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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st November 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st November 2014 Written Update 

Mihir tells Shagun not to worry, he will perform all rituals. He just wants her to smile like always. She thanks him and hugs him. Shagun then thanks Mrs. Bhalla for coming as it makes difference when an elder is there. Mrs. Bhalla says she can’t say no to Ruhi. Mihir also tells her she has come today being their mother. Mrs. Bhalla hugs him and asks why no music? Music plays. Ishita tells Shagun mummyji will take care of everything. During the function, Mihika gets up and leaves. Ishita follows her and asks what happened. Is she worried for her friend? Mihika says no that problem will be sorted out. Marriage is in night so she will go after haldi. Ishita says you’ve grown up, it looks good seeing you worrying for everyone. She tells her everything will be fine and asks her to sit with Shagun.

Suraj brings haldi from groom side. Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla that she can’t see all this and will leave. Mrs. Bhalla tells her to wait and watch what she does with ex-bahu family, they won’t even know whether she’s making their fun or joking. Suraj was leaving, but Mrs. Bhalla asks why so soon and arranges snacks for him. Ishita feels disgusted seeing Suraj. Mrs. Bhalla makes fun of Ashok’s height saying she thought there would be no haldi left. She asks whether he didn’t apply haldi. Suraj says, he did. Mrs. Bhalla goes in kitchen with Ishita. Suraj leaves. Mrs. Bhalla secretly adds chili powder in haldi. Ishita takes it outside. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and dances.

Mrs. Bhalla comes outside and tells everyone to start applying haldi. Mihir says he will start. Nothing happens to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla is confused. She asks everyone why they are applying very less haldi. She then does it herself. Shagun says her face is burning. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla what she did. Mrs. Bhalla tells her to just watch. Shagun says her whole body is burning now. Mrs. Bhalla says her sasural must have sent some cheap haldi. Ishita says she will get an ice. She comes back in kitchen and sees chili. She says mummyji bhi naa.. and then says poor Shagun. She goes outside. Shagun runs from there. Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi what she did and both laugh.

Ishita is helping Shagun. Shagun says she will call Ashok who knows same might have happened to him. Ishita says, no, may be you have allergy. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi watch them from distance. Simmi says you want to burn her, and your bahu is helping her. She’s very strange, whom she should take as sautan/enemy, she’s helping her only. Mrs. Bhalla says her bahu is just like that. Simmi says Raman is very lucky.

Mihir is with Mihika. She hugs him emotionally and asks he’s happy, right? Mihir says he’s very very happy. He had problems with Shagun, but now everything is sorted. He recalls Shagun-Raman’s marriage, their kids, but then Shagun started showing her true colors. He says forget all that past, now everything is okay. Raman is happy, you’re with me, and Shagun got her godzilla. Mihika asks him he wants her to stay happy? Mihir says no matter what she did, she is his sister in end and she just wants all her problems to come to me first. Mihika says in her mind and my job is to face all your problems. Mihir asks her what has happened to her. She says, I love you. He says he loves her too. Mihika then says she has so much work. Mihir asks what is this? first love, then senti, and then work. He pulls her and hugs her tightly and doesn’t leave. She asks him to close his eyes and gives a kiss on cheek. Mihir says what a dry kiss. Mihika leaves and while leaving, she drops her and Mihir’s photo by mistake without noticing it.

Ashok is trying his sherwani. He gets a call from Mihika who says she came to hotel to decorate his room. Shagun is very excited and he must be wanting to do something special for her. Ashok says to himself, he just wants him and Mihika in room, no Shagun. Ashok tells Mihika he will be there to help her. After hanging, Ashok says he was getting bored since morning, now it will be fun. Mihika says to herself, she will have to play this very carefully. She will need to place cameras all over and once she convinces Ashok that she loves him, he will make a move towards her. She hopes to record all his confession and cheap moves and make Shagun realise how bad he is.

One guy is at Ashok’s house to get his payment for card. Suraj asks what card? Ashok says when Shagun was talking about marriage, he ordered a card to calm her down. The guy says he printed 2000 cards more after that. Ashok asks if payment is pending for that too? The guy says no, Mihika paid for all. Ashok gets shocked and asks if he told her that Ashok just gave order for 1. The guy says yes. Ashok gets mad. Suraj asks the guy to leave. Suraj tells Ashok that means Mihika knows everything and she didn’t tell Shagun. They recall past incidents and Ashok remembers him dropping coffee on Mihika’s phone and her getting angry. They think it might have some recording or something. Ashok says that phone is in his tech department and calls there. His employee informs they could recover only part of data. Ashok tells him not to give that to Mihika and calls him to his house with it. Ashok says he’s one step ahead of Mihika. She better not play games with him.

Shagun needs some help, she’s calling Mihika but she is not picking up. Shagun says who will help her. Ishita comes and asks whether she can. Shagun says, you? Ishita says Mihika is busy in hotel, she’s looking after marriage preparations, so instead of her, she can help. Shagun says, you will help me? Ishita says, I know our style is different, but that job stylist will do. She will get you ready. I am there for moral support, you can tell me anything you need, I will arrange. Shagun says cool and goes to get her bag. Raman heard all that.

He comes to Ishita and says, if she thinks she has extra sense of fashion, then why are you bothering? Ishita says, she needs help and Mihika is busy. I am helping my sister. Raman says, but she’s not even talking properly with you. Ishita says, it’s her marriage, everyone’s mood stays off like this on their wedding day, but after that all become happy.. just look at our case. Raman asks, are you happy? She asks him if he’s happy. Raman says, if you’re happy, then I have no option. Ishita says, then you should be very very happy, because I am very happy. He says, he will try. Both smile at each other. Ishita says she will come with Shagun direct, so it’s his responsibility to get all family members ready and reach at wedding venue. Shagun comes and leaves with Ishita. Raman says, you’re happy, so I am happy. He hopes she stays happy like this.
Mihika tries to trap Ashok in her plan in honeymoon suite.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2014 Written Update 

Shagun tells her friends her dreams remained dreams in her last marriage and this time her marriage will be complete. She goes on praising Ashok. Ishita looks at Raman who gives her gesture to leave now. Ruhi comes running to Raman and tells him to stay for while. Ishita tells Ruhi to stay with Shagun and don’t bother her. She tells her to drink milk and brush before sleeping. Both take kiss from Ruhi. Ruhi tells Ishita to come tomorrow and bring everyone. Shagun also tells that to her. Raman and Ishita leave.

In car, Ishita thinks Shagun reminded past to Raman even before her marriage. She starts talking to Raman about their marriage. She says it was best marriage, there was so much drama, unimaginable. Every moment was enjoyable. Punjabi tadka in south indian marriage. She laughs talking about rasam. Raman laughs a little, but still doesn’t seem happy. Ishita continues talking about funny moments in their marriage and laughs. She then reminds him about his dance. It was so hot.. he was hot and she had crush on him for a moment. When she found Ruhi, she found all the happiness, but she didn’t know with Ruhi, she got world’s best family. She starts praising all family members and calls herself world’s luckiest person. They reach their home. They get off. Raman thanks Ishita for trying to cheer him up. Ishita says he’s right she’s telling him all this so he forgets what Shagun said. She really wants him to forget all that. Their marriage was not show-off, hungama, it was a beautiful experience which she can never forget in her life. Unknowingly, it was a fairytale marriage. Raman asks really? She says yes, but only one thing was missing. We used to fight a lot, there was tension in marriage, we never had those sweet talks new couples have like jaanu, dear, etc.. Raman laughs and asks how it would look him saying all that. Ishita says she must have had fainted. Both laugh. Ishita says she cant even imagine that. Her phone rings. It’s Ruhi. Ishita tells her to sleep, they will come tomorrow. Raman watches her and thinks she got rid off his wounds so easily, and he only keeps hurting her.

Mihika wakes up in a shock in middle of night. She says she can’t stay quiet. Ashok doesn’t love Shagun, he will never keep her happy. Poor Shagun, he trusts her so much and Ashok is just doing drama. She can’t stay quiet, she won’t be able to forgive herself. She will have to stop this marriage. Ashok is marrying only for contract and after that he will leave her. Along with Shagun, storm will come in Mihir, Adi, and Ruhi’s lives. She tries to think of Ashok’s weakness and sees herself in a mirror. She remembers Ashok giving her a hint to take a step forward. She thinks of doing drama and show Ashok that she loves him and he will try to misbehave and she can bring Shagun there. She wonders but how she will be able to flirt with him when she hates him so much. She is confused. She thinks of talking to Ishita, but then says she already has so many problems. She calls her regardless.

Ishita is with Mihika. She asks what’s the matter. Mihika says she’s very worried. She tells Ishita about Shagun’s situation using her friend’s name and says she must stop her marriage. If she doesn’t stop, then she will be in guilt rest of her life. Ishita tells her to explain it to her friend, why won’t she understand? and if she can’t talk, then Ishita can talk herself. Mihika says no, I can’t tell her that I shared her personal problem with you. Mihika then says she has a plan but it involves risk. Ishita says there’s risk in everything and encourages her to take some action and bring the truth out. Mihika says many will get hurt. Ishita says, at least one life will be saved from life time sorrow. One day sorrow/anger is better than life time’s. Mihika says she’s scared. Ishita hugs her. Mihika prays for everything to be okay today. Ishita asks her if she needs any help. Mihika says she will manage and asks Ishita to leave now, Raman is alone. Ishita says Mihika is mature and sensible, but still she will keep an eye.

Mihika comes back to her room and thinks Ishita is right. It’s only her who will have to bring Ashok’s true face to Shagun. She receives a call from Mihir. Mihir flirts a little and then says, there’s so much work in a marriage. He feels like he has become a wedding planner. He says they will do a simple marriage. He just wants her to come to his home. Mihika is quiet. He asks her why she’s quiet. She says today you’re saying, so you can speak. He again flirts and says he loves her a lot and gives her a kiss. He then says, his mum is not coming so she will have to perform all rituals. Mihika is crying, but controls herself. She asks why mum is not coming. He says she didn’t have enough time and got stuck on airport now. He asks if she’s okay doing everything. She tells him not to worry, she will reach early with Ishita. And Ishita has become a punjabi now so she knows all rituals. Mihir says what he would have done without them two. He gets back to working and tells her to sleep. Mihika asks him if he’s happy. He says of course he’s happy, she’s in his life, Raman is also there, and now Shagun is also settling in her life. Mihika says she wants Shagun always to be happy. Mihir thanks her for doing all this for Shagun. Mihika says to him, if she makes any mistake tomorrow, then he will understand she did for Shagun’s good right? Mihir is confused. He says you can never do anything wrong, but what has happened to you? Where is my Hitler Mihika? All this don’t suit you. Mihika gets emotional. He tells her to sleep now and hangs. Mihika hopes, when she breaks Shagun’s marriage, Mihir understands she did that for Shagun’s good.

Haldi ceremony starts. Ladies apply mehendi to Ashok who seems irritated. Camera man asks him to smile. He asks if he will get an award by smiling? Mani tells Ashok to smile so in future when he sees photos, he remembers he was happy during his marriage. Suraj comes to apply haldi to him. He whispers her to smile as well. Forget marriage, just smile thinking about his night. He smiles little. Mani comes forward now and congratulates Ashok. He then says they are supposed to send haldi to bride’s family, right? Some ladies say yes. Ashok says Mani is their grandma, do whatever he’s saying. Suraj says it’s only him who is everything for Ashok so he will get haldi there. Mani says okay.

Shagun asks Mihir about their mum. Mihir says she missed her flight due to bad weather. Shagun becomes sad. She asks who will perform all rituals now. Ishita comes there with Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi comes running and hugs Ishita. She tells them about Shagun’s mum not coming. Mrs. Bhalla laughs saying who would come in marriage again and again. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla to stop and asks Ruhi why she’s not coming. Ruhi says she missed her flight. Ishita says not a problem, they all will do haldi ceremony. Mihika feels sad looking at Shagun, but says she must do what she planned, no matter if Shagun’s marriage breaks.

Mihika talks to Mihir and makes her mind stronger to do what she planned. Other hand, Ashok says he is always a step ahead from Mihika..
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2014 Written Update 

Raman recalls Adi’s anger on Ishita, Shagun’s words, and Amma’s words on relationship. He says Amma is right. It’s better to end the relationship which gives more sorrow than happiness. Ishita didn’t get anything beside sorrow in our relationship, nor did I try to give. And she only gave without any expectations and all she got in return, Adi and Param’s cheap tactics, Ashok and Shagun’s anger and tantrums, and my anger, harsh words. And that woman didn’t say a word. He calls his house. Mrs. Bhalla picks up. Raman asks about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says I sent her to clinic. Raman hangs and says, it’s my turn to give now. I am coming.

In clinic, Mani tells Ishita that she should have rested today. Ishita says mummyji was right, I am feeling much better here. Mani tells her not to give fake smile. She says she was disgusted yesterday, but not today. Raman and whole family stood with her. Mani asks her for how long she will hide Raman’s mistakes. She never thinks about herself. Ishita says, I married Raman and his family as well. Mani tells her to stop giving him lecture on marriages, her marriage is not normal. Raman has done so much in past that he is not able to move on and Ishita is going to get nothing. She will only keep giving. She asks him if he even knows what he’s saying. Raman is very good person. She says she doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Raman comes there with flowers and hears their conversation. Mani says, he’s very good but he has weaknesses like Adi. If tomorrow, he has to choose between you and Adi, then he will choose Adi. He has his family and you’re taking everyone’s responsibility. I am sorry but your marriage was like a deal, and a bad deal for you. Ishita looks angrily and says, this is marriage, not a deal, and my husband cares a lot for me. I am very sure he will talk to Adi. Adi needs time, but tomorrow he will be with me like Ruhi. Our family won’t be incomplete and I bet about that. Raman has tears in his eyes. He wipes them and leaves.

Ishita tells Mani that he won’t say a word more about Raman. She continues, you don’t know Raman enough. He’s my life, I love him. He hasn’t told me yet, but I know he loves me, he cares for me. You just look at his past, but who doesn’t have problems. I am a complicated person. You understand me, but many others can’t. We are grey, nobody is black and white. I see his problem, but he has many good things which keep this relationship going and I can’t explain all that to you. Only him and me understand this relationship, no 3rd person. I am sorry for calling you 3rd person, but no one else understands this relationship. There are adjustments in every relationship and we are doing the same. You are worried whether I am happy in this family or no, you think I got more issues after coming to this family, but they support me a lot. No normal Indian family is like this. If any other family, then they would ask numerous questions why you went there, etc. If any other family, they would kick their bahu out, not jamai. My family didn’t see that I am a bahu, they just saw that I am right. I am a very lucky person. I got such a family who loves their bahu more than their daughter. They make me understand if I am wrong. Not all Indian bahus are this lucky. You are right about yesterday, no lady deserves what happened yesterday, but today I feel whatever happened was for good. Simmi realised her husband is not a good person. I and Raman failed to prove that to her, but Simmi realised it herself. It’s a win-win situation. I don’t like you blaming Raman everytime. You don’t know him. I know he cares for me. He must be blaming himself right now because he knows whatever happened was because of his kid. He must be in guilt right now. He’s not selfish.

She goes to him and holds his hand. She says, you’re my friend from childhood, you understood me more than my parents. I do love you, I know you worry a lot about me, but friendship on its place and marriage on its place. I love Raman, so please don’t raise finger on this relationship else I won’t be able to sleep with dignity. Mani says, you love him that much? Then why don’t you tell him. He should also know he’s the luckiest man in the world.

Raman is driving thinking about Amma’s words about women making adjustments in marriages and they deserve happiness in return. He then recalls Mani’s words that his marriage was a bad deal for Ishita. He stops the car and gets off. He says all are right. Ishita only got sorrow, what could I do when police took her away? and things would only get worse after Ashok and Shagun’s marriage. All this is happening with Ishita after her marriage. How can I save her? She’s paying for no reason. I will have to do something. He throws away the flowers.

Shagun is excited for her marriage tomorrow. She tells Mihika she will start a new beginning from tomorrow and leave all her sarees here. She wonders where Ashok will take her for honeymoon and tells Mihika he must have bought tickets already. She asks her if she knows anything about it. Mihika thinks only 24 hours to go, Shagun won’t listen to anyone and hopes to show some proof to her and stop this marriage before it’s too late. Mihir comes and asks Mihika why she’s still here. He says he will drop her. Mihika says ok with an upset face. He asks her what happened. Shagun says she’s helping her since morning and credits both Mihir and Mihika for making all this possible. She thanks them both. Mihir leaves with Mihika.

A servant shows wedding clothes to Ashok, but he’s least interested and says to choose whatever. Suraj comes and tells servant to leave. He tells Ashok there is no point being frustrated. Ashok says he tried so much to stop marriage, but nothing worked. And now Shagun wants his property transferred to Adi. How he can do that? Suraj says it’s your punishment, you’ve been living with a woman with a kid for so many years. We still have 24 hours, there must be something. Ashok says there are many ideas, but that Mani is in my way. Suraj says you’re right, you have only one way. This marriage can only stop if Shagun refuses it herself. Ashok asks why she would do that? She’s dying to marry me. Suraj says I know it’s not easy, but you will have to think something like this to be saved from this marriage.

Raman comes in the room. Ishita says she’s selecting saree for tomorrow. Raman stands at the door quietly. She asks him why he’s quiet and asks him to help her in choosing. He comes inside and asks her why she’s selecting saree. Ishita says for Shagun’s marriage. Raman says, but.. She stops him and says, no, Raman. Don’t say we won’t go there. I want to go. I want to show them that my self-respect is not that less that it would destroy from someone’s misbehaviour. As long as my husband is with me, I will go with my head high.. wherever I go. She asks him to stop wasting time now. Raman thinks how he can tell her that he’s so lucky to have her and how much he loves her. But he’s not worth for her love. Her life has become hell because of him. Ishita brings Raman’s suits and asks him which one. He stays quiet. She asks what has happened to your one liners? She tells him to choose. Ruhi also comes with her bag and asks Ishita to choose her dress. Ishita laughs. They choose Ruhi’s dress based on clip Ruhi wants to wear. Ishita says they will pack her clothes as she also has to go to Shagun’s house. Raman asks why Shagun’s place? Ishita says, it’s her last night and she insisted a lot to send Ruhi there. I thought why not, both Ruhi and Shagun will like and I already talked to mummyji. Raman thinks she cares for everyone’s happiness and he can’t do anything for her. Ruhi tells Raman not to worry, he can’t sleep without her, so she can sleep holding Ishita’s hand today. Ishita laughs and they leave with Ruhi.

They come to Shagun’s house. Shagun tells Ruhi to put her bag in her room. She then thanks Ishita for bringing Ruhi there. She can spend time with her before marriage. Shagun’s friends are looking at her bridal dress and jewelries. Shagun asks Ishita to join them. She goes to her friends and says it’s very expensive, Ashok didn’t even think once for spending so much money. She asks Ishita to come inside. Raman tells Ishita to go. Ishita meets Shagun’s friends. Shagun’s friends tell her she’s very lucky. Shagun praises Ashok that no budget and Ashok never tells her anything on spending. On her last marriage, her dreams remained dreams only. Ishita look at Raman who is looking away.
Ishita tries to make Raman forget what Shagun said. She says our marriage was not hungama, it was a beautiful moment which I can never forget in my life.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2014 Written Update

Both Bhalla and Iyer familes have gathered together and are waiting for Raman. Simmi is feeling guilty and wonders how to tell the truth and face everyone. Raman comes. Mrs. Bhalla starts questioning and asks what Shagun said. Mr. Bhalla tells her to calm down. Raman asks about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she just doesn’t stop crying. Raman goes to see her.

Ishita is still sitting in dark. Raman comes to her and touches her shoulder. She gets scared and says don’t touch me. Raman says, it’s me. He sits besides her. She tries to avoid him. He asks her to calm down and side-hugs her. Ishita says she spoiled Raman’s name. He says he is proud of her and tells her not to think about cheap guys. Ishita keeps crying saying she got dirty. Raman tells her, you’re a strong woman. You’re my madrashan sherni. You took care of this house. Mistake is ours that we are too good for them. I promise whoever has done this will get punished and also the person who sent you wrong message, but for that, you will have to become my strength like always. He wipes her tears. She says, Raman.. He says, sshh.. do you want to do something for me? close your eyes and lie down. Ishita says, I am very lucky. If it was some other woman in my situation, then all would be blaming her. You’re not blaming me. He makes her sleep and covers her with blanket. He then blames himself in his mind that Ishita is facing all this because of him and cries. He couldn’t meet expectations in this relationship.

Next day, Shagun asks Mihika how’s Ishita. Mihika says how she can be. Shagun says Adi is also very disturbed.. don’t know what Raman said to him. I hope he doesn’t send him to some facility or separate him from me. Mihika tells her not to cry and consoles her. She says I know jiju very well, he won’t do anything like this and akka (Ishita) won’t give such harsh punishment to Adi. Mihir tells Shagun that Mihika is right. He says he has office work and also marriage prep to do and leaves. Mihika sees a file in Shagun’s hand and Shagun Bhalla is written on it. Shagun says Raman did some investments on Adi’s name and now she wants to give all that to Ashok and do more investments and secure Adi’s future. Mihika asks can only money secure a kid’s future? Adi needs a mother and a father who teach him difference between right and wrong. Jiju will fulfill his responsibility.. only if you and Ashok give him good upbringing, then he will become secure himself. Shagun says she has full faith in Ashok. Mihika thinks what Shagun is doing.. she’s giving Adi’s future to someone who has no interest.

Ishita is still sad. Raman sends Ruhi to her with breakfast and he hides. Ruhi gives a rose to her saying it’s a special mother’s day and gives a few life lessons. Raman thinks what she is saying.. and then says anyway she’s growing up now. Ruhi manages to cheer Ishita up and tells her to drink tea and then eat breakfast with everyone. Ishita says, okay you’re my mumma now and hugs her. Raman says, good.. I will tell others to maintain Ishita’s mood like this. He leaves.

He comes to other family members and say not to remind Ishita of that topic. Mr. Bhalla also tells everyone to behave normally with her. Ishita comes outside and goes in kitchen beside Simmi. Simmi is not feeling good because of guilt. Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla starts talking to Ishita about different topics. Ishita drops a bowl. She says sorry to Simmi. Simmi starts shouting in frustration and asks Ishita why she’s saying sorry, it’s not her mistake. All are confused. Simmi says it’s all her fault. Raman tells Simmi why she’s shouting, it’s just a bowl. Simmi says no, Adi has no fault in whatever happened yesterday. Adi didn’t do anything. It’s all done by my husband, Param. He provoked Adi. He’s a kid, he didn’t even know anything. Raman gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi they all warned her before, but she didn’t listen to anyone. Raman says this time no one will stop me. Ishita says, please no. Raman shouts and says what do you want me to do then. Ishita tells him, you’re in too much anger right now. Please think about what you’re going to do because it will have direct effect on your sister and niece. You will go and beat him up. Will he change? No. He will come back for revenge. He will make Adi do bigger crime, we don’t want that. Please think about what you’re going to do. We have to end crime, not encourage people like Param. Raman calms down. Simmi folds hands and apologises to Ishita. She runs to outside. Mr. Bhalla tells Raman that Ishtia is right. Raman goes to talk to Simmi.

Mrs. Iyer and Vandu are outside. They see simmi running out. Vandu follows her. Mrs. Iyer asks Raman if anything wrong. She tells him to let Vandu talk to her. Simmi shares her guilt with Vandu and other hand Raman tells Mrs. Iyer about everything. Mrs. Iyer tells him Ishita is right, you will have to handle this with calm mind. Simmi tells Vandu she always blamed Ishita, never saw within her. It was her husband’s fault. She didn’t listen to anyone and always took Param’s side. She couldn’t see his real face and she deserves this. Vandu says all try to hide their husbands mistake because love is that kind of thing, but look at you.. at least you’re able to face this truth. Late, but you know his truth now. You can make decision with open eyes now, for yourself and Ananya. She hugs her.

Raman tells Amma he understands her and he also knows Ishita is right, but how he can keep calm after all this. Amma says, you care a lot for Ishita, right? But Simmi knows the truth now. Ishita always wanted her to find out Param’s face. Now simmi can move on in her life. We women give our entire life to one man. We get used to living for husband and family.. we make adjustments. After all the adjustments, we deserve happiness right? But if there are tears in husband wife relationship, then it’s better to end it. Marriage is very pavitra relationship, to keep it alive, women make many sacrifices. But there’s a limit to everything. Raman gets emotional. Vandu comes there with Simmi. Simmi goes inside. Vandu tells Raman not to worry, Simmi is understanding, her eyes are opened now, she won’t cry.

Ishita serves breakfast to Bhallas. Simmi comes to her and again apologises. She says, I made a huge mistake. I trusted someone who was not worth it. You all tried to make me understand so much, but I couldn’t see anything. I learned now that person can’t take care of me or my daughter. He is not capable for anything. Ishita calms Simmi down and says first time I am feeling that even bad thing, it’s happening for good. At least your eyes are opened now. That man is destroying your life. It’s okay. Simmi says you should be hating me, but you got a big heart.. you’re very nice. Ishita says, all this is filmy talks.. but in real, it’s hard to hate.. and easy to love. You are part of my family.. if I start hating family members, then whom will I love? Both hug. Raman feels good seeing this.

Mani tells Ishita if Raman has to choose between you and Adi tomorrow, then he will choose Adi. You took care of his entire family, but what did you get in return? I am sorry, but this marriage was a deal, and a bad deal for you. Raman is standing there with flowers and he hears it. Ishita tells Mani, this is not a deal.. this is a marriage and my husband cares a lot for me. Raman’s eyes become teary. .

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th November 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th November 2014 Written Update 

In bedroom, Ishita is sitting with sad face. Raman tells her to rest. She asks him to turn off the lights. He says he will be back and leaves after turning off the lights. Ishita recalls her humiliation in bachelors party and cries. Mrs. Bhalla comes and turns on the lights. Ishita tells her to turn off the lights as well. Mrs. Bhall does so and then goes to her. She asks what happened to her? whether Shagun said anything? Ishita continues crying. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla tells her to stop crying.

Romi tells Vandita he’s fine and they should leave, but Vandita asks him to shut and they wait for Romi’s report. Doctor informs them everything looks okay and tells them to let him know if Romi feels anything wrong. They leave. Sarika was standing outside. She says in her mind that she is in charge there and she sent incomplete reports inside. Romi is not completely fine, and he will find out the truth when it’s right time.

Raman accuses Shagun for Ishita’s humiliation. She asks him why he’s shouting at her. She just invited her to the party. Raman continues shouting and blaming her that Ishita got message from her phone. Other hand, Mrs. Bhalla also accuses Shagun. Ishita says Shagun didn’t do anything, but Mrs. Bhalla is not convinced and says she said Ishita so many times not to trust Shagun. She keeps playing her dirty games to insult Ishita. She tells Ishita that she must fight and this time even Raman won’t spare her.

Shagun tells Raman that she didn’t send any message. She just told Mihika to invite Ishita. Shagun further says his wife needs attention. Raman gets angry. Shagun calms down and says she didn’t send any message, no one has her password either. Raman asks who else can send password then. Shagun gets quiet and says why does it matter. Nothing happened to Ishita. Raman tells her it doesn’t matter to her to stay between such cheap guys, but it matters to Ishita. Raman understands from Shagun’s silence that Adi has password. He asks her to call Adi right now. Adi hears it and runs away.

Param wonders what if Adi tells the truth. Suraj says who would trust him. Ashok says it was fun today, a perfect wedding gift. Adi comes there to talk to Param. Param goes on side. Adi tells him about Raman coming here in anger. Param tells him to calm down. Adi says him he never said things would get this bad. Param says, you said you want revenge from Ishita and now you’re scaring? He scares Adi more that even if he tells the truth to Raman, Raman will get mad at him for wanting to take revenge from Ishita. Ashok and Suraj silently laugh. Adi gets scared and says what did he do. He runs away. Ashok praises Param.

Shagun tells Mihika that she didn’t do anything. Mihika says she trusts her but someone has done this and that too purposely. Mihir says he also had to leave the party. Raman is getting furious. Mihir tells him if Shagun did this, then he won’t spare her, but if Adi has done this then they have to be sensitive. Raman asks Shagun about Adi. Shagun says driver has gone to pick him up. He’s a kid. Raman says, he’s not a kid, he’s not my kid, by staying with you, he has lost his innocence. He leaves in anger. Mihir asks Shagun if she’s happy. Is this what she wanted from her son? Shagun swears of Adi. Mihir now shouts at her. Mihika calms him down and sends Shagun inside. Mihir feels guilty for leaving the party and realises how Suraj sent him away. He understands it was their plan. He wants to tell Raman, but Mihika says not now. Mihika thinks how she should stop Ashok and shagun’s marriage.

Simmi doubts Param for planning this. She calls him and asks how Ishita reached to his party. He asks her why she’s asking him, what did he do. Simmi says, you only said you won’t be ashamed of taking revenge from Ishita. He says, so you think I did all this? He says what to hide from you and accepts he did this. Simmi cries and asks why. He says, maybe you forgot, but I didn’t forgot what I had to go through because of her. Did you forget our lives are ruined because of Ishita? I didn’t forget anything. I wanted to show her flavor of insult. She asks him to stop it. She says, I thought you can’t insult any woman. How can you do this? Didn’t you think about this house’s respect even once? They took care of me when you were in Dubai.. didn’t asks me a single question. Param says they have made you against me now. It’s ok, you also think am a bad person. He hangs. Simmi cries and says how she will face Raman and Ishita.

Raman is outside Ashok’s house. He says he knows Adi is hiding, but he won’t leave until he talks to him. Adi comes. Raman stops him and says, I gave you so many chances to change, but you failed your dad. That judge was right, you don’t deserve to stay outside. Kids don’t do what all you do, so you deserve adult’s punishment as well. Adi says, you can send me wherever you want. But I didn’t do anything. Raman says don’t lie. Didn’t you message Ishita? Adi says, I didn’t know. My mum cried because of Ishita, she slapped me, and you also shout. Raman says because you deserve it. Your mum is crying because she has done such stuff. Ishita didn’t do anything. You’re a kid.. does that mean you will do anything? It’s two different things.. to be upset with someone and to make someone face humiliation. Do you know what Ishita is going through because of you? What’s wrong with you? Adi shouts, you only worry about Ishita, you only take her side. I just hate her. She’s my and my mum’s enemy. She has hurt mum so much. She separated Ruhi from mum and wants to do same with me. You’re no one to me. I am not your son. Just leave. Raman is shocked to hear these words.

He tells Adi, so much hatred? Your mum slapped you because you were wrong. First time she did the right thing. Why do you hate Ishita so much? Adi says, you started again? Did you ever think about me? No one cares about me. I will keep doing this. What will you do? send me to jail? You can send me. I am not afraid of anyone. So many live without parents, I will also leave. Raman is shocked. Adi walks away. Raman says, Shagun, what you have done with my son?

Simmi tells Bhalla family that Adi didn’t do anything. All is done by Param. He provoked Adi.
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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Romi watching the girls dancing in the hens party. He gets a call and is stuck. He says why did Mihir call now, and falls on the ground. Shagun and everyone ask him what is he doing here. Mihika says tell us Raman and Mihir has sent you to spy on us. Romi says my bones got broken. Vandu says I will take him to doctor, you guys enjoy. Shagun says take my car and driver, don’t go by taxi. Vandu takes Romi and leaves. Mihika says so sorry everyone, carry on. Mihir and Bala havea talk about Romi. Mihir says don’t know what happened, Romi is not taking my call. Bala says enjoy here. Mihir says here? Its so boring….Bala says lets see what arrangements Vandu did. Mihir says Mihika and Vandu will see us then.

Mihir says there is no food. Bala says then complain Ashok. He gets Vandu’s call and goes out. Suraj and Parmeet looks on. Ashok comes to Mihir and asks about Raman, he should have come and see how his wife is becoming my wife now. Mihir says he wanted to make the most of this party, he is very happy for you, I need to get another drink for me, excuse me. Suraj says Bala is gone, I will see this Mihir. He goes to Mihir and asks him to have drink. Suraj says get the whisky I ordered for special guests. The girl says its over. Suraj scolds her. Mihir says its not her mistake, tell me which whiskey, I will get it, which brand. Suraj says its special brand and says its found at his friend’s place. Mihir says he will get it. Suraj says its not found in any random wine shop. Mihir says he will get it, as he is doing this for his sister, send me the name and address of your friend by message. Suraj asks about Bala. Mihir says I will take him along with me, and then we will join you, don’t worry. He leaves.

Suraj tells Parmeet that they are gone. Parmeet says we have to wait for Ishita. Suraj says her entry should be grand. Raman drops Ishita at Blue lagoon and asks is this the venue. She says yes, Shagun sent this address. He asks her to keep her promise, and come back soon. He opens the car door for her and asks her to come. They have a sweet talk and smile. She says if you act sweet, how will I call you Raavan Kumar. He says don’t call, find some other name. he says go, I will come to pick you in some time. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………… He says remember the promise, I know you don’t break them.

She goes. He says I don’t know how to wait for you, as I have to do something special and tell my heart out, my Jhansi Ki Rani. Ashok asks Suraj why did the lights dim. Suraj says there is special entry, entertainment, wait and watch. Ishita walks inside and a girl takes her purse, saying she will keep it in locker. Ishita sees its all dark. She proceeds and is shocked seeing so many men. She says men here? Did I come in wrong party? She moves back. The man asks are you our entertainment, Ashok arranged her well, she is beautiful. The man says lets have a drink, don’t be shy.

She says I came in wrong party, I m not the one you are thinking, stay away. Parmeet asks Ishita you here. She says I came by mistake, I m going. He says come, it will be fun. She asks is this his planning. He says I did not do anything, I don’t know how Bhalla respect came in our house, did they start making their bahu and daughter do this. The man asks will she not dance, we called her here for dance. Ishita is shocked. Parmeet laughs.

Raman buys roses and says I hope Ishita likes it. Mihika calls him and asks where is Ishita. He says he dropped her 30misn before. She says no, she did not come, she is not taking call. He ends the call. He says maybe she sat out feeling party is bore, I will call her, she will take my call. A man takes the call. Raman asks him to give phone to the phone owner. He says she is for us here, she has come here in our bachelor’s party to entertain us. Raman is shocked, and says shit. He leaves hurriedly. Ashok asks Ishita to be a sport and come to have a drink, as even Parmeet is here.

He asks Parmeet to make drink for her. She says you are going to be family member, how can you do this, and ditch Shagun, your marriage is tomorrow, how dare you. He says come on, don’t do this Sati Savitri drama, I know you wanted to come here, I know women love attention, you want us to say no, and leave it. She says shut up. He says why, I have license to get naughty today. The men surround her and she asks Ashok to stop them. She says stay far, don’t touch me. Raman is on the way worried.

She says let me go, and runs out. The men run after her to stop. Parmeet says beware Ishita ji. The man holds her hand. She calls for help and asks him to leave her. Mani comes there and beats the man. Suraj, Ashok and Parmeet look on. Raman comes there and sees the fight, and Ishita crying. He runs to her. Ashok is shocked seeing Raman. Raman makes Mani away from that man and starts giving him personal punches. He asks how did you touch my wife. The man says why did your wife come in this party. Ashok says let Raman come, CEO’s wife in such part. Raman beats the man with the rod. Ishita asks Mani to stop Raman. Raman says Ashok Khanna, I know you and your dogs did this, I will beat you like a dog. The guards hold Raman. Raman comforts Ishita asking her not to worry, and leaves. Mani looks at Ashok.

Ishita cries and tells Raman what happened. Raman says I m with you, come, sit here. He pacifies her and says I m with you, no one can do anything. She says if you did not come then…. He says he will get water. She says no, don’t go. He says get a hold of yourself, I m coming. Ashok goes to Mani to give an explanation. (Blooper: Same scene shown of Raman and Ishita leaving shown again) Ashok says I thought its belly dancer, I was shocked seeing Ishita. Mani says I m not fooled easily, be careful Ashok. He leaves. The trio laughs thinking about Ishita.

Ishita covers herself with the saree end. Raman gives her water. She drinks and cries. She says everyone was staring me there, they troubled me. He asks did Shagun message you. She says yes, but I did not confirm with Mihika, I did not know this will happen. She hugs him. He says its fine, nothing will happen, come, lets go home. He makes her sit in the car. Mani looks on standing far as Raman and Ishita leave. He thinks Raman has managed her well this time, I thought he will be angry, but how did she come here, I have to find out who did this.

Mrs. Bhalla pacifies Ishita and blames Shagun. Ishita says she did not do anything this time. Mrs. Bhalla says no, she is the one. Raman asks how dare you send Ishita there. Shagun says I just called her in my party. He says stop this nonsense, you have sent her the message with that address.
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Friday, 14 November 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita deciding the saree, and says Mihika did not say the theme and said a surprise is waiting there. She takes a saree and goes to change. Mr. Bhalla tells Raman that his mum went to call Amma to play cards. He comes to the room and sees Ishita looking pretty. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………..plays………… She sees him in the mirror and turns to see hm. She signs what. He smiles and says nothing. Yeh hai mohabbatein………plays………. She says this dress is odd, its much skin show, its all girls party, so I thought it will be good, I m going in Shagun’s hen party. Raman asks her party. She says yes, Mihika and Shagun insisted and she said if I don’t come, she will feel I did not forgive Adi. He says fine, go.

He says I told Mihir that he will attend all functions. She thanks him. He says please save sorry and thanks, you say it again and again. They smile. He asks what happens in hen party and jokes. She says I don’t know, I m going as Shagun called me, even Mihika did not tell me anything, she said its secret. He says you will go, gossip, dance… She says she won’t dance there as her Budda is here. He says he would have not let her go there if men were there, as she is looking gorgeous, Ashok can get in coma seeing you. She asks him to praise her if he wants, she won’t feel bad.

He says you really want to know…. She says say it. He asks really and walks to her. Music plays…………He asks shall I really say it. She smiles. They see each other in mirror. He says the thing is….. they hear Mrs. Bhalla and Amma fighting. He says they started again. She says I will see. He says no, you get ready, I woill see them. He leaves. She smiles and says what was he going to say, Amma and mum fight on wrong time always. Mr. Bhalla and Appa try to calm their wives. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue on whose dance was good. Raman comes to them and stops their fight.

He says this is not old society to shout, we are in new building. He asks Mr. Bhalla and Appa to say the truth. They say the opposite one right. Amma says I think they are saying opposite by intention, and they start scolding their husbands. They leave. Mr. Bhalla says they spoiled the card game. Raman says they played my game too. Mr. Bhalla asks him to come and play. Raman says I have work, play with Simmi. He says she is not at home, sit. Raman says I will just come, and shows wine bottle to make up to mum. Mr. Bhalla says yes, I will go. They tell Mrs. Bhalla that Mr. Bhalla got it as her gift for good dancing.

He says dad said Amma danced well just to keep her heart. Mrs. Bhalla gets into their words. Raman asks them not to fight and leaves. He comes to the room and sees Ishita gone. He says I gave my personal choice bottle to end their fight and she went. He comes to Iyer house and sees Ishita ending Amma and Appa fight. Raman says how to make up to them, can’t give them wine, think…. He tells Amma to read about their festival, Mani has sent me this message, a wife keeps fast for her husband, and it brings happiness.

Ishita says but why did he send you. Raman signs her, and Ishita says yes, Mani knows about cultural things. Amma thanks Raman and says I will know make Appa’s fav dish. Appa smiles. Amma asks Raman to go. Raman pulls Ishita and says I told her to leave them alone and give them privacy. They leave. Appa thanks Amma for making fav dish. Amma says no, I won’t make, I said it, as Raman wanted to spend time with Ishu and they were here because of our fight.

Raman tells Ishita that he had to tell something to her, so he lied. She asks what. He says he has to start again. Ek nadi ke dono……….plays…………. He says shall I say it and gets closer. She smiles nodding yes. He asks sure? She says yes. He says the thing is I………. Mihir comes and says oops wrong time, sorry. Ishita says its ok and leaves. Raman gets angry. Mihir asks Raman to come in Ashok’s party as he can’t go alone. Raman says I won’t go there, there will be problem. Mihir says there will be Ashok, Suraj and Parmeet. Raman says Mani and Bala will be there.

Raman says you feel you guys are weak, take Romi. Mihir says we need you. Raman asks Romi to go with them. Mihir says whats your problem to come with us. He says no one is telling about hen party. Bala says yes, even Vandu did not tell me. Raman asks Romi to be spy in hen party, and asks is his leg fine. Romi says yes. Raman says all set up and talk about last time. Bala and Mihir act brave. Raman understands and asks them to go now.

Raman says please no one should disturb me now. Ishita tells Mihika that she is leaving now. Raman comes and thinks what to tell her. She asks how am I looking, don’t say anything bad. He says why are women getting ready in girls’ party, when you came to me, you wear Kanjivaram sarees and see your Jalwa now. She says I understood the code work. He says get dressed well. She says she is getting late. He says sit with me, we will talk, have drink, get set and then go. She asks will you make me drink and set me, you know I don’t drink.

They laugh. He says lets sit and talk. She says party ditch. He says no, postpone. She gets Mihika’s call and says I m coming. He says does she not have Mihir’s number. Ishita says I have to go. He says I will drop you. She says you. He asks will I leave my s**y wife alone? She smiles and asks what. He says I m just lying, anyone can get heart attack seeing you. They leave.

Shagun dances in the party and likes the party Mihika organized. Mihika and Vandu ask the staff to see food arrangements and keep bathroom clean. Shagun takes Mihika to dance floor. They dance on the song Bindaas…………..Vandu sees Simmi upset and thinks shall I talk to her. Simmi says my fate is so bad, what happened to Parmeet, was he always like this, was I blind. He thinks of his lies and true face. She drinks and cries. Vandu comes to her and asks is she fine. Simmi says I don’t know when people are fine, as I m like this only. She says my world has ruined. She says I can’t trust anyone. Vandu makes her sit. Simmi says I did a mistake.

She says now I feel my life will get ruined. Vandu says don’t say this, everything will be fine. Simmi says tell me one thing, if anyone hurts us, what can we do. Vandu says relax. Mihir and Bala sit in a corner in Ashok’s party and get the drinks. Parmeet and Suraj look at them. Suraj says I have sent wrong timing to Abhimanyu, he will come late. Parmeet says good, he is close friend of Ishita. They smile thinking about their plan. Suraj says Mihir said Raman is not coming in party, and its good if he stays away.

Ishita asks the men to be away, as she is not the one they are thinking. They tease her. She asks Ashok to help and asks them not to touch her.. 
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