will fall in love with him. He says I m fine the way I m, I don’t love men. She says he is so cutely jealous. He says she is mad to make me love that Mani, and asks her to stop laughing and make the car design final with Mihika. She laughs as he leaves.

Mihika likes a visiting card and asks the man to print it, as the wedding card selection is not done. Ashok’s cards fees is given. She asks the man about his cards. He says its not printed, he just took samples. Mihika says Shagun said Ashok has printed the card, then why did he just make sample, he is playing a game with Shagun. Ishita is going to meet Mani, and asks Raman does he want to come. He says no, I also lost the contract because of Ashok, so I don’t want to come. She asks him to have food with Ruhi and asks Neelu to heat the food. She leaves. He gets angry as she got dressed very well to meet her friend, its not safe on Delhi, but I don’t care. If anything happens, her Mani will come to safe her.

Ishita comes in the restaurant to meet Mani. Raman too comes there and looks at her sitting at her reserved table. He says how is her friend, he called her and made her sit alone, whats this name, Mani, I don’t do this, friendship should be done well, not half like this. A man Murli comes to meet her and says Sir has sent me. Raman thinks he is Mani and comments on him. Murli says Sir will come in 10mins. Ishita says its ok. Raman says is he her friend, I was afraid of him? Murli says Sir did not wish to make you sit here alone, so he has sent me. She says yes, he always thinks for me, come sit. Raman thinks why was I afraid, he is incomparable to me. He waves to a girl and says girls still die on me. He is relieved that the man is not macho, enjoy Ishita.

Ishita talks to Murli and asks are you posted in Turkey or Delhi office. He says Delhi. Mani (abhimanyu) comes there and says Ishu…….. She smiles seeing him. He says I m really very sorry. She says Mani and hugs him. He says I don’t like coming late. She says its ok, it happens. He says its bad manners to make ladies wait, so I have sent Murli. Murli asks them to enjoy the dinner and leaves. Abhimanyu asks about her husband. Ishita says he did not come. He gets an urgent call and says after one hour. He ends the call and asks why did her husband did not come, is he afraid. She says no. Raman comes home smiling.

Raman says I went to spy on his wife for that man. He gets a call and says he got a zoo to see a new animal. Abhimanyu and Ishita have the juice and he asks her to come home to have dinner, as he signed the contract with his friend, so he kept a party at home. He says you will be the hostess of my party, as you know there is no one in my life, help me. She says your parties are always perfect. She says you can make it perfect. She says I won’t come as I don’t know anyone. He says you know me, you are my best friend, please, come on. She agrees.

He says call your husband and asks him to join us, you will get company too if I get busy. She says why did Lord not give such manners to my husband. He says not fair, don’t compare. Ishita thinks don’t know will Raman come or not, let me see he is insecure or not. Ramna meets his staff man. Ishita calls Raman and asks him to come in Mani’s house party. He says he will not come. She tries to convince him for the house warming party. He says he does not care, do house warm or burn, whatever. She asks why can’t he come with her, when she always comes, I did not ask you love, I m asking small things, you can come for me, what to tell him now. He says don’t keep expectations, I can’t come. He ends the call and says her words that she is not asking for love, am I here for distributing love. She says he ended the call, he does not care for me. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………….

Abhimanyu sees Ishita crying and asks what happened. She says nothing. He says I know husband and wife’s fights, he might have said why should I come to come in your friend’s party. She says you understand relationships so much, why are you alone then. He says such girl did not come in my life, and no one can bear my fights. She smiles and they leave. Raman talks about work and is thinking about Murli. He laughs and says my wife’s best friend is exactly like you, slim, wears spec and smiles. He asks about his college friendships. The man says I had a friend, but I did her homework and she made me brother. Raman calls him Chusa type and says guys like me take such girls, and says about him and Ishita.

Ashok tries some suits and Shagun sees him online. She says he is looking handsome. She asks him to take her to the party, and she is feeling bored, she did not go to spa. He says yes, go to spa, I will do the booking, no meeting till marriage. She hears a sound and asks him who is in the room. He says trust me, don’t doubt and shows Ramdeen. She says sorry. He gives a good impression and ends the video call. He says this one month break to be converted in life long break.

Raman comes in his room and says shall I go in Mani’s party, but why, he is her friend. I spoke to her rudely, if I go, she will not be happy, why should I go, did she try to convince me, she did not msg or call. He gets bank’s call and thinks its Ishita. He says I don’t want credit and smiles seeing her pic. He says she does not look so bad. He says why am I taking clothes if I don’t have to go.

Raman drinks water and says see she does not have sense of time, its so late, I will pick her up, else she will be annoyed and make me eat idli sambar, she will be happy if I go.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Raman and Ruhi giving the breakfast surprise to Ishita. She is happy. Mihika says it was Raman’s idea, we just helped him. Raman says it was Ruhi’s idea as you were sleeping. Ishita kisses Ruhi. Ruhi asks is she happy. Ishita says yes. Ruhi says then Papa will drop me home, as you are very busy. Raman says got it, come have food first. Vandu sees no clothes are fitting her and is annoyed. She gets call on Bala’s phone from Shagun. Shagun asks how can he take so much leave since many days. Vandu says its me. Shagun asks Vandu where is he, he did not come since many days. She says Adi is improving with Bala’s tuition, please send him at Mihir’s home, I m staying here. Vandu thinks where is Bala going then. Bala comes and she confronts him. He asks did anyone’s call come.

She says yes, Shagun called and said you are not taking Adi’s classes. He says his classes have increased, so I did not get time. I will talk to her. She says she is very angry, she may affect this to Raman and Ishita, she is at Mihir’s home now. He says he will manage. Vandu says I know you are stressed about baby, but we will together manage. He says thanks, you don’t take stress in pregnancy. She hugs him. Bala looks at his phone and sees missed calls.

Raman talks to Ruhi and asks why did you praise Ishita when you did not get low marks in tests. Ruhi says she gets tired of work, that’s why. He asks what is she hiding and says promise, I will keep your secret and won’t be angry. Ruhi asks really. He says promise. She says principal called you and Ishi Maa at school. She says I think she will get angry but you are chilled out. He says fine, what did Ruhi do. He says a stupid boy bully me. He says then he will bully him. She says no, he bullied Arpita and I pushed him, he fell so he complained against me, sorry, but he is bad guy.

He says its good to fight for friends, but don’t push anyone like this, lets go now. They leave for school. Ishita is cooking. The gas gets over. Ishita asks Neelu why did she not tell her before. Neelu says ask Raman to get it. She says no way, he will taunt me. Ishita thinks what to do, shall I check with Amma, she can have extra cylinder. She comes to Iyer house and sees everything messed up. She says Amma is cleanliness freak, then how all this. Appa says this happened because of Mrs. Bhalla. Your Amma is missing her a lot, kids taught her internet and she was all night busy, she did not make breakfast, I made it.

He says she send friend requests to all film stars. Ishita laughs. He says tell Neelu to cook lunch for us. Ishita says this is the problem, gas ended in our home, so I thought to get cylinder. He says same problem. She says you will get the lunch, don’t worry and leaves smiling. Raman is about to park his car and someone else parks the car. Raman gets angry and scolds the other car’s driver asking him to move his car. Abhimanya gets down the car and looks equally dashing as Raman. He asks what happened, why are you angry on me. Raman argues.

Ruhi says Papa lets go, park somewhere else. The guard asks them to move their cars, as its staff parking. Abhimanyu says problem solved. Ruhi shows Raman the guy whom she pushed. Raman says fine. Ruhi says his father has come. Raman says we will see him. Abhimanyu is the father of that boy. Raman talks to him. Abhimanyu says your daughter went on you, she fights a lot. Raman taunts him back. They are called by the principal. Raman says you know me since years, this boy was troubling Ruhi, maybe he is pampered a lot at home. Abhimanya says sorry from his son’s side and says he is worried as its new school.

Nirvaan says sorry. Raman asks Ruhi to say sorry and forgive. Ruhi says sorry. Abhimanyu says at our home, men respect women and don’t raise hand on them. The kids shake hands. Abhimanyu and Raman apologize to each other. Ishita tells Mr. Bhalla that she is worried as she called so much but no one is delivering the cylinder. He says yes, they are corrupt. She says I will get if I book in black. She gets a call and asks for the man to deliver the cylinder. She goes in her room. Raman comes home and asks about Ishita. Mr Bhalla tells about gas problem and Ishita did not go to clinic. He says what did she eat today and asks Ishita is she fine.

She says yes. He says Papa told me about your problem. She says yes, its always. He says what, sso stop eating much. She says stop eating? He says try homeopathy. She says whats the connection. He says it helps. She says don’t joke, I send Neelu to make Rajma Chawal. He says are you mad, it increases the problem. She gets the call and asks the man to get it fast and not argue. Raman says I know your head maybe aching, vomit now. She says how can you be rude, I won’t talk, how can you ask me tto vomit. He says sit here, I have a solution. She says this problem won’t be solved. He says lie down and holds her legs to move. She says what are you doing, I can’t relax, as this problem can’t solve. Mr. Bhalla calls her and she leaves.

Raman says she is so angry one. The cylinder comes. She asks who has sent this. He says your friend has sent this. She says Mani has sent this and is happy. Raman sees this and asks did you have this gas problem. She says yes, I told you. He says I felt. She says what, chee. He says it happens to everyone. She says I m doctor and I know to control my diet. He says even doctors have this problem, thank your friend. She says yes, he is the best. He asks does she work in gas company. She says he is a guy, she studied with me. He says so you went with him on dinner. She says yes. Raman gets miffed. Ishita smiles and says he felt bad knowing I went on dinner with guy, it means he is jealous, good.

Shagun likes a wedding card and shows Mihir and Mihika. She says its very expensive and asks shall I order this for you guys too. She says we can marry in same mandap on same day, we are getting true love on same day, its expensive wedding, you can’t afford. Mihir says no, we have Raman. She says why Raman, we have Ashok. He says the marriage will be grand, as Raman’s heart is bigger than Ashok, you forgot your grand marriage, and Raman and Ishita’s marriage was grand too. He says he wants to organize one ceremony being her brother. Mihika says we decided we won’t marry till Mrs. Bhalla comes back. Shagun says I wanted to share my special date, if you guys don’t want, carry on. She gets a call and leaves. Mihika calms down Mihir and holds hands.

Ishita sleeps on the couch. Raman wakes up and says who is this Mani, all day she is chanting Mani Mani, he became Shani for my life, who is her friend. He says he will ask her and comes to her. He tries to wake her and sees her sleeping. She turns and he holds a book getting far. He says he will find out Mani, she won’t tell me if I ask her, I will check her friends, She turns and he goes away from laptop and jumps into the bed hiding his face. He then gets up and takes the laptop. He goes out to loo to use the laptop and shuts the door. He sits there on the commode and says whats his name, Mani Subramanium, Pillai, Swamy, don’t they get names, she does not have any common friend, how can this be that he is not on FB. Maybe he is mad to be her friend. He thinks and tries to find out. He says what am I doing, I m spying on her and sat on commode too.

Ishita laughs. Raman asks what’s this, sale of your teeth. She says sorry, I was reading joke which Mani sent, so funny, he is so cute, he knows to lift my mood and compares Raman with Mani. She praises Mani and he bows down.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Mihika shopping a saree at Mihir’s home. She asks Shagun how is Adi. Shagun says he is in pain but now he slept. Shagun selects a saree for her. Mihika says she won’t like this, even Mihir won’t like. Shagn says trust me, my taste is perfect, just see it. Mihir comes and asks Shagun about Adi. Mihika says he has pain and is sleeping now. Shagun shows the saree. The man asks Shagun why did she chose this saree. Shagun says shut your mouth, I will pay. Mihir says you don’t deserve this saree Mihika. Shagun comes and gives the money, even when Mihir stops her. Adi calls her and she goes. Mihir thanks Mihika for taking this bad saree and calling it good. Mihika smiles. He says I will get a better one for you, thanks as me and Shagun got together because of you. They say I love you to each other.

Amma finds it peaceful in Mrs. Bhalla’s absence. Appa says I can’t understand you both. Amma says you don’t come in between us. Appa says you are missing her and laughs. He asks did you talk to Ishita. She says she will go and meet Ishita, asking if she needs any help. Amma comes to Bhalla house. Ruhi talks to her. Ishita has much work and then she has to go clinic. Ruhi asks Amma why is she sad. Amma says its so quiet here. Ruhi says you are missing her. Amma says no. Ruhi says she is also missing you, she wrote in email. She will teach her to use email and then they can chat.

Mihir and Raman come to meet Abhimanyu Raghav. The secretary says the meeting is cancelled. Raman says why, we came 10mins before. She says he did not like the scotch bottle you have sent. Raman says what, we did no sent it. Mihir says I don’t know who has sent it. Raman says is this man mad. Ashok comes there and taunts on Raman. Raman says now I know, I m not surprised. Raman says you are doing this on my name as you can’t get the contract on your own. Ashok says Raghav is not your level man, and I did not give him like bribe like you. He leaves.

Ishita comes to know from Mihika that Ashok is coming in dinner. Mihika says Shagun invited her. Ishita says whenever Raman and Ashok meet, there is tension. Mihika says yes, I feel they should patchup as Mihir will feel good. Ishita says she will try, Raman will come for Mihir, Vandu asks about menu. They laugh on Mihika. Mihika says I will make food and Mihir will have it liking it. Ishita says lets warn Mihir. Mihika says you have food at restaurant. Ishita says I had yesterday. She tells about Mani, and their friendship. She says about menu, lets make one dish each and Mihika can get chips and cold drinks. They laugh. Ishita says she will talk to Raman.

Raman talks to Mr Mehra and says Ashok gave bribe by my name. Ishita hears him and sees his anger. She gives him cold water to cool his mind and anger. She tells about dinner planned by Mihir for Shagun and … He says Ashok will come here, you think I will come, impossible. She asks him to support Mihir and Shagun. He says fine, if Ashok speaks up, I will not leave him. She says you won’t do anything, I will teach you to behave. He jokes on her. She says it’s a request, please agree. He says what do you want, shall I ask Ashok how is he, whats his height, he is so handsome. She says you don’t have to marry him. He says it would have been better. Fine I will behave myself. Ruhi and Shravan coming and fighting. The water falls and Ruhi slips getting hurt. Raman looks on angrily and then changes his tone to sweet and cool one. He says its Ishita’s mistake, teach her to use her eyes and walk, you guys play, she will clean this. Ishita smiles and says he did not get angry.

Its night, everyone come in dinner party. Shagun asks Mihika did she not learn cooking. Ishita says don’t worry, she is taking training from Poornima. Shagun says my mum is best cook, Raman and Mihir are her fan. Raman joins them. Mihir thanks him for coming. Raman asks Bala whether he was in Park hotel. Bala lies to him. Raman says did you wear blue shirt. Bala says no, my blue shirt is in laundry since one week. Raman says maybe I got mistaken. Ashok comes and Shagun welcomes him. Ashok passes some taunts on relations uniting after a long time. Ishita asks them to come for dinner.

They sit for dining. Ashok says I have meeting with new client in morning and he does not like late comers. Raman reacts and Ishita makes him calm. Raman taunts Ashok to reach on time, else he won’t get anything to survive. Mihika says we all made one dish each, lets taste. Ishita and Shagun make Palak Paneer. Shagun says everyone will know who is the better cook. Ashok says he can’t have palak paneer, you know I have allergy with it. She asks him to taste it. Raman says its healthiest veg and he has allergy, and taunts on Ashok. Raman sees Bala acting strange and going far to attend a call. Bala says sorry guys, we have to leave now.

Ishita says have food and go. Bala says I have few classes and its in early morning, I have to go, sorry, its urgent. Vandu says lets be here for sometime. He says no, I need much time. Mihir asks Mihika to pack food for them. Bala asks Vandu to come. Raman says goodnight Bala and thinks. Shagun asks Raman to taste the palak paneer and say which is better and who made it. Mihika thinks who does Shagun not leave Raman. Raman tastes both the dishes. He says this is made by Ishita. Ishita and Mihika smile. Mihika says how did you know, she made this. Ramna says she is my wife and knows my choice, she knows I like spicy, and about this one, Shagun does not care for everyone’s taste, no salt, no chilli, not happening, make Ashok eat something eat, how will he work in morning, he has presentation. Mihir and everyone smile.

Ishita and Raman come home. They are in their room. She thanks him for liking and knowing her dish. He says yes, but I had it thinking it was Sambar. He says he has to praise wife infornt of others. She says don’t act, you liked it, so you ate so much. He says it was better than Shagun’s palak paneer. She smiles. Raman thanks Mihika. Ruhi coughs. Raman thanks her too. Ruhi says Papa has not let Ishita wake up by her alarm and is doing all the work. Mihika says so romantic, please teach this to Mihir too. Ishita wakes up and sees its 8am. She says I m late, why did the alarm not ring, I will ask Amma to send food for Raman and Ruhi. Ruhi tells Raman that she has to keep Ishi Maa in good mood. Raman says come, lets surprise her.

Ishita comes out and sees the food made. Raman and Ruhi say surprise. He says you always make palak paneer, so we did this. Mihika says this was Raman’s idea, Ruhi and I helped him. Ishita says I m impressed and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays………….. Raman gives a sweet smile.

Mihir tells Shagun that her marriage will be grand, there won’t be anything less as Raman’s heart is very big, more than Ashok’s. Raman and Ishita look at each other and smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein……..plays………….. 
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Mihir telling Raman that Shagun and Adi are coming my home, for the marriage rituals for Doli. Raman asks him to go as he will attend the meeting. Mihika asks Mihir to go for meeting and she will receive Shagun and Adi. Raman says this is also good idea. Shagun is happy as Mihir managed everything. Adi asks her do you miss Mihir so much, as you are excited to stay with him. She says yes, I m excited to go to him, but more over that I m marrying Ashok. Adi says I m happy if you are happy. She says finally our future will be set and asks him about the packing. He says done and leaves.

Ashok and Suraj talk. Adi hears them and is shocked hearing backbiting about Shagun. Suraj says they are going permanently, I won’t let them come back. Shagun comes and Ashok asks her to take care, he will miss her. She says I will miss you too. He says you will come as my wife now. She says can’t wait for it. Adi hugs Ashok and is upset. Shagun asks what happened. Adi says nothing. Shagun says we will come back soon, come on smile. Adi looks at Suraj and Ashok.

Raman and Mihir have a talk. Ishita stares at Raman. He sees her and asks what. She asks is this very big presentation. Mihir says yes, it’s a big client. Ishita says everything will be fine. She gets a call for her friend Mani. She says I don’t believe you are in Delhi, we should meet, tell me when, fine lets meet for dinner tonight. She says she is so excited to meet her. She says Raman…….. Raman says not interested, I m working, go to clinic and break teeth. She comes out and says control Ishita, its alright, how does it matter, this Kud kud suits to Ravan Kumar.

Shagun comes to Mihir’s house andnsays very impressive, he kept his house very well, organized. Mihika asks them what will they have on lunch, she will order food. Shagun says I will cook Mihir’s fav, I will surprise him. Mihika asks do you know cooking. Shagun says Ishita is learning cooking from my mum, I make good food, Raman and Mihir like the food I make. Mihir calls Mihika. Shagun takes the phone and says she is cooking white pasta for him, his fav. He says you remember? She says I m your sister, Mihika said there is nothing in your kitchen, so I will shop, you take care of Adi. She leaves. Mihika tells Mihir that she did not know Shagun is like this. He says she is moody. She says live is present. They say love you and end the call.

Ishita gets Mani’s call and says you reach, I m coming. She asks Mihika why did she bring Adi.Mihika sayshe has tooth pain, Shagun is not at home, so I got him here. Ishita says fine and asks Mani to pick her from clinic after an hour. Ishita treats Adi. She asks Mihika to contact Shagun, as she has to remove his teeth. Adi says no, Mihika asks him to be strong boy and says Shagun’s phone is unreachable, I will call Ashok. Adi says no, don’t call him, me and my mum are enough. Ishita says she will give him pain killer and he will feel sleepy, she will contact Shagun till then. She asks him about his school, I m happy you are studying well, even Bala teaches you, he tell me about you.

She diverts his mind and gives the injection, asking him not to cry. Adi says he is not crying, something went in his eyes. Ishita says this happens with your dad too, the pain will go now. Mihika and Ishita talk about him. Ishita says the cavity is very deep, I think his heart has something, he is close to Ashok, why did he react like this hearing Ashok’s name, did anything happen. Mihika says not infront of me. Ishita says he will not tell me, I will talk to Raman.

Mihir and Raman come to the hotel to meet Abhimanya and ask for the conference room. Raman says why are we here, could he not come. Mihir gets his secretary’s call and says we are coming. Raman says I m here for last time, he will come next time. Ishita calls Raman and tells about Adi’s tooth pain, maybe I have to remove his tooth. He says don’t experiment on him, it will look bad if I case on my wife. Where is Shagun. She says she is somewhere out, Mihika got him here. She says she will handle him and asks him not to come. Raman and Mihir sit in the conference hall.

The lady comes and says sorry, the meeting is cancelled today. Mihir says what, I spoke to you in lobby. She says you are 3 mins late, he said everything will delay like this, he is very punctual, you take tomorrow’s appointment. Raman gets angry. Mihir says NRIs are such, I will reschedule. Raman says he won’t come again. I will show him his place. Shagun asks Mihika why did you not call me before bringing Adi here. I m taking him now, where is Adi. Ishita says I gave him painkillers, he is resting. Shagun and Ishita argue.

Ishita says his cavity is deep, filling won’t help, I need your permission to remove his teeth. Shagun says I want to meet him. Ishita tells about Adi’s reaction being aggressive about Ashok, maybe he is not comfortable with him. Shagun says what nonsense, you stay out of it, I know my son. Ishita says you know him well, if he does not like Ashok, he can’t tell you. Shagun goes to meet Adi. Mihika says what an ill mannered woman. Ishita gets Mani’s call and says which car, white, fine I m coming. She asks Mihika not to tell anything to Mihir, as he united with Shagun after many years.

Ishita meets Mani and praises the car. Shagun sees her going and thinks its not Raman’s car, with whom is she going. Raman and Mihir talk. Raman is angry in Abhimanya. Raman tells about Adi, that he can meet him at his home now, and asks him to see Adi’s tooth pain. Mihir says fine and leaves. Raman sees Bala going and goes after him. Bala sees Raman in the mirror and says what is he doing here. Raman says I m sure he was Bala, but why is he avoiding like this. Bala goes out of the hotel. Raman sees him leaving in hurry.

Its night, Raman is angry and says who is this Abhimanyu, he is making me meet presentation again. Ishita talks to Mani and says thanks it was a good chatting session, lets meet soon again. She says what a day it was today, and tells Raman where she went and enjoyed a lot with Mani. Raman gets up from bed and walks towards the other side. Ishita also bumps into him and she slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock. Dil kahin rukta nahi………………plays………….. She smiles seeing him. He says will you stand like this all night, leave me, I have work. She says what, you have held me. He says leave, mad and goes. She smiles seeing him and thinks he is so rude, I m talking with love and he does not even smile. I have him good name Ravan Kumar. He looks at her and asks what? Am I joking that you are showing teeth. They argue. She says she is happy today and will not fight, her mood is good. He looks at her.

Raman and Ishita have a talk about Mihir keeping a dinner party for Shagun and ……… Raman says Ashok, do you think I will come there. She says why, you made Mihir and Shagun patch up. He says fine, if Ashok is there, I won’t leave him.
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