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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2014 Written Update 

Ruhi asks Ishita to eat breakfast with them. When Ruhi asks her father that I have a project for 5 points on a good mother, he gets angry that your school has no other job. When she asks Ishita 5 points on a good father, she says he always scolds, taunts etc ..In between all this, she is getting texts after texts from Mani.

In the room Raman wants to see in her phone but stops himself that he shouldn’t. When he is about to see it Ishita asks about why he’s seeing her phone. He moves back and says its yours its ringing, check it. She walks off.

Mihika and Shagun out on shopping and Mihika calls Ishita to come along. Ishita tells her she is at the clinic when Mani tells her not to tell anyone. But she’s standing right in front of them. Shagun sees her and wonders why she lied.

Ishita and Mani are in the car discussing what to do next about this case. Ishita tells him that why do you do all this? You call so many times and Raman was getting so angry. Behaving like typical husbands checking my phone. Mani says we should talk in code language. Change my name in your phone. LOL They plan to change it to Manisha.

Raman goes to Ishita’s clinic to give her tiffin which she has forgotten at home. He comes to know Ishita has cancelled all her appointments and then she gets a message from Ishita to pick Ruhi from school because she is busy at clinic. And he’s worried about why she is lying.

Raman remembers Shagun lying similarly before ..

Raman and Shagun meet outside Ruhi’s school and Shagun taunts him that you got the position of the head only because of Ishita’s pressure on her friend. She says every woman who comes in your life leaves you for a better man. Maybe the problem is you. Maybe you just don’t deserve love.

Also Shagun tells Raman she saw Ishita and Mani together today.

Ishita is at home and waiting for Raman, calls office and asks where he is. The guard says he has left. Then she calls Mani to ask if he spoke to Sarika. He says he’ll be able to talk tomorrow. And tells her not to worry..

Ishita is sleeping when Raman comes home. He sits next to her sleeping form. Calls out to her.. He says tum mujhe dhoka toh nahi de rahi? Mujhe pata hai tum aisi nahi ho.. Par Shagun mere dimaag ke saath khel rahi hai. Par tum aisi nahi ho. He moves his hand ahead to touch her head but moves back.

Mani thinks of calling Ishita because she is so worried, she won’t be sleeping. He should relax her etc. Mani calls and Raman is standing there thinking to himself Meri Ishita aisi nahi hai.. he requests her to wake up and tell him herself. Mani calls and Raman sees the name as Manisha. When he picks the call thinking it might be an emergency Mani is on the line, telling Ishita that I’ll take care of everything. Don’t worry about Raman.

Raman remembers another similar incident between Shagun and Ashok and is shattered.

Raman is in tears, crying absolutely shattered thinking why the name on the phone is changed. Why is she lying etc. He wants to wake her, but thinks against it.

In the morning Ishita sees Raman sleep. Wonders why he’s sleeping till so late. Mumbles how nice he looks sleeping. She shouldn’t wake him up. Goes near and sees a frown on his head, thinks how much stress he is in. Neend mai kisi ko daant rahe honge. She covers him up properly. But he wakes up and gets angry seeing her. He gets up and walks away saying tell Mihir to come to the office if he comes here and leaves without breakfast

Ishita is worried for him and picks his pillow and sheet. When she touches the pillow its wet. She thinks it was the AC dripping D’oh (It was your husband crying you idiot)

Ishita gets a call from Mani, and he tells her I am going to meet Sarika and will inform you. She wishes him luck and hopes all gets sorted.

Precap : Same Mani-Ishita Promo
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita seeing each other and smiling. Hasne laga sehra khilne lagi kaliyaan……………. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays……….. He comes out of his staring and says he came to call her as the moon came out. She says you did not say that you…. You should have told me once. He says I told you thrice, come. Neelu gives her mobile saying its ringing so much. Raman saks her to take the call. Ishita sees Mani’s call and goes inside the room. Raman says whats the matter. She says Mani, I m sorry, I could not talk to you all day, its Karwachauth function going on. Mani tells about Romi and Sarika’s matter. She says what, how do you know.

Raman waits outside. She says what, it means Ashok is using Sarika, when will he leave us, its big issue here, everyone is quiet as its Karwachauth, but its serious, this can affect Raman’s position, he is happy, its important for him, I need your help, he did a lot for me. He says don’t worry, I m with you. She says whatever we do, Raman should not know, as he is very good, else he will give up his position, he resigned once for me. Mani says he will manage, meet me tomorrow, we have two days time for Asia’s head announcement, we will do something. Raman sees her and says with whom is she talking. He hears her saying Raman should not know this, thanks we have to careful, I will meet you tomorrow. He looks at her as she turns.

He signs her for an answer. She says actually, sorry, it was emergency call, Dr Batra will handle it, lets go out. She leaves. Raman says so the matter came till here that she is lying to me, but why. He says he does not to spy, but why is she lying, whose teeth has pain that I will feel bad. He sees Mani’s name in call log. He says so she was talking to that Mani, by lying to me, if Mani and she has friendship, whats there to hide from me, I did not ask her not to talk to her friend, then whats it that she had hidden this, its out of control, out of limits. He gets angry.

Shagun looks at the moon and waits for Ashok. She says oh God, I m so hungry, I m starving, did he forget its Karwachauth, as he is busy in work. His phone does not connect. Mihika gets a happy Karwachauth card from Shagun and sees the necklace, which Ashok tried on her. Mihika calls Shagun and asks why did you send this necklace, I can’t take this. Shagun says it was Ashok’s idea, it’s a gift from us, its your first Karwachauth, its first gift from your inlaws, take it. Mihika says fine, I will take it, did you break the fast. Shagun says no, he did not come, I guess he is in meeting. Mihika thinks liar, what meeting and says I will call you after I break the fast.

She says I have to call Ashok as Shagun is waiting. Ashok is in bed with some girl and she asks him to switch off his phone. He asks him to make the drink. Mihika calls him and says Ashok, sorry Sir. He says its ok, you can call anything. Mihika says she has some work and asks him to meet at Shagun’s place. Ashik says he will come. Mihika says I knew he is with some girl, he lied to poor Shagun and she is waiting for him. Mihika wears the necklace and thinks he will click such pic to make him run to meet me. She sends him a selfie wearing the necklace and he likes it. He says Mihika ji, if you gave me green signal, it’s a victory. Ashok says lets go and celebrate Karwachauth, for someone and with someone.

Vandu says the Punjabi ritual is so beautiful. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, its called life and asks the girls to do as she said. She guides them and they all do the rituals. Ishita sees Raman’s face and smiles. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………..plays………………… She does his tilak and he looks annoyed with no smile in his face. Mrs.
Bhalla, Mihika and also break the fast. Ishita stops Raman from making her drink water, and says you kept for me, so I will break your fast. He drinks the water by her hands. Mihika and Mihir tease them. Mr. Bhalla says you are the real man my son and jokes.

Mrs. Bhalla says my son is the world’s best husband. Raman leaves. Ishita says he does sweet things and does kudkud, he kept fast and won’t show us. Mrs. Bhalla says he loves you so much. Shagun and Ashok come after breaking the fast. He says I m sorry I came late, you had to wait, but I had much work in office, he backbites about Raman and Ishita, and Abhimanyu who is Ishita’s friend, who nominated Raman’s name. Shagun thinks Ishita does not take favors from friends, who is this special friend.

Mihir and Mihika come there. Mihir says he will arrange the food. Ashok and Mihika look at each other. He waves her hi and she smiles. Mihika is happy that he came for Shagun. Ashok says he is hungry too as he kept fast for Shagun. Shagun says what, its so romantic and hugs him, saying I love you. He says I love you too. Mihika thinks Ashok’s truth should come out, I have to show I m interested in him, then I will trap him that he can’t think of.

Raman talks on phone and sees Ishita. He says I know Sir, its very imp position, lets meet tomorrow. She thinks she could not keep the fast, but she keeps the fast today to keep him protected and happy, she will solve Romi and Sarika’s problem. She thanks him. he asks what. She says for what you did today, no husband in the world does this for his wife, you kept fast for me, its very sweet, you touched my heart. He says he did not keep fast, he was busy in office and could not eat food. He asks her not to grow misunderstandings, and we don’t have husband wife relation and can’t have ever, you are here as Ruhi needs you. Ishita cries. He says switch off the lights, I have to sleep.

She thinks don’t spend seven births with me, but you can’t deny that I did not come in this house only for Ruhi, you know you are Ruhi’s dad and I m Ruhi’s mum, so we have a relation, get your anger out, I will not let you in trouble and save you, whatever happens I will be with you. She shuts the door and goes to sleep. Raman looks at her. Aansun ka rishta ankhon ka hota hai, dil ko bighota hai…………….plays………………… She wipes her tears.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla says what food she had in London and talks to Ishita. She says health is wealth. Mr. Bhalla says I came from walk, is food ready. She says yes, have it. He says whats this. She says oats, no parathas. He says I m not ill. Ishita smiles seeing them. She gets Mani’s call and says good, you are making sambar and guides him how to make it. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman does not like it. Ishita says I was talking to Mani and put the Amchoor here while telling it to Mani.

Raman comes and asks for parathas. She gets Mani’s call and asks Raman will he have toast and butter. He gets angry. She says she is giving breakfast to Raman and Ruhi, message me if its important. Raman looks on seeing his value down.

Ishita keeps her phone and goes out of the room. Raman sees it and says what are you doing, are you mad to doubt on your wife, but why not, she is doing such things. The message comes and Raman checks it. Ishita sees it and thinks why is Raman checking my phone.. 
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th October 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita hearing Mrs. Bhalla talking to Neel about Romi’s matter. Ishita comes to Mrs Bhalla and apologizes to her holding ears. She brings Karwa and asks her to guide her as its her first Karwachauth and she is worried for Raman’s long life, tell me about Sargi too. Mrs. Bhalla talks to her and asks her to get up at 4am to eat the Sargi. Ishita says she will wake her up too. She says she was looking hot in western dress. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t apply cheese, and get early and eat before 4.30 and whole day no eating. Raman hears this and says Ishita won’t keep fast, she got ill and doctor said she can’t be hungry for two hours, she won’t fast, I m going office but Ruhi will be here to keep an eye on her. He says fast is not important than life, if you get ill this time, I will donate you in hospital.

Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is right, ritual is not imp than life, Lord wants us to take care of ourselves, you get up and I will give you sargi, you do puja and pray seeing the moon. Mrs. Bhalla makes the sargi early morning. Mr. Bhalla comes and hugs him romancing her after a long time. He says he came to support her. Simmi and Ishita come. Mrs. Bhalla gives them sargi. Ishita thanks her and touches her feet. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her and blesses her. Mihika is also keeping the fast as Mihir brings it. Mihir tells Amma that Shagun has sent this for her.

He says if you can’t stay hungry, then do any drama, its enough that you thought so. She says this is love, if you live long life, I will torture you all life, this is my selfish interest. He says great. Its morning, Ishita gets ready in a red suit. Raman comes and stares at her mesmerized by her beauty. She turns and looks at him, combing her hair. Music plays……….. He says don’t go out like this, any ghost can come along, listen, you are looking good, no one should make you a flag for their strike. They smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays………..Mrs. Bhalla says they have to do Katha. Mihika compliments Ishita and asks her to get R and I on her hands. Ishita thanks Mrs. Bhalla for the beautiful suit. Mrs. Bhalla compliments her.

Raman is in meeting for Asia’s business head. The presentation is in over. The man gives credit to Raman and Abhimanyu. He says now some good news, as Abhimanyu suggested, Raman is nominated for Asia’s business council head. Raman thanks him.Mrs. Bhalla tells the Katha and the rituals are done. Pammi asks why did Raman go to office leaving such a beautiful wife Ishita. The ladies tease her as she blushes. Raman talks to Pathak and asks did you talk to Mum, fine, this should not go in press and not hurt the girl’s image, just get Romi out of it.

Abhimanyu says he is taking care of his sister’s children and its time to secure their future. The man says it will be done, but asks a one more name as trustee to their trusts. The man tells about Ashok telling him that he is helping a girl who made case of sexual harassment against Romi Bhalla, and I found out its not true, don’t know why is he interfering. Abhimanyu says I have to tell this to Ishu, that Ashok is trying to get Raman’s place by defaming him. Ishita smiles seeing I and R in mahendi and Pammi pulls her leg.

Ruhi comes home and hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla asks for tea. Ishita says she is getting even pakodas. Simmi smiles seeing her parents’s love bond. Raman comes and meets Ruhi. Ruhi gives updates what Ishita had, and asks him to make Ishita have tea. She says no, I won’t have, I m not a kid. He holds her and asks her to have it. Neelu says Raman did not have any good today. Raman says I had tea and snacks at office. Ishita looks on. Ruhi asks Ishita to finish the food. Raman sees Mani’s call coming on Ishita’s phone.

Ishita talks to him. Abhimanyu gives the good news that Raman got the post of Asia’s business council head. Ishita tells everyone and they become glad. Ishita says congrats. Raman asks did Mani tell you this. She says yes. Mani says Ishita is excited, how to tell her whats going on behind this position. He says he did not congratulate Raman and she asks Raman to talk. Raman says I m busy. Ishita says everyone is happy here and are celebrating, Raman is busy with Ruhi. Mani says he has to talk to her, its urgent and he can’t wait. She says bye and ends the call. Mani says maybe Raman is there, he has such big ego, he can’t bear I suggested his name, first I have to tell Ishu about Romi’s matter. Ishita says sorry to Raman and he leaves annoyed.

Raman waits for the moon and says thank God, Madrasan did not keep fast, else she would have gone for my long life. Bala and Mihir see Raman in balcony and laugh. Bala says we are finding you and you are finding moon. They pull his leg. Raman tries to put it on women’s fasting. Mihir asks does only women stay hungry, and tells Bala that Raman who kept the fast for Ishita, as she did not keep fast and he got exchange offer with Lord, this is Suhagan’s Nirjala fast. They have a fun talk. Raman denies keeping the fast. Bala says fine, have this Chakri. Raman says I m on diet, I won’t have fried. Bala says I m your fan, we should join Raman’s classes to become a good husband. Mihir says yes and asks the fees. Raman laughs.

Vandu says Raman did not let you keep fast, so sweet, its imp festive in Punjabis. Ishita says Raman could not get time to have food in office. Mihika says Mihir told me that Raman kept the fast for Ishita, as she could not keep it. Ishita smiles and thinks Raman kept for me, like loving husband, I did not know Raman will melt. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……………..

Raman hears Ishita telling Mani that Raman should not know this, I will come tomorrow to meet you. She turns and sees him looking at her with ‘I want an answer for your statement’ look.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Raman meeting Sarika. She gives him water. He thanks her and says I don’t know how to talk, but what Romi did, sorry. Ishita worries at home and is confident that Raman won’t let injustice happen with Sarika, as he knows Sarika can’t handle the baby alone. I hope mummy ji does not affect him. Raman says I told you not to meet Romi and made you change job, you did not listen to me, I was saving your life, you tell me how to help you now, Romi is my younger brother, but I m with you, Ishita and I will fully support you, but to be honest, you have to admit you did mistake by coming in Romi’s words. She cries. He says can’t you figure out whats right and wrong, how can girls believe anyone so soon, Ishita and I want Romi to marry you, even if I force him to marry you, the marriage can’t be kept, one sided love can’t keep marriage, he can leave you even after marriage.

He says I m ashamed to say that my brother does not value a girl, he can’t manage a mature relationship, do you want to give your life in his hands. She says why are you saying this to me. He says you know my mum, she will never accept you as bahu, she did not like you to meet him, I promise, I commit if Romi loves you, I will convince mummy, but if I force him, how long will you fight with everyone. He says I don’t want any injustice to happen with you, I will support you in your decision. He says you think you have to keep the baby or not, I promise I won’t let you suffer financially, I know you hare me and my words, but I m doing this for your good.

Ishita says I m sure Raman will make Sarika assure that he will make Romi marry her, she is a girl, we care for her respect and give her rights. Raman gives blank cheque to Sarika and says it’s the best solution. She says you are buying me. He says I m not so low man to buy you, this is my responsibility, I m doing this to save your future. If you marry him, you will curse me for lifetime, your love could not change him, how can I change him. She says you got free so easily, even Romi gave me money by insulting me, you are also doing the same, the difference is he insulted me and you are giving money showing love.

She says I don’t want your money, go from here. She says I should have known you people can’t do justice, and one more thing, you are worse than Romi, to wear a goody cap and say all this. He says I understand your anger, think peacefully and you will understand. He leaves. She says Romi, why did you ruin my life and broke my trust. I will take its revenge, you will be punished. She wipes her tears and calls Ashok. He smiles and takes her call. She says I m ready, I have to fight case against Romi. He says very good Sarika, I will get justice for you. He ends the call and says now no one can save you and your brother …Raman Bhalla.

Raman gets a letter and reads it. He says Sarika did case against Romi, it means she did not listen to me and filed sexual harassment case. He calls out Romi and asks mum to call him. Romi comes out of his room. Raman says take it, read. Romi reads it. Raman explaisn that Sarika filed sexual harassment case against him, go and manage her like other GFs. Romi says Bhai……… Raman says why, you feel when I shout, I m too much, I won’t do anything now, you deal with your problem. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to help his younger brother. Raman says yes, he will get free so easily.

Ishita interrupts and Raman asks her to back off this matter. He argues with mum and says I would have sent him to jail when he made Mihiak’s MMS, he framed Bala too, I did not punish him but now its too much, its between him and Sarika. Ishita asks will he let three lives ruin. Mrs. Bhalla talks ill about Romi and says Sarika is blaming Romi for someone’s child. Ishita defends her. Raman says stop this saas bahu drama and asks mum to stop it and not say this against any woman. He says he won’t help Romi. She says she will get best lawyer for Romi, I m his mum, he is my son, I m not weak. He says fine, I fold hands, leave him alone once, he will get senses, if every mum is like you, every son will be like Romi. He leaves angrily.

Ishita says whats Sarika’s problem, can’t she tell me, she will lose job too, and Raman is not telling what he spoke to her, mummy ji and Romi won’t handle this matter, I have to do something. Raman comes out and says it will be big issue after all this, why did Romi do this, even if I shout, I have to manage this, what to do. He calls Pathak and asks him to meet his mum and take Romi’s case, she is finding lawyer for Romi’s case, she won’t call you, you take this case and tell her you are doing this without telling me, make sure you handle this well. Ishita comes and looks at him. Raman leaves.

Mihika comes to Ashok’s cabin and he smiles seeing her. He talks on phone and looks at her, as she looks beautiful. She acts good to her. He says sweetheart, its not over, game has just started, Raman and I will compete. He asks her to travel with him, and offers project deal. He says if not you, someone else. She says you did not understand me, I m not one girl who will leave job when you tease me, my career is important, I can handle this project, I m a thorough professional, I m going to get married, I would like the new project, it will be challenge for me. He says this is what I like about you, you will have to be at office late nights. She says my cabin door will be locked.

He says smart girl. He says it’s a deal. She shakes hand. He says we are partners from today. Mihika thinks Ashok can’t control himself and will do any mistake, I will get a chance to catch you and expose you to Shagun. He thinks one day this had to happen, welcome, it will be fun now. She leaves. He says one side is Mihika, and other side Sarika.

Ishita meets Sarika. Sarika says I won’t take my case back. Ishita says think about your child, what will happen if you take revenge. Sarika says I can’t believe you all are same, your husband came yesterday to buy me, saying keep baby or not, keep money, what did you bring today, money or poison. Ishita says nothing, I want to explain you. She says I know your games, you are saying Romi bad and saving me, you did not see my pain. Ishita says we are not trying to buy you, I know Raman’s approach was wrong, his intentions was not wrong, he wants good for you, I m saying you love Romi and should marry him, but think about media it big issue and your mum, trust me. Sarika says she will take revenge and punish Romi for ruining her life.

Ishita comes home and meets few ladies in compound. She asks Pammi not to be annoyed. Pammi says no, I came to know it was not your mistake and tells about Karwachauth fast tomorrow. She says I will have diamond ring, not less. Ishita sees Mrs. Bhalla talking on phone to Neel about Romi. She thinks to make her mood happy and maybe she will agree to Romi and Sarika’s marriage.

Raman says Ishita wil not keep fast as she got ill, doctor said she can’t keep fast. He asks Ishita not to keep fast and don’t act clever, he is going office and will leave Ruhi at home to keep an eye on her.. 
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Amma seeing Romi and Sarika in the garden. Romi and Sarika have an argument. He says I told you I will handle, whats this drama, S Bhalla. She says you married me in temple and this all happened, you are behaving like you don’t know me.She says your family told you not to meet me and you were after me, saying you love and can’t be without me, was all that a lie,m how can you leave me, I told you I m pregnant, and what did you do. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma are shocked. Romi says I don’t want to become a father, abort the child. Sarika says then why did you marry me. He says don’t be innocent, what I did, you are also responsible, don’t be a Sati Savitri. She says you did the drama, you don’t care about me and this relation, I should have understood you, I won’t sit in corner and cry.

He says you are not the girl whom I can love and make the bahu of my house. She says Ramanw as right about you. He gives her money and leaves. She cries. Mrs. Bhalla says how dare she. Amma stops her and says not now, don’t make issue here, we don’t know anything now. Go home and talk to aomi first, come. Sarika cries thinking about her and Romi’s love and marriage. She says I won’t let Romi do this, he has to accept me. She gets a call and talks.

Ishita comes home and calls out Romi. Romi comes and she looks at him. She asks will he have tea, he looks tired. He says no, I was in office. She gives him water. Romi drinks water. Ishita calls Amma and her mobile rings. She says she will call back and ends the call. She says its Sarika’s call again, I don’t know why. She asks Romi did anything happen between him and Sarika, she is calling me so many times, I m worried, I m ignoring her. Romi says he does not know anything, he is not in touch with her. She says yes, right, its fine, I will ask her whats her problem. He says why, let it be. She asks why, do you know whats the reason.

He says she has gone mad, saying anything, she is after me, despo. She says she is bothering you, how dare she. I know Romi and Sarika, I know Sarika is a self esteemed girl, she will have some reason. He says fine, trust her, she is mad, she has obsession. She says I will scold her good, call her and I will tell her how dare she trouble you. He says whats your problem, you are always after me. She says I m helping you, why are you worried, what did you do. He says I did not do anything, she did everything, she is pregnant, I gave her money and she is not agreeing, I don’t want a child, are you happy to know this. She slaps him and says she knew this, you ruined her life, are you not ashamed, you really thought I won’t know this, you bribed a ward boy and thought you will hide it.

He says I knew you will interfere, I m always wrong, she is innocent, I did not rape her, she is also responsible. She says you are a low level man, you might have promised to marry her, fine it was her mistake, it was equally your mistake, take the responsibility of the child, support and respect her, you should marry her. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says why will he marry. She says you are controlling the home after I went for 10 days, you broke my and Pammi’s relation and now you are teaching Romi, we won’t make Sarika our bahu, Romi maybe bad, it does not mean we will bring her home. She scolds Romi.

She says Ishita is also responsible, I told you to keep Sarika away from Romi, but Ishita feels she is smart, I know Romi so asked you to stop them, now see the result. She says that Sarika, fool, why did she come in his love. Ishita says you don’t know what Romi did with her. Ashok says I know what Romi did with you. Sarika says how do you know this. Ashok says fate made me meet, I got your pregnancy report by mistake and I know what kind of guy is Romi, I know what are you thinking, and states her problems. He says I respect women a lot and I want to help you, so I will fight with Romi for you.

She says but why, you don’t even know me. Ashok acts being selfless man and asks her to think he is her well wisher, but Raman is a very bad man. He says Raman made Ishita fire you and he did not stop Romi, he is now supporting Romi and ruined your life. She says I think you are mistaken. Ashok says no, I have seen their bad side, I can support you if you want to fight against them, there is no one else. He says Raman will give money, but you need justice, not money. He says first, Parmeet, then Raman and now Romi exploited you, this time you are not alone, you have the child, force Romi to marry you, I will help you do this, I will give you the father of your child, what do you think. Sarika cries and says I need time to think. He says fine, but think soon, as you have less time. She leaves. He says I got her, I will see how Raman comes out of this scandal, Ruhi can’t say my papa is best, I will make Sarika file sexual harassment case.

Raman comes home and slaps Romi. He counts his mistake and asks how can he do this, how can he ruin a girl’s life, did we teach this to you. He beats Romi. Ishita stops him and says he did mistake, ask him to take the responsibility of the girl and child. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika will not become our bahu. Raman says why not, what did Ishita say wrong, she will become the bahu. Romi says I don’t love her, I won’t marry her. Raman beats Romi. Mrs. Bhalla says you can’t force him, she is not good, else she would have come to us, and told me and Ishita, she told Romi and met him, she knew we don’t like her, why did she go after him. Romi says she was after me. I told her my family won’t agree, and she said she will enjoy, and he said fine. Raman beats him.

Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika is characterless, what will Romi do if she is after him. Raman says you are defending him and blaming the girl, why should we always blame girls. Ishita defends Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla argues with Ishita. She says she can’t always make them do as she says and Raman, if you feel its Romi;s mistake, fine kill him, but if Sarika comes in this house, then you will see my dead face. Raman says enough, I will decide how to solve this and everyone will agree to my decision, else I will see him later. Everyone leave. Romi holds his hurt hand and wipes his tears.

Simmi says she won’t support him, its his mistake. Romi asks her to support him. She says did you support me, Parmeet was kicked out of this house, no one supports each other in this house, you deal with your mistake. He says you feel its my mistake. She says I m a woman, I know this that you used a woman and broke her trust, I have always covered up your mistakes, you have to be punished. Raman comes to meet Sarika. She says I knew you will surely come when you know the truth, and you won’t let injustice happen with me. She gives him water and he thanks her. He says Sarika, I don’t know how to talk to you, what Romi did, sorry.

Ishita is worried at home and says Raman won’t let injustice happen with Sarika, he understands that Sarika can’t handle the baby alone, I just hope mummy ji’s words does not affect him.

Raman tells Romi that Sarika did sexual harassment case on him and asks him to deal with this problem. Ishita hears them. Sarika tells Ishita that Raman came to buy her yesterday and offered money, asking her to keep or abort the child.
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th October 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Raman trying to talk to Ishita and she rests down to sleep. He switches off the tv and sits to work. He switches off the lights for her. After some time, her phone rings. He goes to see it as its disturbing her sleep. He says she is sleeping peacefully after many days. He sits near her and speaks his heart out. He says I m sorry Ishita, I tried hard and could not make things right, but I promise I will make everything fine, good night. He goes to the bed and smiles seeing her. Ashok and Suraj have a laugh. Ashok says the day went good, Shagun is not pregnant and I got a good weapon against Raman. He says Romi made some girl pregnant and hiding from family, this news will be out in Asian business conference, I will see how Ishita saves Raman for public embarrassment. Suraj says you are lucky, you got saved.

Ashok says did Romi marry the girl without informing family, her name also starts with S. Shagun calls Ashok and asks are you ok, upset? Ashok acts like he is upset and hurt. Shagun says I m so sorry, we have time and we are getting married, everything will be perfect, what are you doing. Ashok says he is drinking. She says not more than 2, I will give you everything you want, I promise. He says ok, I love you, I will talk later as I m upset. He ends the call being fed up. Mihika comes to talk to Shagun about Ashok. Shagun says yes, Ashok’s real face came infront of me in this pregnancy matter. Mihika asks really?

Shagun says yes, Ashok loves me a lot, I never loved Raman, I love Ashok, I m happy to be with her, he promised me he will give me everything I deserve, he treats me like princess. Mihika says intentions change with time. Shagun says she trusts Ashok, he loves me. She goes. Mihika says I have to show Ashok’s truth to her, I will fail Ashok in his game. Ashok talks to Parmeet on phone and asks him to come home soon, as there will be many drama. Suraj asks what did Parmeet say. Ashok says Parmeet told me about S, its Sarika, she is receptionist at Ishita’s clinic and Romi loves her.

Ashok says Raman’s brother Romi makes girls pregnant and leaves them, and Raman fires them from job, this is breaking news, this is serious, its sexual harassment, when the Asian business week people know this, then Raman will be gone. Suraj drinks and says superb. Its morning, Ishita wakes up and says she had a good sleep today and why did alarm not ring, phone is off. She sees 30 calls and many messages from patients for emergency. She calls Sakshi and gets scolded as she did not treat her son. Ishita says my phone was off. She ends the call and says battery is there, how did it became off, it means someone did this.

She calls out Neelu and asks did she shut her phone. Raman says he made Ruhi ready and he shut his phone so that her sleep is not disturbed. She gets angry as its imp for doctor to attend calls. He says he did this for her. She says a boy was in pain and I was sleeping here, my phone was never off in my career long. Raman gets annoyed and leaves. Mr. Bhalla says don’t know when they will change. Raman comes in room and scolds Ishita as he switched off phone for her. She says you think for yourself and do for your wish, don’t do this for me. He says she always finds it less whatever I do. The ladies have a talk about Karwachauth. Mrs. Bhalla returns from London in western attire. She says Toshi is back and hugs the ladies. Pammi looks on.

Mr. Bhalla smiles bringing her home. Mrs. Bhalla goes to hug Pammi and asks her not to be angry because of Ishita. She hugs Pammi. Pammi says I did not know you are coming. Mrs. Bhalla says she was giving surprise. Mr. Bhalla asks her to go home, and he will keep bags and go for some work. She says fine and talks about Amma, who would be jealous seeing her. Amma sees Mrs. Bhalla and Ayyo, what happened to you. Mrs. Bhalla says she is looking London Madam. She looks young. She gets inside and asks is anything burning. She says you are burning, everyone called me young, and I look your younger sister now, and you can’t carry this look, you become Amma in six yard saree.

She says she will see her home, what she made her home. Ama says fightercock is back, it was so peaceful before. Mrs. Bhalla argues with her. Amma asks her to leave. Their Nok jhok ends and Mrs. Bhalla leaves. Amma says green tea with milk and Malai, huh. Mrs. Bhalla enters her home and does not see anyone. She calls out Ishita, Simmi………. Wahts happening, where did they go. She asks Neelu to give tea, or ask water atleast. She goes in kitchen and hears Romi talking to Sarika in anger. Romi asks whats your problem, I have to meet you now in park. Romi leaves. She hears this and says Romi is going to meet Sarika, whats going on. I have to see.

Amma gives green tea to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla is upset and says Romi went to meet Sarika, I told him to be away from her and he does not listen. They go to see him. Mihika works in office and sees S Bhalla pregnancy report. She is shocked seeing the result is positive, its Raman and Ishita’s address, what is it doing here. She says I have to tell Akka and informs Ishita. She says Ashok had this, do you know about it. Ishita says yes, it came to our house too, how did Ashok get it. Mihika says it has a number in Ashok’s writing and gives to Ishita. Ishita says it looks like I know it, and calls. She is shocked seeing its Sarika’s name in display. She ends the call quickly and says its Sarika’s number, Sarika… S Bhalla….

Ishita thinks and says its Romi, so the name has Bhalla, Romi can’t change, he came with me to save himself, but pregnancy is positive, how can he hide this form family and Sarika…. I will find out, Romi can’t hide this.

Raman calls Pathak and asks him to call mum, as she is finding lawyer for Romi. She won’t tell me as I m not helping her. Please manage this case and tell her that you are doing this without telling me, make sure you handle this well. Ishita comes to Raman and looks at him.
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