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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Mrs Bhalla telling the mahurat of 4pm for the Rakhi. She gets annoyed seeing the newspaper. Mr. Bhalla asks about Romi. Romi gets ready and gets a message. He says its holiday today for Raksha Bandhan, great. He says I won’t go out today and lies to sleep. He gets Sarika’s call and does not take it being worried that she may make him her brother. Sarika says why is Romi not taking my call, I hope he is fine. She calls on landline and talks to Mr. Bhalla. She asks about Romi. Mr. Bhalla comes and says its Sarika’s call. Romi says it will be for Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says its for you and gives him. Sarika talk to him and he asks how did she call. She says Arey Bhai…………He says bhai? No, call me Romi. She says about her mechanic coming for EMI of the scooty. Romi laughs and asks you called for telling this. She says yes. He says I got saved.

Poornima gives the festival recipes and teaches the women. Ishita learns few sweets. She makes good jalebis. Poornima tastes it and likes it. She asks her to make Rabdi for it. Ishita says Ruhi and her dad likes it a lot. Ishita tells her about Ruhi tying Rakhi to her brother Adi, I just hope she likes jalebis. Poornima says but does not like it. Ishita asks what. Poornima says I m saying as usually kids have Rasgullas etc. Raman calls Shagun and asks where is she, she had to call him. She says I m busy. He asks about Adi. She says he is sleeping, relax, I will bring him till afternoon, I will come.

Ashok and Suraj come and ask her where is she going. She says its Rakhi, so I m taking Adi to Ruhi. Ashok asks her not to go. She asks why. He says I got Suraj bailed, it won;’t be good if you go. She says I can’t send Adi with driver, I want to meet Ruhi and will come back soon, I hope its Suraj ji. Suraj says I did not know you think so much about your children. He taunts her. Ashok says its not first rakhi, so no need of this drama, ask Ruhi to come tomorrow, we called Tyagi at home, so don’t waste time and do the arrangements. She says sure. I will make sure all the arrangements are good.

Parmeet talks to the lawyer and says Simmi’s family is keeping her away from him since many months. Simmi comes there. The lawyer asks them to talk. Parmeet says listen to me. Before he says anything, she panics and starts crying saying she is ruined. He gives her water, and wipes her tears. He says he can’t be without her all his life, he loves her, but Raman won’t let them be together, Raman and Ishita has ruined my family life, I don’t have any choice. The lawyer gives them papers asking them to sign it. He says this is notice for your family, either they have to allow you to stay with me, or else you see what to do. He leaves. Simmi cries seeing the papers and blames Ishita for all this. She says this is the gift for me for Raksha Bandhan.

Ruhi gets ready and asks Ishita to call everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi will be coming now. Raman calls Shagun and asks where is she. Shagun says she can’t come. Raman says you said you will come. She says guests came and she can’t send Adi, say sorry to Ruhi from my side. Raman tries to talk but she ends the call. He says what to reply to Ruhi now, she is waiting for Adi, I won’t forgive Shagun for this. He says Ishita…. Adi…….. Ruhi asks when will Adi come. Raman says he won’t come. Ruhi gets sad. Ishita pacifies her and asks what happened. Raman says guests came there and she does not have any driver. Ishita says Adi said he can’t come, but Ruhi can go and meet him. Raman says yes, Ruhi I have a surprise, I forgot, Adi can’t come but he called you there. Ruhi smiles.

Ruhi says she will take rakhi. Ishita says lets go. Raman thanks Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………..Tyagi likes Ashok’s home and Ashok makes him drink much. Shagun comes with the starters. Ashok says Tyagi ji your fav. Tyagi eyes Shagun. He says Shagun ji, come and sit near me, I did not meet you since long, come. Shagun says I will get more starters. Ashok says its ok Shagun, I will manage, you go and sit. She sits beside Tyagi and Ashok smiles. Suraj sees Tyagi staring at Shagun. Tyagi asks why is she annoyed with him. She gets up and he holds her hand, while Ashok watches. Shagun asks him to leave her hand. Raman comes and stops Tyagi. Ashok looks on.

Raman scolds Tyagi. Tyagi asks what is this. Raman says you were misbehaving and I m protecting her. Ashok asks what are you doing Raman, Raman says what you should have done. Ashok says he is our guest. Raman says then ask him to be as a guest. Raman kicks out Tyagi. Tyagi is annoyed with Ashok. Raman scolds him further. Tyagi says Ashok, this will affect our business, take care all of you. He leaves. Ashok tries to stop him. Suraj stops Ashok.

Ashok says how dare you Raman. Raman says you should have got angry, when he was teasing your to be wife. This woman is not your property, you won’t understand, as you don’t respect anyone, and did not do anything that people respect you. He sees Ishita and Ruhi coming and stops. Adi comes and sees Ruhi. Shagun thanks Raman. Raman says its ok, call Adi. Shagun asks Adi to come. Suraj says lets go Ashok, we are not needed here, we are already insulted. They leave.

Ruhi does the rituals and ties the rakhi. Adi looks happy. Ishita says this box is for you, I made it for you and I hope you like it. Adi thanks her. Shagun asks gift for Ruhi. Adi says you did not tell me before. Shagun says its ok, and gives her chain. She says make Ruhi wear it. Raman and Ishita smile. Shagun says my mum gave me this chain in my childhood on Rakhi day, and today I gave this to you. Ruhi thanks her. Raman says lets go. Ishita thanks Shagun. They leave. Adi smiles, while Shagun looks on.

Simmi asks Raman to allow her to go to Parmeet, as he is her husband, why should she beg them, Raman says I won’t let my sister live with that man, if he gives divorce then let him, I don’t care what he does.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Ishita giving all updates to Mihika on phone. Mihir comes and greets everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says they are doing his wedding arrangements. Ishita says your Mihir also came, you take leave and come here, we will go for shopping, its sale everywhere. The boss gives a file to Mihika of her new event. Mihika says she has work and ends the call. The Madrasi pandit says the mahurat in Shravan’s month, 1st day. Mrs. Bhalla says Balle Balle. Amma asks Mihir who will come from his family. Ishita asks about his family. Raman signs Mihir. Mihir says my everything is Raman. Amma says your parents. Mihir says I have my mum, and we are not in touch, I don’t have dad. He says I m alone, I don’t have anyone, but I have my family, its here in this room. He says Raman, Ishita, Bhalla family.

Mihika’s mum says but……….. Ishita stops her. Amma says don’t worry, I m your Amma. Mrs. Bhalla says I m already his mum, what will he do of two mums, you are his mum in law. Ishita says yes, and supports Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla jokes about conditions and Mihika’s mum gets worried. Mrs. Bhalla says she is joking and hugs her. Amma says we have work and leaves. Vandu says its strange, Amma is agreeing to Mrs Bhalla. Ishita says yes, she is agreeing to everything, Amma has grown up. Vandu and Ishita laughs.

Ishita sees Raman and Mihir talking. Amma talks to her sister and says her plan, that she did all this to make Mrs. Bhalla do the wedding by Madrasi style, so she took the Punjabi pandit. Vandu hears this. Amma shares the secret and they laugh. Vandu says you are impossible. Raman gets ready and Ishita gives his phone. He says its so good, everyone is excited for Mihir and Mihika’s marriage. Raman asks her to arrange Mihir’s house, get it colored of Mihika’s choice, as Mihir used to stay alone and its all messed up. She says very thoughtful. Raman says whenever I m away from you, I get good thoughts. She asks him to send the keys. He says sure andleaves.

Bala hears them and looks tensed. Sarika talks to Romi aand shares her heart talk. She says many things happened in my life. I m very alert now. He asks were you not scared to be with them in the room. She says yes I was scared, but I knew you were standing out and I got strength. He holds her hand and says he is always with her. She smiles. He says sorry I get emotional soon, my mum also says this. She says I did not identify Ishita that day, she was brilliant. She talks and he looks on smiling. Music plays……………They look made for each other.

Vandu comes to Bala and gives coffee. She asks whats the tension. He says nothing, I m thinking about Mihir and Mihika’s marriage. Vandu says Ishita will set up her house, no worries. He says Raman asked Ishita to renovate Mihir’s house, but we also have to give them something, how will we get equal to Raman, its so expensive. She says Raman is CEO of a company, we can’t be equal to him, but we will help. He says I m elder son in law and people will compare, if we don’t give anything, I will get some more tuitions. Vandu says did Amma Appa tell you anything, gifts are not important and you can do other work.

He says I m not talking about Amma Appa, but rest of the world, sometimes we have to do things to show the world. He leaves. Ishita comes to Mihir’s house and sees OMG, this is such a clean house, is this Mihir’s house, so neat and clean, what will happen when Mihika comes here, she can’t keep this much clean and Mihir with fight. She says lets check wahts not here. She says wow, great Mihir. Colors are boring and needs to be changed, curtains Mihika can’t bear this, I should do this with Mihika. She calls Ishita and asks her suggestions about curtains and colors.

She asks her to take a holiday. Mihika is busy. Ishita says Mihir kept his home so clean. Mihika says he is so obsessive and can’t beat if a thing falls out its place. Mihika asks him to check the drawers with labels and laughs. Ishita says I m on Mihir’s side, take holiday please. Ishita sees the drawers with labels and says really? What is this Mihir. She laughs. Everything has labels, medicines, stationery, etc…………… She gets Poornima’s call. Poornima invites her for cooking event for North Indian sweets. Ishita says thanks, I will come. Poornima asks her to bring Ruhi as kids loves desserts. Ishita says sure. Poornima sees a pic and looks upset.

Ishita sees the confidential drawer and gets a rakhi. She says does he have any sister too. She thinks of Mihir’s words, and says why did he not tell me, maybe Raman knows. I will ask him. Its night, Raman asks Ishita what did he tell her in morning, go to Mihir’s house and renovate it, not spy on him. She says I was not spying, he did not tell about his family, he had a rakhi and it means he has a sister. He says Mihika is not marrying his family. She says we are in India, and both families merge with a marriage, this happened with our case too. Raman says leave Mihir alone, if you spy on my brother, I will not leave you, don’t use your mind. Ishita says I know you Raman, you are hiding something from me, what can it be.

Its morning, Ishita says she will come on time. She tells Raman that she is going for cooking classes. She says she has to discuss something. He says say it. She says if Ruhi ties Rakhi to Adi. Raman says no, this won’t be possible. She says why not, Adi was in boarding, so they did not meet, they were small, they should have feelings for festivals. Raman says you think I did not wish this. She says I m sure, it did not work out, lets talk to Shagun, if Adi comes, family will be happy, I m going to learn sweet making, so you try this for Ruhi. He says fine, I will try and smiles. She thanks him.

He says but we will order sweets form outside, else kids’ stomach will be upset. She says she will make good. She asks him to buy gift. He asks why. She says for Simmi, buy a good dress for her, and call Shagun and talk. She leaves. He says she cares for every member of my family.

Simmi cries and asks Parmeet whats this. Parmeet says its notice, either they have to make you stay with me, else you are smart enough to decide. He leaves.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with reporters asking Ashok about Raman. Ashok backbites about Raman. Ishita gets Romi’s call and comes to know he got the CD. She says I m coming now. Ashok holds Shagun and they look happy together. Raman comes and calls Mihir. Mihir says it means Ishita will also come. The reporters see Raman. Ashok tells Parmeet how did he like it. Parmeet says it will be fun now as Raman came. Ashok says lets see him when media irritates Raman with wrong questions. The media questions Raman about his resignation, his rivalry with Ashok…… The media is asked not to asks such questions. The association manager takes Raman inside. Mihir signs him. He calls Ishita and asks her to come fast, as function has started.

Ashok and his fiancée Shagun are called on stage. Mihir says I m keeping eye on Raman, but come soon, else Raman will lose his presidentship. Ishita says we are coming. Raman wants to go but the manager stops. Ashok is asked to do the formalities and accept his presidentship. Ashok smiles and Shagun stands behind him smiling. Ashok is about to sign, but Ishita walks in and says stop. Ashok does not sign and looks at her. Raman is shocked seeing Ishita here. Ishita comes with Romi. Shagun says what is she doing here. Ishita says I want to surprise you all and Ashok.

She says I m sorry to stop in between, I m not from business world, I m simple dentist and homemaker, I want to show a pic after that you all will say who is deserving and who is not. Ashok says she thought her husband is deserving, but see he resigned and recommended my name. Ishita answers his back and says she has come to show him a deal today. She asks them to play this CD. The video has Suraj betting and telling about Ashok, who will get some clients. Ashok and Shagun are shocked. Suraj bows down.

Ishita says I don’t think I have to tell anything. She says Ashok will be doing this work behind his presidentship, he will support his brother in matchfixing. Suraj tries to leave. Romi brings the olice and they arrest him on matchfixing charges. Suraj calls Ashok…… but Ashok is quiet. Ishita says I did my duty as a responsible citizen. The head says Ashok, we are sorry, Raman will be our president. Mihir says Raman will understand we are Ishita’s special force team. Raman is given back his post and everyone clap. Raman says thanks, someone told right, it’s a woman’s hand behind a man’s success, I want to give the credit to my wife Ishita. He says thanks Ishita for bringing the truth out and giving me my post back.

They ask Raman what was the pressure on him. Raman says even when there was pressure, it has to go some day. Raman faces Ashok. Ashok says you double crossed me, you gave your position to me and now your wife. Raman asks him to go and free Suraj first. Ashok leaves. Raman stops Shagun and taunts her on her words. Shagun leaves. Raman comes to Ishita and asks how did she do this. She laughs and says it was our plan, Mihir, Romi and Sarika. He asks are you stupid, you know what type of man is Suraj, and my brother is born duffer, he would have stopped you, and Mihir lied to me. Raman says you could have told me Ishita.

She says you also have hidden that you gave up your post to take my license. They argue. She says she did this for Ruhi, as she said Papa is sad. He says he is sad since her Ishi Maa came in his life. They say they did this to have peace at home. The photographer comes and asks for their pic. Dil kahin rukta nahi……..… plays………………. They stand far and he asks them to come closer. They make rude faces. Raman holds her and e asks them to smile. They smile. They come home.

Raman wears the bathrobe. Ishita taunts him for gifting her and wearing it. The arguments and self praising starts again. He says all this for bathrobe, take it. She turns and says no. He says take it, I opened it. He gives her eye mask and asks her to use it to control her eyes. He asks how is the bathrobe looking. She says good. He says I will remove it, take it. She runs out of the room. He says mad Madrasan. Mihika’s mum comes and meets Mrs. Bhalla. Amma says we came to fix the marriage date. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we need reason to celebrate. She asks the maid to bring first class breakfast for them.

Raman greets them. The pandit comes. Amma says I called the Punjabi pandit from yellow pages. Mrs. Bhalla says you got smart. Mr. Bhalla praises Amma and Mrs. Bhalla thinks this is Amma’s plan to make everyone praise her. Mrs. Bhalla says I think this marriage should be in Madrasi style as Raman and Ishita’s marriage. We will call Madrasi pandit, Everyone say no as they have to wake up at 4am. Mrs. Bhalla asks them not to argue and shut up. Amma says it was problem in Ishita’s problem. Mrs. Bhalla asks the pandit to leave, as its final. Amma says I planned everything. Ishita says relax Amma, if mum wants this, we will call Madrasi pandit.

Ashok is trying to bail out Suraj. He says Raman and Ishita made fun of Suraj today. He hears his staff taunting on Ashok, saying Raman has taught him well today. Ashok scolds them. Mihika comes and hears this. Parmeet asks them to do their work and takes Ashok inside.

Rest comming soon.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Romi liking the food. Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to eat, as Ishita is fasting and she will eat first. Raman comes and faces Mr. Bhalla’s taunts. He comes to his room and gives a gift to Ishita. She says why again, you already gave me. She sees it’s the same Rs 25000 saree which she liked but did not take it. He says yes I noticed, you saw the price tag and took the cheap one, don’t tell me I m insensitive. She says showing sensitivity spending money on me. They start arguing. She says I will give you its money. He says its needed to show concern to women like you. She asks whats the tension. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says why are you scolding her, Ishita is fasting. He says drama started again.

Mrs. Bhalla says she has kept Nirjala fast. She asks what happened to him, why is he fighting with everyone today. She asks Ishita to come and break her fast and leaves. Raman regrets for arguing with Ishita. Ishita breaks the fast seeing the moon and offering water. Everyone looks on and smile. Hasne laga sehra…………….plays…………………Mrs. Bhalla guides her the rituals step by step. Ishita sees Raman through the round net. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays………………..
She does the tilak to Raman and does his aarti. Raman thinks its great, Ishita is doing this to show to my mum. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to touch Raman’s feet. She pinches Raman’s feet. He makes her drink water and thinks even Shagun did not do this, so he lost his position and gave her license. Ruhi says Ishita kept this fast for Raman, no cheating, no water, pandit told what you all will get. Ishita says yes, I kept his fast for Raman, and all his dreams will be true. He asks her to have some food. They argue again. Romi smiles.

Ishita asks Romi is everything done. Romi says yes, I have transferred all data for the chip, we will sue Ashok tomorrow in press conference and Raman will get his seat back. Its morning, Ruhi asks Ishita does she have the test, as she looks tensed, don’t worry, you will come first. Raman asks what test. Ishita says its important, I will tell you if its done. Ruhi leaves. Raman asks what tests, when you got the license. She says nothing important. He asks are you leaving Ruhi to school or shall I. She says Papa ji. He says fine and leaves for office. She calls Mihir and says Raman left, be ready and don’t do any mistake today.

Mihir stops Raman and stops him saying they have to go for business association meeting. Raman says I already signed, I won’t go to meet the media. Mihir thinks he has to take him, else Ishita’s plan will fail. Raman says I have to meet Adi too. Raman leaves for office even when Mihir insists. Mihir says I could not do this, and informs Ishita. Ishita says what, he went, how will our plan work out now. Mihir says don’t worry, I will do something. Ruhi asks for her CD. Ishita asks the maid to keep the Cd in Ruhi’s bag. She keeps Ishita’s CD. Ruhi leaves. Ishita tells her plan to call Raman there. Romi says what an idea, Raman will come.

She says I will bring the CD. She sees her CD gone and looks for it. She gets Ruhi’s CD there and understands her CD is gone with Ruhi, as she confirms with the maid. She tells this to Romi and Mihir. She says what will we do now. Romi says I will get it from Ruhi. She asks Mihir to get Raman and hopes Romi gets the CD on time. Ashok and everyone see Mihika’s modeling pics. Murti likes it. Mihika smiles. Ashok looks at her. Murti says he has a meeting and leaves. Ashok acts like calling Shagun and she us not taking the call. He takes Mihika’s help to tie him the scarf or tie. She refused and he falls on her intentionally holding her. She gets angry. He says sorry. She leaves. He smiles.

Raman helps Adi in planting work in community service. Shagun says her nail got so bad. Raman taunts her. She says she has to go in Ashok’s function as he is going to become president of Delhi Association. She asks by what relation are you going. She says going to be wife, as we are engaged. He taunts her and says its not worth it to talk to her. Adi leaves with Shagun. Mihir calls Raman and says Ashok is saying against Ishita, this is not done. This is getting too much. Raman asks whats his problem. Mihir says Parmeet is saying Ishita’s license is fake. Raman says I m coming. Mihir says yes, come soon.

Ishita talks to Bala and says she will not let them spoil her husband’s name and she is waiting for the CD. Bala says my husband? You called him by so many names, Ravan Kumar…. And now this. She says what. He says I was trying to know why are you blushing today. She says where is it, I m not blushing, I m going home. He asks whose. She says mine and goes to Bhalla house. Bala says I can see your heart Ishita.
Ishita comes in her room and says whats this, Bala thinks anything. I just said Raman is my husband. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………. She says why am I getting goosebumps. She looks in the mirror and talks to herself. She says I never thought this way, he is my husband. She says am I really blushing. She says no, I m feeling weird. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays……………. She says its day to work, I hope Romi got the CD. She says husband and smiles.

Ashok is asked to sign and accept his presidentship. Shagun smiles standing behind Ashok. Ashok sits to sign the docs. Ishita says stop. Everyone looks at her. Even Raman looks on.. 
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th August 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita showing simple clothes to Romi and asking what should she wear so that they don’t identify her. Romi says he knows you and will identify you in any clothes. He says he is a big man. She says not bigger than Raman, we have to expose him before Ashok takes over the position. Romi says Suraj knows you, but not her. They make Sarika ready. Romi asks her to act and not make anyone doubt on her. Sarika says I did not do this before. Romi says I understand, but for Raman and Ishita. Sarika says anything for them, don’t worry. He says thanks and gives her clothes, asking her to get ready well. He leaves. Romi gets ready as the waiter and meets Ishita. She asks where is Sarika. Romi calls her and she does not take the call.

Sarika comes in the waitress costume and looks good. Romi stares at her and says she is looking very good. Sarika says she is scared. Ishita asks her not to worry. She asks Romi how is she looking. Romi says tota, I mean very sexy, no I mean good, beautiful, her eyes sweet…….. Sarika smiles and asks what she has to do. They go inside and Romi gives the ID card with spy cam and mic. He says its connected to me via Bluetooth and I can hear you. Sarika says I saw this in films, like sting operation. Ishita says yes, but be careful, tell us if there is any problem, we will come in.

Romi says betting will be happening here and we need proof, once we get the proof, we will see Suraj. Ishita says this is the only way to get back Raman’s post. Romi asks Sarika not to worry as he will be standing out of the room. Ishita says it will help our whole family. Sarika leaves. Ishita prays the plan succeeds. Suraj and the other man watch the cricket match on their laptop. Sarika comes to them as room service. The man asks her to come inside. She looks for Suraj. Romi signs her to go and stands out. He tells Ishita that Sarika went inside. Sarika sees Suraj and the man betting.

The man asks her to make in the rocks. Sarika says sure Sir, you sit, I will make drinks for both of you. Sarika talks to Romi and he hears her. She faces the mic to Suraj. Suraj does the betting and its recorded. Suraj names Ashok too, who is becoming the president of Delhi Association. The man touches Sarika’s hand while taking the drink. Romi says amazing Sarika ji, we got the proof, now they are gone. He tells Ishita that they got the proof. He asks Ishita to go. She says she is tensed about Sarika. He asks her to go. The man bad eyes Sarika and touches her to please her guests.

She says I m on duty and I don’t drink. Romi is busy talking to Ishita. The man asks Sarika to have a drink. Romi hears it and says shit……….He says that man is doing wrong with her. Ishita asks her to go. Romi says stop and Ishita goes to save Sarika. She knocks the door. The man opens the door. Ishita gets in hiding her face and does the drama. She says she is this man’s wife and he is flirting here with this waitress. Romi watches this. Suraj asks the man is she your wife. The man says I don’t know her. Ishita says he forgot me getting her. She does not show her face to Suraj.

Romi laughs and says what happened to Bhabhi. Ishita asks Sarika to come with her. The man says she is not my wife. Suraj asks him to get his wife and everyone out. Ishita breaks the wine glass. Suraj stops them. Sarika ID card falls. Suraj picks it and asks whats this. Ishita says she does this to trap men. They run from there. Suraj calls someone and asks them to get the woman running with their staff. The security tries to stop them, but they run. Suraj scolds the man, and he says I m not married, she is not my wife. Suraj says its something fishy, go and catch her.

Ishita asks Romi to go and trap Sarika first. Sarika says Ishita did great acting. Romi says yes, I have not heard South Indian Haryaanvi. Ishita says yes, I told what came in my mind. She says its late, I will go home now, and you come after dropping her. Romi asks her to breakfast soon. He gives her wrist band and she thanks him. Sarika gives her the camera. Ishita thanks her for helping them. Sarika says she is glad to help them. Romi thanks Sarika.

Shravan helps Amma. Vandu comes to him and asks him to go out and play. She scolds him and says flour is not for playing. Shravan goes. Vandu says he can’t be near hot oil. Shravan takes the remote and changes the channel. Bala too scolds him. He says if he has to do this, whats the use to spend money on his education. He asks Shravan to go to Ruhi and do his homework. Amma and Appa looks on.Shravan gets upset and leaves. Raman comes home and is worried about his family, no one can understand his problem. He says I forgot the Varlaxmi drama.

Raman meets Shravan and asks why is he upset and sitting here, who has scolded him. Shravan says his parents don’t understand anything and scold. Raman says our problem is same but who scolded. Shravan says everyone, they think I m small kid. Raman says our problem is same, even everyone tell me why I did this and that. Ishita comes home in an auto. Shravan says my mum will be busy when my baby sister comes so I was trying to make rotis. Ishita smiles seeing them talk. Raman and says we will solve our problems. They shake hands. Shravan smiles. Ishita says Raman is a riddle, sometimes simple and sometimes very complicated, he risked everything to save my career. I have to workout my plan and get Raman’s position back.

Raman and Ishita argue. She asks what is his tension. He does not tell anything. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says she kept fast for you and you are scolding her Raman. Raman says again this fast drama started.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with pandit telling the importance of the fast to Ishita. Mihir tells Raman that this will ruin their business too. Raman says I know, I did this for Ishita. Romi hears everything. Raman says I don’t regret, I deserve this. The pandit asks the women to take their husband’s name and do the puja. The puja is done. Raman says there is some relation where any kind of sacrifice looks small, Ashok and his brother revoked Ishita’s license, she works as its her passion, not for money. Mihir asks but there might be any other way. Raman says Ishita is very important to me, she made many sacrifices for me. Mihir says I m thinking about company’s future, Ashok won’t be quiet. Raman says let him bark, everytime we can’t see profit and loss, there is something called family, which is important.

Ishita prays for Raman’s prosperity and her family. Raman says I did this for Ishita, I don’t know its right or wrong, Ishita deserves it. If Ashok asks my companies, I will give him, whats the presidentship then. Romi thinks Raman sacrifices so much, business, reputation and everything, all for Ishita, I think I should tell this to her. He leaves. Mihika tells Ishita that Raman resigned from presidentship and recommended Ashok. Ishita says but why did he do this, he did not tell me, I think its Ashok’s plan, he is taking revenge. This is personal.

Romi comes and says Raman did this for you. He says I heard Raman and Mihir talking. Raman did this so that Suraj returns your license, do you think Raman will be scared of Ashok and do this. Ishita says why did I not think this, all cake drama and fight for my license. She thinks about Raman and Suraj’s argument in the hospital. She thinks of Raman’s words. She says he did all this for me. She says he resigned from his position. She gets sad and cries.

She says this is not done, he should have asked me once. I can’t make him do this. Romi says its about your career and you know Raman, he tried hard and when nothing happened, he did this agreeing to Ashok. He says Raman did so much for you. She says yes, but its not small, its very big thing, he was the president and his years long reputation ruined because of me and my license, I can’t even think about it, why did he do all this. She says I should have understood Suraj won’t take case back so easily as he is Ashok’s brother, I m so stupid, I did not think how I got it back. Romi asks her not to cry, think he did this for you.

She says yes, he did it for me, it does not mean I will make him do this. He says please don’t tell Raman about this, else he will hang me, I told you as I thought you should know everything. She says I won’t ask Raman anything, but today I kept a fast for him, for his honor and position. I will teach a good lesson to Suraj and get back Raman’s position., Mrs. Bhalla makes Shravan wear the Pagdi. She says you are looking Punjabi. He says I m looking cartoon. She laughs and says no, you are looking better than Ruhi, you show her being Punjabi kid. Amma sees Shravan and asks why is he wearing such clothes. Mrs. Bhalla comes and Amma argues.

Ruhi comes and laughs saying Shravan is looking multi color cartoon. Shravan goes to change. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue. Mrs. Bhalla asks her why did she tell everyone about Romi. Amma says nothing like that, I was tensed and I told Vandu and then everyone knew, I m sorry, I did not mean so. Amma says punish me Santoshi. Mrs. Bhalla says Toshi ji. Amma folds her and Mrs. Bhalla holds her forgiving her. Ruhi comes dressed in Punjabi clothes and Mrs. Bhalla hugs her.

Ishita and Romi are on the way and she says she wants to talk to Suraj why he did this and she is doing this for Raman. Romi says they are wrong people, we will take Raman’s help. She says I want to confront him, if you want to come, you can. She sees Suraj meeting some guy. Romi asks are you sure, I know both of them. Ishita says I can’t care about them. Romi says he is biggest bookie of Delhi. He smiles and says got it, the match is starting and they are match fixing. She asks is he sure. Romi says yes. Ishita says see what game I play now for Raman.

Mr and Mrs. Bhalla hear the news about Raman’s resign. He calls Raman and puts on speaker. Romi and Ishita come and hear it. Raman says it happens in business. Mr. Bhalla says what will people think. Raman gets angry and asks him not to interfere. Mr. Bhalla gets annoyed and ends the call. She says he is worried, leave him alone. He leaves. Ishita feels bad seeing this.

Raman meets the Association head who asks him why is he resigning, they need him. Its still time, reconsider your decision. Mihir asks Raman to think and Raman says its final. Ashok and Parmeet come there and Raman is about to sign. The head says we will announce formally tomorrow about Ashok being the president now. Ashok taunts Raman. Raman signs on the papers and closes the file. Raman says they does not like the things he gives him. He says I have given you everything. You have all the things I rejected, it suits you.

Romi tells Ishita that we have to act smart as Suraj is a big man. Ishita says we have to workout our plan, before Suraj goes form that hotel, we have to catch them red handed and before they take over the post from Raman. Romi gets an idea and smiles.
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Friday, 15 August 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Ruhi that she is keeping a fast till evening and she will control and not have anything. Raman hears this. He asks Ruhi not to worry about Ishita, as if she talks about food, it will be bad. Ruhi leaves. Raman asks Ishita not to do this fasting drama and eat something if she gets hungry. She asks why. He says whats this nonsense, to decrease woman’s life to increase her husband’s life. She says age won’t get less if I stay hungry. He says don’t make me take you to hospital. She says she won’t. He asks her to have anything, as everyone does cheating. She says cheating. He says Shagun also used to cheat and eat. The FB scene shows Raman bringing sandwich for Shagun hiding from everyone, as she can’t resist hunger. He says you kept Karwachauth for me, I m saying you this, eat it fast, no one will know. She eats the sandwich.

He gets lost in the thoughts. Ishita asks were you so sweet. He says no, and they argue again. He asks her to fast to keep her mouth shut whole day. He says he will bring something from breakfast table and asks her to eat in the car. He leaves. She says he won’t change, I m not fasting to show anyone, but for him, as he did a lot for me. I will surely keep the fast even if he does not like it, I will complete the fast for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla not to forget any item. Romi comes to them. He gives Rs 500 and the accounts. Mr. Bhalla asks did his crore deal got cancelled. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi why is he upset.

She says she made Gajar halwa and hot puris. He says but carrot in this season. She says I know its your fav and got the carrots. He says you might be pity as you know I m not your son. She asks how does he know. He says everyone knows. She says I heard the news and she got confused, but you are my son, my blood. Romi gets glad and hugs her. He says sorry and sits to eat it. Raman brings some men. Ishita asks whats this. He says I called you down and you did not come. The men say Raman got some designer sarees to gift you. She says experience counts. Raman says he is gifting her and asks the men to show the sarees to Ishita.

Ishita asks Raman to choose the saree. Raman says so that you taunt me. Raman says don’t show her Kanjivaram. She asks why. He says look Punjabi now. She asks was this needed. He says mum can taunt me so its better I do this. She sees the sarees. He asks her to hurry up and sits there. Ishita does not like few. Raman asks her to hurry up. Ishita likes a net Zardozi saree. It costs Rs 25000. She sees the rate tag and says she does not like it. She sees a simple one, cheaper one. She asks Raman about it. Raman gets Pathak’s call and asks him to make sure Ashok and Suraj does not do anything, I want license today.

Poornima comes there and sees Ishita standing at the door. She greets Ishita and says she came to see property. Ishita is glad and says yes you told me, please come and sit. Poornima says I thought your husband won’t be at home, so I can meet you and Ruhi. Ishita tells about the fast and Raman called them to gift me saree. She says I have to take my husband’s opinion. Poornima asks is Raman at home. Ishita asks do you know Raman. Poornima says you introduced yourself as Ishita Raman Bhalla, so I just remember. Ishita says meet him, I will call him. Poornima says no, I will leave. Ishita insists but Poornima gets tensed and leaves.

Raman comes out and does not see her. He asks Ishita to select soon. Ashok is the new president of the association and gives the interview to the press. He praises himself and says Raman was not fit for this position. He says Raman has bought this chair, but then he resigned and I got on this chair. Mihika hears this and says what, Raman has resigned, but why. Raman asks Ishita to choose fast. Ishita gets a call and says what, thanks a lot and laughs. She tells Raman that its fabulous news, I got my license back. He says really? Congrats. And smiles She says congrats to you too. She says they took the case back, I m so happy.

Raman thinks Ishita, this presidentship is nothing infront of your happiness, I m happy as you are happy. Raman says Ishita to eat the apple he kept in the car. She asks him to go as she will eat the apple at home. He says fine, but be careful from mum aand leaves. Mihika says I can’t believe this, why did Raman resign and recommended Ashok. Amma calls Mihika and Mihika asks his boss to give her hald day. He says its busy day, and they have important meeting. She requests that they have puja. Ashok says its ok, let her go, she has helped us by doing modeling, so I think we can adjust today. Mihika thanks him. Mihika’s boss asks her to go as big boss Ashok permitted her. Mihika says I have to tell Ishita about Raman’s resignation.

Mrs. Bhalla says congrats to Ishita saying she knew she will get her license back and asks did she say Raman. Ishita says yes, he went for some work. Mrs. Bhalla says I will call him. Ishita stops him. Mrs. Bhalla says we have to tell him to come before the moon comes out. Ishita says he won’t like it. Mrs. Bhalla asks did he fight. Ishita says no, he was worried, I did not tell him about Nirajala fast, sorry for lying. Mrs. Bhalla gets tears in her eyes and says I did not see a bahu who can take so much care of Raman, why did you not come in his life before.

She hugs Ishita and blesses her. Shravan asks Ishita to come and play with her, as everyone is talking and no one is playing with him. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to come and see how they do the puja. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Ishita goes to Iyer house and Mihika stops her saying she has to tell something, a big problem. Amma comes and takes Ishita. She asks Mihika to get ready and come. Ishita says wear kanjivaram and come. She leaves. Mihika says Raman is in problem. The reporters trouble Raman with the questions about his resign and what Ashok told he bought the chair.

The pandit tells Ishita about the fast for husband’s prosperity. Ishita says she is doing this for Raman’s prosperity and wishes the best for him. Raman argues with the media. The reporter misbehaves. Raman asks the security to kick them out. Mihir talks to them and calms Raman. The reporter makes Raman more angry by his taunts. Raman gets angry. Mihir asks him to calm down as he is doing all this for Ishita. Raman gets quiet.

Romi tells Ishita that Raman did this so that Suraj takes complaint back and she gets her license, does she think Raman will be afraid of Ashok. She says why did I not think before. The cake drama and this resigning, he did this for me. She cries.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Vandu telling Ishita about Raman’s anger on Ashok and Suraj in Ashok’s birthday party. She asks why did Raman get so angry, whats the matter. Ishita tells everything. Raman asks the lawyer Mr Ansari why is he taking back the complaint, did he get the senses back. The laywer says but on one condition. Raman defends Ishita and says he is ready for any condition. He asks what is it. Ashok says the condition is you have to resign from Delhi’s Entrepreneur Association as its president, and recommend my name. Raman holds his collar and asks is he not ashamed. Ashok asks will he agree or not. Raman says he can sacrifice such 100 presidentships. Shagun is stunned. Raman says he agrees for this.

Suraj asks him to rethink, else he will regret. Raman taunts him and says when will you both stop begging to me. Raman praises himself and says how strong he is. Raman tells Mr Ansari to make sure they won’t change. Ansari says I take the guarantee. Raman says I won’t believe you, make him sign first and then I will resign there. Suraj signs on the docs taking his complaint back. Raman asks Mr Ansari to free Ishita in two days and get back her license. Raman leaves threatening them to make their act right.

Romi asks Mishra to get the birth certificate. Mishra says he is not a Birla, rich one, else he would have not been born here. Romi says it happens sometimes. Mishra’s assistant gives the address to Romi. Romi notes it and asks is he drunk, he wants Birla’s number, not Bhallas. They say Birla lives here, go and see, he is a tea vendor. Romi asks is my father tea vendor, is he not the builder Birla. He says what did I do, my face is not so poor to get a poor father. Mishra says he is not exchanged as he and the tea vendor’s son were born at different times. Roimi says he got saved, if Raman knew this, he would have not left me.

Mihir asks Raman to check the code. Raman thinks about Ishita stitching the blouse. Mihir asks where is he lost. Raman says he wants to ask something, its simple thing, there is situation in life, suppose if anyone see someone for the first time, and then see next time, its different, but the second time you did not want to see and you want to see the first time. Mihir asks him to clear it, as its confusing. They evaluate Raman’s words. Raman says but I m seeing always like I saw it for the second time, bit this both are different. I don’t know I don’t want to see and want to see, and I don’t want to like it, but I like it.

Mihir asks who saw you and whom you saw, and what ways. Raman simplifies telling about Mihika. Mihir laughs and says he fell in love with Mihika for the first time. He shows Raman their love story. He says she used to hug me and I used to hug her like a friend. Raman says this is not the situation. Raman taunts him asking is his mind in his knees. Mihir says yes, even psychiatrist can’t answer you. Mihir understands Raman is talking about Ishita. Raman says am I mad to think about her, fool. Mihir leaves. Raman says why will I think about her, and she is also mad, she saw me sleeping and stitched button there, why will I think about her, why am I talking about her. No actually I should talk about her as she is the biggest problem in my life.

He gets a call from consumer dept and comes to know Ishita’s complaint has got stopped. Raman is on the way and thinks he can’t tell Ishita about this deal. He thinks of her words and says she has always supported me, its my duty to support her, her career is important, I have to do this for her. Raman comes home. She gets scared seeing him suddenly and says sorry. They say actually…..He asks her to say. She says I have to ask something which only you can tell me. Raman says yes ask. She asks Romi, is he your own brother. He says what do you eat in morning that your mind goes wrong, he is my brother. She says I heard. He says he is my own brother from every angle. She sayas ok.

Raman says we are same blood, he is my brother, we have same parents. He asks her to do any work rather than this evil workshop. She says you can tell tomorrow that I m Pammi’s son. She says you mean I m free at home so thinking this. He puts a gift on table there. She looks at it and gets shocked. He says don’t worry, its not a bomb, open it. She sees the bathrobe and looks at him puzzled saying bathrobe? He says yes, bathrobe, when you want to become Gaffur tailor in morning, please wear this and do. She says this is so shameless, you are not gentleman. She says you mean I did this intentionally. They argue. She says you like to give gifts, she gives him a gift. He sees it and asks does it has your lecture.

She says why would I given written. He sees eyemask and why. She says as some people’s eyes are not in control, they like to see hiding. He says thanks, I was thinking how to get saved from this bad face. They say fine, fine……………and show the door to each other. She says huh and leaves. He keeps on saying fine. He says Lord has made such a woman, how. He says but she is good, I should give her the license back, she deserves it, mad Madrasan.

Vandu and Ishita does the arrangements and decorations. Mihika sees Vandu standing on the stool and asks her to get down as she is pregnant. Amma asks Mihika to go and bath first. Vandu asks Mihika to kept the fast for Mihir’s prosperity. Mihika agrees and leaves. Vandu says Ishita will be coming now wearing the new Kanchivaram saree. Ishita gets ready in the morning and smiles seeing Raman sleeping with the eye mask. She says she has to make Kolam before everyone wakes up.

Ishita makes the rangoli. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks whats special today. Ishita says I told you about Tamil Karwachauth. Mrs. Bhalla says I forgot. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue on their festivals. Mrs. Bhalla says your hunger is saying this. Amma says we will eat everything after afternoon. Mrs. Bhalla says we Punjabis don’t eat till we see moon. Amma says we have seen in Yash Chopra film, we are simple, we do puja first and then eat. Ishita asks them to focus. She says I m thinking to keep this fast in Punjabi style, as all day no water. Mrs. Bhalla says but its tough, you can’t eat anything all day. Ishita asks why is this fast kept. Mrs. Bhalla says husband’s long life and prosperity. Ishita says its for my family and its easy to restrict myself from food. She smiles.

Raman asks Ishita to have food and asks does she not any fast to shut her mouth all day. He says he will bring something to eat for her and she should eat it. She smiles.

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th August 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th August 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ashok talking to Shagun about Chinese food. She says but you like Chinese. He says my brother came after many years, why did you not ask his choice. She says I will order something else. He says I fulfill all yours and your son’s wishes and you did this with my family. She says relax, I will change the menu, don’t spoil your mood, its your birthday today, just trust me. She looks at Suraj and thinks he is smart, he just came and created problems between us. Raman talks to someone asking details about Suraj and sees Parmeet and Simmi together in the apartment compound. Raman scolds the watchman for allowing Parmeet. He asks him to kick out Parmeet. Simmi scolds the watchman and argues with Raman defending Parmeet.

Parmeet laughs and asks Simmi not to tell anything to Raman, and says I will go, as I have to attend Ashok’s birthday party. He says Ashok’s brother Suraj has revoked Ishita’s license, what did Raman do. Raman asks is Suraj Ashok’s brother? Parmert says I m going as Ashok and Suraj are waiting for me. Raman asks Simmi to go home. Parmeet leaves. Raman says Suraj Khanna, Ashok’s brother, so he is jumping so much, I will not leave them. Parmeet drives his car fast and Raman moves.

The menu is changed and Suraj eats some. Shagun says I hope you like it, I m so sorry, Ashok likes Chinese so I ordered it, but then I ordered Moghlai, enjoy, I hope you like it. Mihika comes with the boss. Ashok looks at her and compliments her. Mihika gets Mihir’s call and says Ashok has ignored me, I think I have him attitude that day, so he understood I won’t agree. She says cake is cutting now and I will leave soon. Ashok cuts the call while everyone sings the song. Raman comes there.

Shagun wants to bite the cake first but Ashok makes Suraj have it first and then her and Parmeet. Parmeet applies some cake on Ashok’s face. Raman takes the whole cake and puts on Ashok’s face mashing it. He says happy birthday Ashok Khanna. Ashok says how dare you. Raman taunts him and Suraj, that he will bring them on road, don’t use my wife to take revenge from me. Everyone is shocked. Raman taunts Suraj and leaves in anger. Ashok fumes and says Raman Bhalla, I won’t leave you.

Romi is finding out his birth identity. Mr Mishra says two boys were born, and Bhalla and Birla. Romi is glad thinking he is a Birla, who became a Bhalla. He says its decided I m Romi Birla. Romi says I knew I m rich ad gives fees to Mishra. Romi is super excited. Romi leaves. Mishra says he is mad, that Birla is different, not rich one. Raman tells Ishita that he has put whole cake on Ashok’s face. She asks is Suraj Ashok’s real brother. Raman says yes, I would have understood. He says he is not afraid of them.

She says now they will take revenge. Raman says I want to see what they can do. She says you are not understanding. He says it can’t get worse, they revoked your license and I will bring it back. He says I want to see how low can they fall. She thanks him. He asks why. She says for giving instructions to Mrs. Bhalla to make me busy. He says yes, if you are busy, I can be happy. He says its time ti show them now, don’t worry, I will take care of it.

Ashok is fuming. Shagun calms him. Ashok says I know your ex husband very well, how he gets deeply wounded, I know, I will break his ego, Raman Kumar Bhalla, just wait and watch, this time you crossed your limit, you don’t know whom you messed with. Ashok drinks. Suraj looks on. Its morning, Ishita gets ready having a bath. She finds the hook loose. Raman and Ruhi are sleeping. The blouse hook breaks and she has to stitch it. She stitches her blouse hook closing the main door. Raman turns and she continues stitching. Raman wakes up and sees her sitting and stitching. Hasne laga sehra……………plays………….. She turns seeing him looking at her. Raman closes his eyes acting he is sleeping.

He then opens his eyes again and looks at her. She sees him staring and is tensed. Yeh hai Mohabbatein…………..plays…………….. Raman makes Ruhi get up as she has to go for school. Ruhi says 5mons and goes to sleep. Raman tries to get rid of this awkwardness and leaves. Ishita says its so embarrassing.

Romi comes to the breakfast table and shows rich attitude. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have it. Simmi asks what happened to you. He asks her to leave this poor things out, and says he does not like this food and tells rich people have five star breakfast. Simmi asks is his mind well, they are born here in this house, and not any Tata Birla. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to have this food and asks him to give account of Rs 1000 given yesterday. Romi says what 1000, he will play in crores. Raman comes and hears this, ticking on his head . He asks Romi how many zeroes are there in crore. Romi says 5, no 6. Romi does not know how many zeroes are there in crore. Raman scolds him and asks him to work in office. Romi thinks when he is proved to be Birla’s son, he will show them. Ishita comes and Raman looks at him.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to have breakfast. Raman says I have meeting in office, and asks Romi to come soon. He leaves. Romi tells everyone that he wants five dishes in dinner and with sweets, else he will not touch the food. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and says he is talking strange. Mr Bhalla says he was talking like he is not my son, but someone else. Mrs. Bhalla thinks does anyone have a doubt about me. Ishita thinks is this matter behind Romi’s behavior, I have to talk to Raman.

Raman comes to the lawyer and sees Ashok, Suraj and Shagun. He taunts Ashok and Shagun. Ashok says you and your wife will have to hide face now. Raman asks whats your problem. The lawyer asks them to sit and talk. Raman says I did not come to sit, I want to reissue my wife’s license. The lawyer says Ishita can get license back, as Suraj will take the complaint back, but on one condition. Raman asks what. Ashok thinks he will teach Raman a good lesson by this condition and smiles.

Raman gives a bathrobe to Ishita as a gift, asking her to wear it when she wants to become a tailor in morning..
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