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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita asking why is halwa not made. She sees Raman and says will I need to talk to him, I don’t want to. She coughs to get his attention and he is busy in talking with some guy. Romi plays the dhol music loudly. Ishita signs Raman to come and get gas cylinder and he shows the watch, saying he is busy and won’t come. Ishita tells Appa to get the gas cylinder. The music is so lous. Bala asks for home keys. Appa gives him and the words change as they hear it wrong everytime. Bala passes the message to Vandu and Romi. Romi passes the message to Mr. Bhalla. They can’t hear anything right and give wrong message. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to get the water drum as Ishita told this. The music stops. Raman says fine, I will get it, she is mad, she want water drum and did signs like she wants gas cylinder.

Ishita tells pandit ji that it will take some time as sheera is not ready. She sees Sanjana and smiles. She meets Sanjana. Sanjana says she won’t come inside. Ishita says you have to come. Sanjana says you go, it won’t be good. Ishita says atleast meet Mihir. Amma calls Ishita to come. Sanjana says its sweet that you invited me, I will be here. Ishita says fine, stay here, I will be back. Sanjana hides her face and stands there. Raman is behind her. He sees her and thinks who is she. He goes. Mihir introduces his college friend Rakesh to Raman and Ishita.

Mihir says she has double relation with me. Rakesh says Mihir was very shy, I think Mihika took the first step. Mihika says ofcourse. Raman says about marriage side effects. Ishita says yes, such peope should be in past and not spoil anyone’s present. Raman asks him not to marry. Mihika asks Ishita why is she taunting Raman. Ishita says he is not bechara. Mihika says leave it, come. Ishita says I won’t sit in puja with him. Mihika asks why, what did he do. Ishita says don’t spoil your day and shows Sanjana to her. Mihika looks at her.

Ishita says she does not want to make an issue, so she wants to sit there and watch you and Mihir’s function. Mihiak says fine. The pandit ji says its time for mahurat. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to sit. Pandit asks him to sit with wife. Mr. Bhalla asks where is Ishita. Raman says maybe with some guest. Ishita comes and sits beside him. Raman says start it pandit ji. He starts the mantras. Ruhi and Shravan are being the spy to find the thief and talk on walky talky. The puja starts.

The pandit ji asks them to take the Sankalp for the puja. Ishita puts her hand with Raman’s. They both look angry on each other. Shravan asks Ruhi what happened. Ruhi suspects Sanjana as she is sitting in the corner. The pandit ji says the puja is completed, give aarti to everyone. Ishita asks Vandut o get the halwa if its made. Vandu goes. Raman and Ishita talk. Vandu tells Ishita that halwa is not made. Ishita taunts Raman for arranging gas cylinder. He says when did I tell you. She says I told Appa. Appa says I told Bala. Bala says I told Romi and things change. Romi says he told Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla says yes, I told about water drum. They start arguing. Mrs. Bhalla says enough Raman and asks pandit to use the laddoos. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays……………..

Shravan calls Amma and shows Sanjana saying she is a thief. Amma scolds Sanjaan and she runs. Raman and Ishita go there. Amma catches Sanjana and says she is a theif. Ishita says no, she is not thief, she is…… Mihir’s sister. Everyone is shocked. Mihir says what are you saying, I don’t have any relation with her. Ishita says I know you are annoyed, but talk to her. Mihir says why are you pressurizing me, I don’t understand why are you after me, I don’t know this girl. Raman scolds Ishita. Ishita argues and says relation won’t end like this, I know the reason why you left her.

Mihir says she is not my sister, the reason was very big. She says the reason is Raman, he has relation with Sanjana, so you broke your relation with her. Raman says what, I don’t even know her. Mihir says someone is confusing you, she is not my sister. Sanjana acts. Mihir scolds her. Ishita stops her and says its Raman’s mistake too. Raman says are you out of your mind, she is lying. Ishita says I saw the proof too. Mihir says she is lying. Ishita says everyone knows you miss your sister, I m trying to unite you and her. Mihir says understand this, she is not my sister. Ishita says fine, tell Sanjana. Raman says enough Ishita, you don’t know about Mihir and his sister, I m warning you. Ishita says I m trying to unite them.

Mihir says she can’t be my sister as Shagun is my sister. Everyone is shocked. Shagun walks in and thanks Mihir. Everyone look at her. Shagun says thanks Mihir for accepting this that I m your sister. Mihir and Shagun have an argument. Shagun says I have sent Rakhis and you did not acknowledge. The FB scene shows Shagun and Mihir talking on phone, and he told her that he does not want her to come in any marriage function. She says she is stubborn and she wanted to come too. She then found out this way to make him helpless and make him admit that she is his sister.

Shagun says she came to know Mihir is doing court marriage and she stooped his marriage by filing the objection, he was not taking her seriously. The FB scene shows the court scene. Mihir spoke to her and was adamant that he is not related to her now. She says then I called up Sanjana, I knew Ishita’s heart will melt seeing her sad story, the one who can take her Sautan to home to save her, she will have a big heart, I m sorry Ishita, you have hit your leg with the axe yourself.

Shagun tells Mihir did you tell Ishita that you broke your relation with your mum too. Poornima comes and Mrs. Bhalla stops her arguing with her. Poornima says she has right to meet Ruhi as she is her Nani, Ishita looks on.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th September 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Raman talking to everyone at home. Ishita comes to meet Sanjana at night. Sanjana is surprised to see her. Ishita asks do you want to meet Mihir. Sanjana says but he does not want to meet me. Ishita says even then he has to meet, I came to invite you to his tilak function. Sanjana says it be a big issue. Ishita says so you end it, you talk to him. Sanjana asks by what right are you inviting me. Ishita says well, dual relations, he is marrying my sister, and he is my Devar, I m Raman’s wife. Sanjana is shocked. Ishita says I don’t want to know what happened between you two, but I know Mihir is starting his life and he needs his sister, so you can come as my friend. Lets meet tomorrow. Ishita says one more thing, its easy to break relations and its tough to keep it, so come. She leaves.

Mihika asks Ishita are you sure she will come. Ishita says yes. Mihika says I hope everything is fine, you and Raman…… Ishita asks why. Mihika says he called me and said your mood is bad. Ishita does not tell her the truth and says I was cleaning the room. Mihika smiles. Ishita says is he a kid to complain about me. Raman does the arrangements and checks menu. Mihir comes and says whats the need to do all this, this things can happen at home too. Raman says did I ask you. He asks Romi to work.

Raman asks Mihir to think again, whether you go ahead with marriage. He says marriage is most imp decision of your life, mum said your sister has to do the ritual with Mihika. Mihir thinks. Ishita comes there and Mihir says I have a sister. Raman says yes I know. Mihir says Ishita Bhabhi and tells her that Raman is worried, so I said I have a sister. He calls her Didi as she tied him rakhi, so she has to do all duties of a sister. Ishita says sure, a sister will surely come tomorrow. Mihir says my sister will be there tomorrow. Ishita says yes. Raman looks on.

Its morning, Vandu comes dressed in Kanjivaram saree and Bala in Tamilian clothes. They laigh seeing Amma and Appa in Punjabi outfits. Amma says she does not like this, Mrs. Bhalla trapped her. Mihika comes and Vandu compliments her. Mihika says you both have to wear Punjabi outfuts, no arguments, go and change. Bala asks why. Vandu says about the Amma and Mrs. Bhalla’s fight. Ishita is doing arrangements. Mr. Bhalla guides the address to someone. Mrs. Bhalla is also busy.

Raman is angry on not getting his Pyjama. He calls out Ishita and throws her sarees. Mrs. Bhalla says let him complain, I won’t go. She asks Ishita to go to Raman and see what he is saying. Ishita goes to him. Raman is not wearing Pyjama and she turns. He hides his legs in the cupboard by the doors. She gives him the towel. She gives him the pyjama. She helps him in making the drawstring out. He covers himself and sits. She uses her hairpin. Saath saath rehna hai………………plays………………….He looks at her and comes to her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………… He says come on, give it, by the way, thanks. She says we are not talking as decided. He removes the drawstring and throws the pyjama in anger.

Mrs. Bhalla says she got 1 lakh cash, 21 clothes, and 11 jewellery sets. Amma says Soumya show her what we got for Mihir, a new car, gold chain, suit and much more. They start arguing and laugh. Pammi praises Ishita saying she is looking Punjabi. Pammi praises Amma too. Mrs. Bhalla says she lost to us, I got her to line. Amma says this Punjabi dress does not have grace as our kanjivaram saree. Mihika and Mihir talk and he flirts. She smiles. He says when will you become mine forever. Pammi asks Mrs. Bhalla and Amma to come with her. She says be careful, the jewellery can be lost, anyone can steal. Mrs. Bhalla says who will steal.

Pammi says anyone can steal. Amma says all guests are there, whom to catch. Mrs. Bhalla says we will keep an eye on them. Ishita helps pandit ji. Ishita sees Mihika and Mihir happy and hopes Sanjana comes today and Mihir’s family completes today.

Amma doubts everyone now and questions the cook since when is he cooking. He says 6 years. She asks for his ration card. Mrs. Bhalla checks the invitation cards and allows the guests. Romi takes Mrs. Bhalla and asks what are you doing. That lady is pregnant, what’s this guest checking. I m busy to play music, as kids are after me. She sees someone and asks Romi do you know him. Romi says yes, we invited him, what are you doing, She says you won’t understand. He says what music to play. She says Punjabi music. Amma says Carnatic music. Romi leaves. The kids dance on the music. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue again. Shravan and Ruhi think maybe the thief came, we will catch him. Ruhi says lets go.

Raman asks pandit why is it being late. The pandit says its 15 mins left for the mahurat, be ready to be with your wife. He says can’t I sit alone. The pandit ji says no, you have to sit with wife. Vandu and Bala come in Punjabi outfits and Ishita hugs Vandu. Bala asks what happened Raman. Raman says Ishita scolded me without any reason, she is not telling me and asking me to tell me. He says you are happy as Vandu is mature. Bala says no way, you come my home, see her anger. He says Ishita will sit in puja for the family, she won’t spoil. Raman says we both are worried, can’t we sit in puja. Bala says then no man would have married if this was possible. Raman looks on realizing the trauma of his life.

Ishita tells pandit ji that sheera making will take some time. He says fine, its time for mahurat. Ishita thanks him and sees Sanjana. She smiles.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita and Mihika talking about Mihir and his sister Sanjana. Ishita says I will ask Sanjana today. She meets Sanjana and says we would have felt glad if you came in party. Sanjana says sorry. Ishita says I wanted to make you meet my family, they are sweet people. Sanjana says she feels bad hearing about Mihir’s marriage, as I want to be with him in that day. She tells about childhood when she was excited to be with him and groom him. Ishita says take a step. Sanjana says no use, till Mihir I with him, this can’t happen. Ishita asks who. Sanjana says Mihir trusts him a lot, he regards him brother, he has ruined everything and made me apart from Mihir. Ishita says who is he. Sanjana says Raman Bhalla. Ishita is shocked. Sanjana says Mihir does not talk to me because of Raman.

Ishita asks what did he do. Sanjana says we were in relationship, we loved each other, he broke off easily and see my fate, I lost my love and even lost my brother’s support, don’t know what Raman told him, that Mihir blames me for the breakup and did not invite me in his marriage, atleast he could have called mum. Ishita cries and asks did she have an affair with Raman. Sanjana says yes, I loved him a lot. I m sorry to discuss this with you. Ishita makes an excuse and leaves. Mr. Bhalla is monitoring marriage arrangements and asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she noting recipe. She says leave it, I have another tension.

She says she told Amma that she will do Tamilian marriage and I don’t like all this. He says don’t worry, we will talk to her. She says no, you said this before. Amma comes and brings tilak and puja clothes. She says the dress code for gents and ladies. They have a talk. Amma says its final, all tamilian clothes. Amma leaves. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry. Mr. Bhalla says you will look good in Madrasi saree. She says you wear dhoti. Amma comes home and laughs saying about trapping Mrs. Bhalla. Neelu comes and says Ishita called and asked do you want anything. Appa says yes,. I will get the list. Neelu hears Amma troubling Mrs. Bhalla by reverse psychology.Amma and Vandu laugh. Neelu comes and tells everything to Mrs. Bhalla. She says she fooled me, I will teach her a lesson.

Neelu says I get stuck in between them. Ishita comes home and is very angry. She thinks about Sanjana’s words. She says Raman and Sanjana, between them…. He did not tell me ever. She throws her clothes. She says so many problems, at home, everyone is tensed, he did not tell anything, why can’t he say, I told him everything about my relationship. But he has hidden about Sanjana, what is this. She says we have major trust issues, nothing can work. She cries. She asks why did he do this, I feel hurt, I feel bad. She says maybe Raman is not wrong, its quite possible, maybe someone is fooling me, maybe Sanjana is wrong, I don’t know her, maybe she is fooling me.

She thinks about Mihika’s words and same pic with Sanjana. She says but that pic, I have seen it by my eyes, I asked him about Mihir and his sister, he did not tell me, he shouted on me. He did not ever clarify, he is wrong in this, I m sure. She says he is not right in this. She says he spoiled Mihir’s relation too. She says I have to sort this, why am I worried, for Mihir and Sanjana’s relation gone bad, or Raman and Sanjana had a relation, what happened to me, am I jealous. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla have an argument. Amma says I m not jealous of you. Mrs. Bhalla says Pammi told me this, as we stay happy, and you have to get at 5am and get cold water bath, we sleep at 5am, you are jealous of our lifestyle, you guys are boring, you turned this Punjabi marriage into Tamilian. Amma asks who told you this.

Mrs. Bhalla says Neelau heard you and she told me, ask your husband. She asks Appa. Appa says yes, Neelu came. Amma says fine, I said this. Mrs. Bhalla says sit in a corner, all rituals will be done by me, in Punjabi dresses, and you wear Punjabi suit. Amma says ayyo. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, you will to wear, marriage will be by my plan. Amma agrees. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t do any drama, go and make things ready by Punjabi way, don’t do any cheating, else I won’t leave you. Vandu says Amma, cheating helps no one. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Neelu. Shravan says Ishita is very angry and upset, her room is messed up. Neelu says the same. Shravan says he came to see Ruhi, but saw Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla says how do you know. Shravan says my mum says Ishita does so being upset. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe Raman did something. Raman comes and Shravan tells him that Ishita is very angry, you will know, go. Raman asks what happened. Shravan says you might have done something, she will break your teeth, go. Raman says is she serious, earthquake. What happened to her, gone mad again.

Ishita talks to herself in her room while arranging the clothes back. She says Shagun, Sanjana, how many girls he has hidden, I don’t care as I m Ruhi’s Ishi Maa, he shoukd have told me but, I never made fun of him, I don’t understand him, how can he hide this, there is no understanding between us, but its ok, I don’t care, why should I not care, I should know all things, how can he keep secrets, and Raman did not tell me that Sanjana is Mihir’s sister, I asked him, he lied to me, let him come, I will come, but why to ask, he should tell me himself. Raman comes and hears her talking. He says what happened to her, giving lecture to herself, she has gone mad. He smiles and asks what happened. She asks whats there to laugh, nothing funny. He says I should get over her. He asks whats all this mess in room, I m tired and thought to rest, but you have messed my room.

She says what yours, its my room, I m married to you legally, I know the case, I m Ruhi’s Ishi Maa and I will fight for my rights. They start the arguments on their works. He asks whats the problem. She says shall I say or not. He says tell me. She says nothing, you tell me, why should I say, I want my privacy. He says are you mad, tell me. She says I don’t want to know, just go. He says why are you fighting. She says you tell me. He says have sleeping tablet and sleep. He says its Mihir’s tilak tomorrow, don’t create issue. She says we don’t hide anything, like you. He says don’t talk to me. She says I won’t talk all life. He says promise, don’t break it, bye. He leaves.

Ishita cries and says forget everything, its big day tomorrow, I won’t talk to Raman ever. But it feels bad, he is my husband, what to do. Is this the way to hide this from me, its such a big thing about his life. Mihir and Sanjana got apart because of Ravan Kumar, he does not care about anyone’s feelings, fine Raman created this misunderstanding, I will clear it and unite the siblings.

Ishita asks Sanjana does she want to meet Mihir and invites her on his tilak function. Sanjana asks by what right. Ishita says he is going to be my sister’s husband and he is my Devar too. Sanjana says it means you………. Ishita says I m Raman’s wife. Sanjana is shocked.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Mihika says this moment is not romantic, but caring. Ishita says Raman is so rude, he can’t be romantic with any girl. Everyone hear them. Parmeet asks Shagun to tell her moments, share anything. Shagun says yes, I had many romantic moments in my life, I want to share a special moment which will prove no one can be more romantic than Raman. Everyone looks on. Shagun says about Delhi rain and romantic weather and Raman took her on picnic. He went for 10mins and I was waiting for him. The FB shows Shagun and Raman’s romance. She says flowers started raining and it was Raman who was putting it on me. Raman held her hand and touched Shagun with love. He kisses her and removes the flowers off her face. Shagun says yes, I must say, that moment was most romantic. Ishita feels upset.

Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shagun in heart. Shagun tells Ishita that Raman is most romantic, he always knew how to make my heart flatter. Raman says yes, but situation changes person. She says yes, with me, romance is also gone with me. He says yes, also many abshaguns. Adi and Shravan play with Ruhi. Adi says your dad does not know kids game are not boring, ask him to learn from Ashok, he get me latest video games. Shravan says your dad does not spend time, so he gifted you. Romi comes and asks Adi to come and play kabaddi. Adi asks what is it. Shravan laughs.

He says lets make teams and divides. Romi asks in which team he will be. Adi says he won’t play with stupid girls. Shravan defends Ruhi. Romi asks Adi to respect his younger sister. Mrs. Bhalla says stop this talk now, forget it. He asks Romi to play any music and shut other’s mouth. Shagun says I will see Adi. Parmeet says yes, go, work is over, Adi is in Ruhi’s room. Parmeet comes to Ishita and says Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…..Shagun knows how to hurt people. He says did you feel bad Ishita ji, afterall you have good image that I don’t care, all gone waste. I had fun seeing you like this in pain. He leaves.

Ishita and Mihika have a talk. Mihika says all gone, everyone slept, we will work tomorrow. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma talk about Shagun. Amma says don’t give her importance, relax, have a cola loaded drink. Mrs. Bhalla says you are advicing me this. Amma says the party is on, we have to dance too. Bala says we will leave now, I have four classes tomorrow. Vandu says we don’t have car, it can rain too. Mihir says he will drop them. Raman says are you mad, be with Mihika and I m going with Ishita. He says he will leave them, come. Ishita says bye Akka. Raman says come with me, who will bring me back. Vandu says yes come.

Mihir goes to Mihika and says he is very hungry. She says bhukkad. He says give me food. She says fine. He says I felt bad for Ishita, as they don’t have any romantic moment. She says me too, they have care between them, but marriage needs romance too, I feel there is incompleteness between them. Mihir says they like each other, but they need one romantic moment to realize the love. They hope Raman and Ishita get such moment soon. Raman and Ishita are on the way after dropping Vandu and Bala. She says stop the car, its raining a lot. He stops the car.

Raman plays the FM. He says you dance right. She asks why suddenly. He asks did you dance in rain. He smiles and gets out of the car. She stops him. He asks her to come and says lets see I m really insensitive and rude, I heard you. She holds his hand. Kabhi ji badal barse………………….plays……………… He frees her hair and they have got their first Kuch Kuch hota hai moment. They dance romantically. They have an eyelock and gets closer. He holds her and she closes her eyes. He smiles and then moves back. Ishita thinks how did Raman know that I needed this moment today, maybe this is that moment that does Kuch Kuch hota hai. Hasne laga sehra………………. Plays……………..She opens her eyes and sees Raman standing far. She is hurt again. He goes to sit in the car. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein………………….plays…………..

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and sneezes as she caught cold. Raman wakes up and sneezes too. He asks for some medicines. She says so I became doctor today. He says give it. She says lie down, I can’t give antibiotic. She applies the balm to his neck and he closes his eyes and nose. She thinks about their rain dance. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………plays…………….He asks her to apply too. She says you can’t apply to me, please. He says sit and holds her hand. He asks her to take her hair else do the Mundan. She says mundan? He applies the balm to her neck. Saari fizaaoon me hai…………………. He looks at her. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………..plays………………….He says this balm will cure your cold, but no balm made for the headache you give me. She says so rude. He takes the towel and goes to washroom.

Ishita and Raman sit to have breakfast. He sneezes and Mrs. Bhalla says God bless you to both of them. She says Amma sights me badly and my eyes got infection because of her. She asks how did they catch cold. Raman says her mum is after you and she is after me, she stopped the car and danced on the rain. She made me dance too. Ishita says when did I do this. He says don’t lie and then he enjoyed in rain. Mrs. Bhalla says you both are kiddish, have haldi milk. She leaves. Ishita says what is your problem, you caged me infront of her. He says he is insensitive and rude. She says yes, but I got my KKHT moment. He says what, don’t tell the world, few moments should be kept to us. She smiles. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………… plays……….. He says he is going office and asks her to go and break people’s teeth. She smiles. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein……………plays……………….

Sanjana says Raman Bhalla is the one who created the wall between me and Mihir. Ishita asks what did he do. Sanjana lies and says Raman and I were in relationship, we loved each other a lot. (Sanjana using cheap tricks to save Shagun, cheapo!!)
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Mihika and Ishita talking about Sanjana and inviting her in party, and she may come if she does not know Ishita is Raman’s wife. Mihika asks her to call Sanjana. Ishita calls and invites Sanjana, and Sanjana tries to refuse. She says some other day, we will meet up after class. Ishita keeps on insisting. Sanjana says ok. Ishita says I will sms the address. Ishita tells Mihika I hope she comes, Mihir will feel good if he sees his sister. Mihika says she wants to see Mihir happy. Everyone come in the party. They look good. Mihika praises Raman. He says say something new. Ishita asks her not to compliment him much. Ishita sees Raman’s pant zip open and wants to tell him. She calls Ruhi and says tell Papa that I m calling him. Ruhi says Papa, Ishi Maa is calling.

He says tell her Papa is busy. Ishita asks her to call him again. He says why always me, I m busy. Ishita comes to him and takes him inside. He asks are you mad to bring me like this infront of everyone. She says the big problem is your pant. He sees the zip open and turns. He says what problem in pant, its fine. It sometimes slips. She laughs and says lets go out. He says what will we tell everyone. She asks what. He says that my zip was open, don’t say, else I will pull out you teeth. She says we will say I got you here to make you good. She shows the red scarf and says this can be said.

Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays……………..Raman and Ishita come in the hall. Parmeet says Ishita is feeling hot these days and Raman is giving up to her. Simmi says see their drama, they did the limit infront of everyone. Bala waits for Vandu. Ishita calls her and asks where is she. Vandu says she went to collect books. Ishita asks her to come. Vandu says she is coming in 5mins. Raman asks everyone to shut the lights. Raman removes the long scarf feeling hot. They say surprise as someone comes and sees its maid Neelu.

Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go inside fast. Appa says lets hide again. Vandu comes and asks whats this. They say surprise. Vandu says for me, but Neelu came. Mihir says we felt you are Neelu. Vandu asks Bala the same. Bala says no, I know you by your smell, afterall you are my love. She smiles. He says he did the surprise arrangements, and he acted in day. She says she thought he forgot. She hugs him and they wish each other happy anniversary. Everyone gifts them. Shravan makes a card and says he made it by his hands. Ruhi also gives a card.

Shravan says its western theme, why are you wearing saree. Bala says its my turn and gifts her a western dress. She says whats this, I m unable to wear this. He says you will always be beautiful. Ishita asks her to go and change. Vandu leaves. Ishita tells Mihika that she sent the address. Mihir says what, whom to pick, I will go. Ishita says no, food ordered. The door bell rings. Bala opens the door and its Shagun. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Adi comes with her. Raman is glad seeing him.

Vandu comes in her western outfit. She sees Shagun and her mood spoils. Bala compliments her. He says good you came Adi. Raman asks how are they here. Shagun says she came to drop Adi. Bala says Raman did a lot for me, so I invited Adi here, as its family party so family should be here. Raman thanks Bala and says he will drop Adi. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Adi and welcomes him. Parmeet stops Shagun and asks her to go after the cake cuts. He says Adi will also feel good. Adi says yes, please don’t go. Raman says Shagun you can stay. Bala shuts the door. Parmeet taunts Ishita as her Sautan has come as she always liked.

Ishita gets a message and tells Mihika that Sanjana can’t come. Mihika says what now. Amma and Mrs.Bhalla have a argument. Amma looks good in western dress. Ruhi and Shravan like the Chole. Ruhi asks Adi to have something. Raman asks Adi to eat something, as he likes Chole, else he will ask Neelu to make sandwich. Ruhi says maybe Adi is getting bored here. Raman says what to do. Ruhi says I will take him to my room, we will play games. Raman asks Adi to go. Vandu thanks Bala for making her day special. Mihir says very nice to see such love after many years.

Vandu praises Bala and says about his first proposal. The FB shows Vandu and Bala being friends and she scolded him on Ishita;s matter. He kissed her. He complimented on her beauty and that she looks more good when she is angry. He proposed her. Mihika says so sweet. Parmeet says drama. Amma says Appa is also romantic and tells the incident when Vandu was born and she went to buy some items. The FB shows. She says there as strong wind and my hair came on my face, and he moved my hair off my face and something happened in my heart. Appa blushes.

Mr. Bhalla teases him. Appa tries to clarify. Mrs. Bhalla thinks she will tell something to Amma now and says her marriage was not love one, but Mr. Bhalla made her life very romantic. She says our love started after marriage and it was 10 days. The FB shows them. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr Bhalla romancing. Everyone clap for them. Amma says sensor…. Mrs. Bhalla says what sensor after marriage. Parmeet says oldies getting young now.

Vandu asks Raman and Ishita about the moment they felt something. Mihika says my jiju is filmi style hero. Ishita tells about Raman sacrificing his presidentship giving it to Ashok, it was very touching, I felt good. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………. Raman looks at her and Ishita smiles. Shagun makes ‘’I m cooked‘’ expression.

Ishita and Mihika talk about Raman being so unromantic. Parmeet asks Shagun to share her moments too. Shagun says I have many such things to share, which will prove no one is more romantic than Raman. Raman is stuck.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita introducing Mrs. Bhalla and Poornima. Ishita leaves to bring her back as Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go. Mrs. Bhalla confronts Poornima for meeting Ruhi and warns her to be away from Ishita and their family to have happiness in her life. She says if you do anything, I will pull your hair. Ishita gets her bag form locker and sees Sanjana’s bag. She says she left it too to run, what to do now. She asks the staff to keep it. The girl asks her to keep herself. Ishita says give me her address, I will go and give her. Ishita comes there and asks for Sanjana Arora. She is shocked seeing her with Parmeet again. Parmeet leaves. Ishita thinks Parmeet here, whats their relation, I have to know from her.

She asks Sanjana why is she worried, if Parmeet troubled her, she will help her. Sanjana says no, I m fine, its not Parmeet’s mistake. Ishita says you are crying, tell me. Sanjana says this is because of my brother, Parmeet gives me his updates, the problem is my brother and I are not related now, he is not talking to me and now I heard he is getting married and he did not tell me, leave aside inviting. Ishita consoles her and says very sorry. Sanjana says its weird as we were close in childhood and did not fight, as dad died in childhood and mum did our upbringing. She says we had one pair of shoes which we shared. She tells the same story which Mihir told. Ishita is stunned as Mihika told her before.

Sanjana shows the same pic. Ishita holds her head. Sanjana says we both kept a copy, I have this thinking he will come back one day and forgive me, but no, he hates me. He will never come back. Ishita thinks of Mihika’s and Mihir’s words and having seen the same pic. She thinks it means Sanjana is Mihir’s sister. She asks if your brother’s name Mihir. Sanjana says yes, but how do you know. Ishita says Mihir is my sister’s friend. Sanjana says really that’s so nice, is he fine, I know he hates me and he would wear still white socks and would eat prawns.

She says why am I asking this to you, your sister might be knowing, I miss him. Ishita says you are so worried, I know and understand you miss him, keep your patience, Mihir is a very nice man, he is a gem, I m sure if he broke the relation with you, it has a deep reason. Sanjana says yes, its big one, but old now, he is not forgiving me. She says you also made him sad on his marriage day by sending objection to court. Sanjana says how do you know. Ishita says my sister told me. Sanjana says I did it angrily, don’t know why I make mistakes, I m his sister and should have understood, he should have spoke to me and forgiven me.

Ishita says calm down, your old wounds got fresh because of me, I m very sorry. Vandu gets a gift for Bala on their wedding anniversary and says he will get a Gajra for me. He comes home and she hides the gift. He does not bring anything. He asks for some biscuits as he is hungry because of the tiring day. She gives him sweets. He asks what for, you have craving for sweets right. She asks does he not remember. He says what. She asks won’t you wish me. She says I hate you and cries. He asks tell me what happened, don’t cry in pregnant state, tell me what I forgot. He thinks and sees the gift.

He reads happy anniversary and says omg, how can I forget this day, I will have to make up to her for one month for this one mistake, now I m gone and can’t do anything, I can just pray. Ishita is on the way and says thank Lord its known now that Sanjana is Mihir’s sister, she tried to contact him, then, they both miss each other. She gets a call and says reach the clinic, I m coming in 10mins. She says what happened between Sanjana and Mihir, why are they annoyed, I wish I could know, its high time they should forget everything and unite, I can’t talk to Mihir, I have to know the problem first, anyways I m happy to know who is his sister.

Bala comes to apartment compound and gets a call from Shravan. He says I m coming. Raman meets Bala and Bala tells his mistake. He says I forgot her anniversary. Raman says which. He says Vandu’s marriage anniversary. Raman asks did she marry alone. Bala says no. Raman says duffer, its yours too. Bala says yes, ours. They have a manly talk about women and her rights to trouble the men. Raman says its big sin to forget anniversary and wishes him. Bala says I felt sad that she arranged so much, made sweets and got gift and I made her cry, she will kill me. Raman says keep a surprise anniversary party for her.

Bala says she knows I forgot our anniversary. Raman says they think they know everything, tell her you were acting like forgetting to surprise her. Bala likes the idea and thanks him. They have a laugh.

Ishita talks to Mihika and says Sanjana was very sad. Mihika says Mihir misses her too, he worries for her. Ishita says I think Sanjana reacted on anger and did objection in court, she is regretting now. Mihika says lets make them meet. Ishita says even I want this, but we have to know their case, what happened between them, why they fought, then maybe we can have a solution. Mihika says I feel they should come face to face, they will start talking after the fight. Ishita looks at her.

Everyone do the surprise party arrangements. Ishita comes and Rama draws her inside the home and she asks whats all this. Bala says Raman saved my life, we are planning surprise party for Vandu, I forgot my wedding anniversary, I will do acting and she will feel I did not forget. Raman asks her to be happy, and not cry. She says I m happy and wishes Bala. She says Vandu is coming here. Raman asks why. Ishita says I called her to take care of her. Raman gets angry.

She says you should have involved in in surprise, why did you not involve me. Bala says you fight tomorrow, and you Ishita get involved, and order a cake. Ishita asks about everyone. Raman answers. Bala asks Ishita to convince to make Vandu wear the western dress as she feels she got fat and looks bad, I know she looks so hot in western dress. Ishita laughs. Raman and Ishita start their sweet nok jhok. Raman gets Mihr’s call and asks him to come. Ishita thinks Mihir is coming, it will be good to ccall Sanjana and unite them.

Mihika and Ishita talk about inviting Sanjana and will she come or not. Ishita says she does not know I m Raman’s wife maybe. She calls Sanjana and invites her in party.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th September 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th September 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Parmeet coming in compound and seeing Ishita. He is glad seeing her. She asks him about Sanjana. He says she is asking as if he would tell her. She asks him not to do anything with Sanjana, else she will tell Simmi. He says let Simmi be in her dream world, fine I will tell you her truth that….. but now fun is starting, how to tell you now. He laughs. She says you are pathetic. He says her role will be big one in your life, you will come to me to take my help to solve her riddle and I will ask you one thing, to say politely please. He smiles and leaves. She says what Sanjana has to do with my life, what is Parmeet hiding this time.
Raman comes home and sees Ishita at the dining table worried and thinking. She says no one is at home. He says fine, I will freshen up, keep food ready. She gets Ramachandran home and asks him to come home and take the moulds. She says Palak paneer, lets see, will Raman like it or I will get taunts again. He sees it and likes it a lot. He asks her to learn from his mum, and praises the dish. Ruhi comes and he asks did she has Palak paneer, tell Ishi Maa to make like this, else she will lose the challenge. Ruhi says but Papa…… She signs her. Ruhi laughs. Raman says learn now, she is laughing on you. Ruhi says you promised her to make such palak paneer, then you will give what she asks for. He asys yes, the day she makes like this, she will get what she wants, she can’t make it. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla come home. They say Ishita made the palak paneer. Raman is shocked. Ishita smiles and looks at him. He says you made it. She asks more? Ruhi laughs. Mr. Bhalla asks did you praise your wife or not. He says I was saying her its rubber paneer, my teeth are breaking. Ruhi says you should speak less and laughs. Mr. Bhalla says he lost the bet. Raman excuses and leaves.

Ishita smiles. Ruhi says Papa thought Dadi made it and asked Ishita to learn it. Ruhi says Ishita that Papa will give what you want. Raman says I m gone today, how did she make so good. Before she comes, I will sleep. Ishita comes and says today he is sleeping so early, its my fear, I will not let him sleep. She comes to him and says cockroach. He gets up and asks where is it. She says in your mind. He says are you mind, I would have got heart attack. She says you were not sleeping, its payback time for palak paneer. He says its not payback, but revenge, tell me what you want, and leave me.

She says she will take the promise when the time comes, and not waste this chance. He says fine, take what you want. He says he will touch her feet, not go and sleep. He says she learnt to make palak paneer and goes to rest. She rests too. He says oh hello, by the way, palak paneer was good. She gets up being excited. He says good night and sleeps. She smiles. He again sees her moving the blanket down. They smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays…………………

Its morning, Raman gets ready for office. The maid says someone came to meet Ishita, Ramachandra, he came to take some items. He meets him and says Ishita is busy, she will come. He says it was urgent, she said to tale it. He says sit, and asks the maid to give him tea. He knocks the bathroom door and says Ramachandra came. She says yes, I will take time, check the almirah and give him the items from right drawer. He gets confused and gets the bra. He gets shy and keeps it back. She asks did he get it. He says are you mad, is this work remaining in my life, will I give this to him. I can’t give him. She says why are you shouting, take the bag and give him. He says why are you giving it to a man. She says fitting problem, just give him, why argument.

He says fine, do exhibition of your things, I will give. He says I knew she is mad, but so mad, total mad. She comes out and asks why did he not give. He says are you mad, will I give this. She says whats strange, even I made for Pammi’s husband, he got well, you make it for you too, its so good and relieves. He says oh oh, are you mad. She says just go and give. He says no, I won’t. She says I can’t go out like this in bathrobe. He shows her the bras and asks will I give this, mad Madrasan. She says no, not this, and shows the moulds. He looks on. She says I was saying even Pammi’s husbands use this, tooth caps, which you don’t use. He says what will I know what Pammi’s husband uses, did I see his jaw. She asks the maid to give it to the man.

He says bring a carpenter and lock the cupboard, else I can get fooled again. She says no, my husband is not a fool. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…………… Their heads bang. Ruhi comes and laughs asking them to do again, else they will get horns. Raman taunts her. They strike heads lightly and says its over. Ruhi says its parents meeting and either one has to come. Ishita says Papa will come. He leaves. She smiles.

Raman sits reading paper. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to go with Mrs. Bhalla. She says fine and leves. Mrs. Bhalla sends the maid to clean Ruhi’s room and gives tea to Raman. She tells him about Ishita going to cooking classes. He says do you this tension that she makes food better than you. She says see yourself. She shows Poornima’s pic and Raman is stunned. She says first we have hidden about Mihir’s sister, now this, I think we should tell Ishita.

He says no, not now, you also go in this classes and manage there. She says fine. Mrs. Bhalla serves food to Ishita. She says you made palak paneer fine and asks about her classes. Ishita says very good and praises Poornima. She says she is so famous and has no attitude. She has many assistants but gives personal attention to all and I m her fav student, she asks about Ruhi. She asks how does she know Ruhi. Ishita says I took Ruhi on her book launch. She came here too, she is successful as she takes care of her student. Mrs. Bhalla thinks to see Poornima.

Mrs. Bhalla comes in the cooking class and is stopped at the door. She says Ishita is my bahu, I have to talk to her. Poornima gives tips to Ishita and likes the dish. She tastes Sanjana’s dish. Sanjana sees Mrs. Bhalla and is shocked. She says what is she doing here. Ishita sees Mrs.Bhalla. Sanjana excuses and leaves. Ishita says what happened to her, she reacted like this seeing Raman and now mum, does she know them. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita and Ishita takes her to meet her cooking teacher. Mrs. Bhalla smiles seeing Poornima while Poornima gets shocked.

Sanjana cries and shows Ishita the same childhood pic and makes her understand that she is Mihir’s sister. Ishita is shocked. Ishita asks is your brother’s name Mihir. Sanjana says yes, how do you know.
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