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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihit taking to the hotel manager and asking to give keys of rooms to everyone. Everyone is very happy. Bala is also happy and jokes. The receptionist calls them by names and gives the keys. She says about Raman Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla says he is my son, he will come late, I will keep his keys. Simmi gets her keys and misses Parmeet. Mihir asks the manager to decorate Raman’s room. He says yes Sir, I did as you said, flowers, chocolates, candles, wine……… Mihika says impressive. He says not for us, for them. She says I know. He says I have to be with Simmi and Ananya will cry all night. He says simple, come in my room. She smiles and leaves.

Raman and Ishita are arguing. Ishita proves her point that they are going wrong way. He defends GPS. She says I will call Pathak to case on govt. Raman taunts her and takes a U turn. She says can’t you ask anyone the way. Ruhi asks Simmi to with them. Simmi asks her to go. Shravan plans and praises Simmi. She smiles and says you are applying me cheese, go and play. Shravan and Ruhi are happy. Simmi asks them not to trouble anyone and take care. The kids runs out. Ruhi says Shravan you are champ, where did you learn this from. Shravan says from Appa, he lies and praises Amma. Bala and Vandu hear this. Vandu gets annoyed knowing Bala praises her falsely. She leaves. Bala goes after her.

Romi comes and Ruhi asks does girls agree to guys by false appraisal, Shravan told me. Romi smiles and takes them to play with him. Raman and Ishita are on the way. He says I won’t drive now, my back is aching, I need 10mins break. She says they might be missing us. He says we will see a small hotel and stay here for night. They start arguing. She says don’t taunt me, you can talk too instead of watching tv at night. He asks what you talk, what you ask, how many tooth you plucked out.

Mihika and Mihir are waiting for Raman and Ishita. Mihir says phone is not connecting. I think thyey lost the way, Raman won’t take directions from anyone. Ishita asks Raman to ask the way, is your ego getting hurt. A truck comes and Ishita says Raman……….. he gets tensed. A glass breaks by the waiter and Mihika gets tensed. Raman and Ishita bump the car somewhere and has their heads down. Raman gets up and says we are saved, the truck driver is mad. He asks Ishita to get up and says what happened to her.

He sees her unconscious and puts water on her face. She opens her eyes. He asks are you okay. She looks at him. He says thank God you are fine. She asks who are you. He says who me, what happened. He starts talking in Tamil and says where am I, who are you. He says relax, you don’t remember me. She says don’t touch me. He says I m your husband, we are married. She asks where is Amma. He says we are going to Amma. He says we are married, we have children, don’t you remember, I will call doctor. She sees the sindoor and says we are married? She asks we have kids too? He says yes, two, Ruhi and………. She says I don’t feel it I m married. He says we are happily married, I m tensed, I m not getting doctor number. She says no, we were not happy. He says how do you know. She says as you husband is shy of asking routes. She laughs. He says oh God, are you mad, is this the way to joke, idiot. She laughs and says see your face, scared. He says sit in the car, people will beat stones at you thinking you are a witch.

He says this is why I ask you to watch TV less, as you get these ideas. The car does not start. She says now you are acting. He says no, really its not starting, now lets walk. He says there is no network, whom to call. She asks him to message Mihir, it will be delivered when network comes. She says I can’t walk more and sits. He says come, hotel may be ahead. She says we walked 2kms. He says did I come here before to know hotel location. He holds her hand and says get up. A guy comes on bike. Ishita says ask him. The guy asks where you have to go. Raman says what are you staring, go now, else your family won’t get you. The guy leaves.

She says he was so handsome, he would have dropped me. He says yes, he should have met you before me and married you, I would have got saved. Another man comes and Raman asks about hotel. The man says its small and 1 km far. Raman thanks him and they walk towards it.

Mr. Bhalla asks Appa to drink. Appa says one is enough for me, I will have to have one with Raman too. Mr. Bhalla says Raman messaged Mihir, they lost way and will come late. They drink. Amma comes and Amma gets tensed. Amma says I got many things from gift shops, its so beautiful. She shows him the mug and he says nice. She sees the wine and asks whats this Mr Bhalla, two glass, see your age, be careful and have self control, see my Vishwa, he never touched. Mrs. Bhalla comes and Amma tells her that Mr. Bhalla is having two glass.

Mrs.Bhalla says he knows how much to drink, don’t ignite fire. Amma says fine, le him drink whole bottle. Mrs. Bhalla says Appa acts innocent, even he would have drank. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to count bottles. Mrs. Bhalla asks him is this other glass of Mr. Iyer. Amma says he won’t drink. They argue. Romi comes and ends their argument saying its my drink, I will prove it. He drinks both glassed. Amma says ayyo, all the family is drinkers. Mrs. Bhalla says I will prove Appa also drinks. Mihir comes and Romi takes his help in saving Appa.

Mihir blinks.Romi says lets end it. Both of them drunk. Romi says I won. Mrs. Bhalla is happy. Mihika asks Mihir to come to play cards. He is drunk and Mihika scolds him. She leaves annoyed. Mihir says listen to me Mihika and drinks the rest.

Raman and Ishita come to the holiday hotel. She says Ayyo, is this it. He says holiday from hell. They go to the reception. Raman says we want a room. The man asks for how many hours. Raman says what do you mean, we want for all night. She says lets call family, they might be worried. The man hears this and says it will be double pay now. Raman asks why. The man says if you family calls, we have to lie. Raman says what nonsense and gets angry. He says she is my wife and my car is really not working, give me keys and call mechanic to toe the car. Send something to eat. Ishita says veg. They go to the room. The room stinks and their noses has to suffer. He says impossible, I can’t stay here. She says this is better than being on road, its ok we will manage. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……………

Raman laughs as Ishita gets allergy on her face. (All red marks) She closes her eyes and says I m looking horrible. He says you look horrible since childhood, why are you scared now. He says I should close my eyes seeing you. She asks are you not afraid seeing me, I thought you will shout.. 
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shravan and Ruhi seeing Sonography report and spotting the baby. Shravan tells Ruhi that Vandu will be giving him a sister, and its in her stomach. Ruhi says Lord sends babies to us from hospitals. He says did not not see that round aunty. Ruhi says then why did Ishi Maa told me wrong. She asks Ishita where did babies come from and says Shravan told me about baby coming from stomach, as Vandu’s stomach became fat. Ishita asks her to ask Papa, as he is very smart. Raman comes and Ruih asks him from where does babies come. He looks at Ishita and she says say now. Ruhi says Shravan said her sister is in Vandu’s tummy, but how did she reach there and how will she come out. She says Ishi Maa said Lord send babies. Raman says Lord sends babies to mummy tummy and doctor brings them out, and then nurse gives babies to mummy.

Ishita claps and says nice.Ruhi says now I understand Papa is so smart, when you want baby, tell Papa, he will bring it. Saari fizaaon me hai………….. plays……….. Ruhi leaves. Raman and Ishita have an odd moment and Ishita leaves. Mihir tells Mihika about Raman taking Ishita on a romantic weekend. He asks her to keep it a secret. She says you are so unromantic, you did not do anything romantic for me. He says complains and all, ok lets go for a romantic weekend, tomorrow. He asks is she ready. Amma comes to her with coffee and says I m calling Bala and Vandu for lunch tomorrow. Mihika says good idea, but I m busy tomorrow, I have to go office. Amma says fine. Mihir hears this. Mihika says I lied to Amma. Mihir says very very bad girl.

Mihika says for you, you have to surprise me. He says I will plan the best weekend and you will love me again. She says I won’t wait for overnight picnic. He says yes, I will drop you home in evening. Ishita comes to her room and Raman asks her to sleep near Ruhi tonight. She says no, its ok. Raman says please, sleep with Ruhi, I will sleep there. Raman says its good Mihir arranged everything, as he gets his message. Ishita thinks it will be good as the whole family will go together. Do alag alag………………..plays……………… he sleeps on the couch and she sleeps with Ruhi on the bed. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays………….

Its morning, Raman wakes up and sees the time. He looks at the bag and says great Ishita did the packing too, I will also get ready. It will be a good day. Ishita is arranging things. Raman says I will tell mum. He comes out and asks why are you doing so much for one picnic. She says we will get hungry on the way, I will give them surprise, no you tell them, they will be happy. Everyone come getting ready and Raman is surprised. Ruhi too joins them with the Iyers. Everyone wear good trendy clothes. Ruhi asks whats the surprise. Vandu asks why did you call us in these clothes. Ishita says we all are going out, as Raman is giving us surprise, as he wants to take us on picnic. Everyone claps.

He sits and smiles holding his face. Ishita says I did all the arrangements. Iyers are glad too. Romi says I will get music in pendrive. Everyone is excited. Amma says Ishita and Raman do so much for us. Ishita asks Mihika to call Mihir and get ready. Mihika asks why. Raman says we all are going for picnic. Mihika thinks Raman’s romantic plan got dropped, I have to tell Mihir. Mihir is making the arrangements for room’s decorations and things there. Mihir is getting ready to meet Mihika. Mihika calls him and says about Raman’s plan flopping, Ishita invited both the families on picnic.

Mihir says what to do now. She says think something. She says you come here, we will go with everyone and then see how to make Raman and Ishita spend some time. He asks what about my plan. She says you so selfish, what about them, come. He says no one will be left alone, all his lovely plan flopped. Mihika talks to Ishita and says Raman planned a special picnic for you. Ishita says how did you know. Mihika says Raman asked Mihir to do all the arrangements. Ishita says no, he told me we are going together.

Raman asks Mihir whats the problem if everyone is going. Mihir says but you planned for you both. Raman says its fine, everyone was stressed, its better. He says we will be in peace as women will be busy gossiping. Mihika asks Ishita to go with Raman. Ishita says no, he is so rude. I want to relax with everyone. I won’ go alone in his car, its confusing when he taunts and jokes. Raman says she is very nice, but at the end of the day she is Jhansi Ki rani, so bad idea.

Mr. Bhalla and Appa talk to Mihir and Mihika and says we will manage. They ask Raman and Ishita to come together in car. He says you come together till resort then we will meet. Raman hugs Mihir knowing its his plan. Everyone leave. Raman starts his taunts and she makes a face. They leave in the car and are speechless. She thinks about Mihika’s words that she has to go with Raman in his car. She asks when will we reach. He says two to three hours. Mihir and Mihika are in the bus and says we will reach in few hours, but I think Raman will come after much time, he might have some plan. Mihir says ooooooo….. and hugs her. She says leave me, everyone is seeing. Mr. Bhalla says it’s a good plan.

Ishita sleeps and wakes up. She says sorry, I fell asleep, whats the time, its over three hours, why did we not reach, are we lost. He says no. She says ask anyone the route. He says you don’t know technology, we have maps in phone, do you write letters in email era. She says you started again. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays………….

Ishita gets out of the car, and says where am I. He says relax, its me, you don’t remember me, I m your husband. She says where is Amma, don’t touch me, who are you.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Amma consoling Mrs. Bhalla to have patience till morning. Raman and Ishita bring food and asks them to have it. Ishita asks Shagun to have food. Shagun says just shut up. Ishita says behave well, I m giving you food as we are together here, seeing your behavior, now I know your son is so spoiled. Shagun says you will teach me how to be a mum, who can never be a mum. Ishita taunts her well. Everyone look on. Ishita says I m not a barren woman, I m Ruhi’s mum, I don’t spoil her and says Raman did the right step for Adi’s good, how can she not see this, she asks her to have food, else leave it. Ashok worries for Shagun and calls her asking should he come there. She says no, I m with Adi. He says tell me whats going on there. She says I will come home and talk.

Its morning, the case starts in juvenile court. The judge says seeing Adi’s state, I decided that its not his crime, but his upbringing’s fault. He says I can understand he is a result of high society parents’ divorce, this is common these days. She says her mum spoils him, but his dad is a good guy, who wanted to show him right path and filed the case, even he is hurt and he was firm on his decision. He says Adi needs guidance, not punishment, but can his mum give him right guidance. What is the guarantee he won’t do this again. Raman and Shagun promise. The judge says did you think what you want to make Adi, he does not know whats right and wrong. Shagun accepts her mistake and says she got carried away as she was balancing Raman’s absence in his life.

The judge says Adi’s parents gave much resources, make him become well, he has to work at community service and we will review him every month. Mrs. Bhalla says now she will know she is a very bad mum. The judge says we will decide Adi will be with his mum or dad, the court is adjourned. Shagun asks Raman to stay away from Adi. She leaves with him. Ishita says I m very proud of you Raman. She says Adi and Ruhi are very lucky kids to get a father like you. Ashok comes there. Adi cries and hugs him saying dad. He asks him to go o car and sit.

Everyone look on. Shagun says Ashok you here. Ashok says sweet lines and says he was in love like college student and forgot she is a mum, forgive me, and gives her a 5 carat ring, which he is carrying in his pocket for 5 days. He asks will you marry me and she agrees. He makes her wear the ring. She hugs him. Ashok smiles seeing Raman. Ashok and Shagun leave. Bhallas come home. Simmi and Romi asks about Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says he is fine, and has to work with community service. Ishita asks about Ruhi. Simmi says she is sleeping. Ishita thanks her.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to go and take rest. Raman says sorry. She says everything will be fine. Ishita comes to Ruhi and kisses her. Raman comes and sees her hugging Ruhi. He says Ishita. She asks shall I bring tea for you. He says thanks for supporting me. She says no need to say thanks. He says yes, I should say sorry. She says its over now, lets move forward now. She says I was thinking about Adi, we have responsibility, he stays with Ashok and Shagun, she loves him a lot, its evident, but they are giving him wrong values, what will he learn there. Raman says I m also worried for him. She says I think you should go closer to him, enter his life again, he will resist and be annoyed, but you have to make an effort, this happened with our family, but if it happened with strangers, punishment would have been severe. He says you are right. She says I will tell Bala to take care but you are his dad.

Ruhi wakes up and asks how was the party, Romi told me you went to your friend, all night party, and elders went to Jagrata. Ishita says Romi did not tell us, but we missed you a lot. Raman hugs her and says I missed you a lot. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……….. Ruhi asks Ishita to hug and they have a group hug. Raman and Ishita look at each other. Ishita takes her to brush her teeth. Raman says I m very lucky Ishita, that you did so much for me and I did not give you anything in return, I really want to make it up to you, what can I do for you. He smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla says everything is fine now and she will keep a fast for Lord. Romi comes and asks for money to bring fruit. Mr. Bhalla compares him with others and says Raman earned a lot in this age. Romi defends himself and says he will do very big, and no one will know him. Everyone laughs. Romi comes to buy mangoes. He gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call and says he is buying fruits. Sarika bargains with the fruit vendor, while Romi does not. The man argues with Sarika and says look at him, he is not bargaining. She says who is he, I will see him, maybe he gets money on plants. She sees Romi and asks him why did he not bargain and these people are asking high rates now, people like us get caught in this.

She says its your mistake, you don’t know how to take fruits. He says teach me. She talks to the vendor and bargains. Romi looks at her and smiles. Raman says he wants to take Ishita out for a change after allt his happened. She hears it and thinks whole family is going and says so sweet. She says that’s so nice, so thoughtful, I m free tomorrow. He calls Mihir that he wants to take Ishita out, and I want the best resort, as I have hurt her a lot since many days, I thought it will be a change for her. Mihir smiles. Raman says she will feel nice.

Mihir says why so many excuses, she is your wife, you and chill. Mihir says I will do the arrangements. Ishita comes smiling and he leaves. She says I m seeing Ravan Kumar so happy after many days, it will be a good change, I will tell everyone, all family together, so lovely. She calls Sarika and says she won’t come tomorrow and call Dr Batra if any emergency. She books two SUVs and asks the travel agency to send good drivers. She is excited and says she will give everyone surprise. She says everyone will get happy, so sweet of Raman.

Ruhi tells Ishita that Papa is very smart, whenever you want baby, tell Papa, he will bring it. Ishita looks at Raman.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ishita seeing Raman in her clinic and closes the door asking him what happened. Raman holds her hand and says he did a big mistake, I should have told you, what did I do. She says have water. He drinks water. She asks what happened. He says Adi did Amma’s accident. He says I shoulf have told you. She says I know it Raman. He looks at her shocked. He says why did you not tell me. She sits by his side and says how could I ask you, how could I tell you, you did not think I deserve to know this truth, you did not tell me anything. She says I was thinking a lot, that you are supporting Shagun and against us, why do you love her till now, I was not understanding anything and I did not like to fight with you, then I saw Adi driving, Shagun scolded him infront of my eyes, she said you already did the accident so why are you touching the car, then I knew you were not supporting Shagun, but Adi.

They both cry. She asks why did you not tell me anything. He says I wanted to say, but Shagun stopped me as she felt you will choose Amma over Adi, and I wanted to save Adi, today my eyes opened. He says I have realized I did wrong supporting him, I should give him to police. I went to his school today and tells her what happened there. He says you are right, Shagun wanted to save him, as she is his mum, she took the blame on her head, but I flowed in my feelings, I did wrong. Shagun has spoiled Adi a lot, its not mum’s love, as mum does not spoil kids, but makes them right showing them right path, slap him on mistake and cry being hurt, as you are doing for Ruhi, mum is like you.

Shagun does not have mum’s love for her and Adi is not out of hands. I have lost my son, now he is not my innocent Adi, he got so much freedom that he feels what he does is right. He says Shagun did not do mum’s duty, but I will do a dad’s duty and bring him on the right path. He says the decision which I took, I can’t walk alone on it. Bandh gaye ye bandhan…………….plays…………. He holds her hands and says I need your help and support. She says I m with you, always. He says thanks. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………….

Shagun gets a summon, that Amma’s case is sent to juvenile case, as the kid did this crime. She says he is not accused. He says the court will decide it. Adi comes and the man asks him to come with them. Adi asks Shagun what are they saying, they came to arrest me. The man says judge will be good to you, come with us. Shagun says Ishita did this and tries to protect Adi, but they take Adi. The man asks Shagun to come in her car if she wants. Shagun tells Adi not to tell anything and goes after him.

Mr. Bhalla says I don’t understand Adi did the accident. Mrs. Bhalla says its good Amma convinced Ishita to take the case back. Mr. Bhalla says if we hide his mistake, he will make more mistakes. She disagrees. Shagun calls him and he puts it on speaker. Shagun asks for Raman. He asks what happened. She asks where is Ishita, she complained against my Adi, he got arrested. I will not leave her, she told everyone Adi did the accident, I m going to magistrate and save him, Raman will support me, nothing will happen to my son. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says I will ask Amma why did she not stop Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says don’t create any drama there, I will talk to Pathak.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma and Amma is clueless. Mr. Bhalla says lets go to court and see whats happening, their phone is reachable. Mrs. Bhalla says I supported Ishita against my son, but can’t see my grandson getting punished. Amma says we will come and askl Ishita why did she do this. Shagun comes to the court. Shagun asks who did the complaint, where is my son, he is a minor, you can’t bring him here. The magistrate asks her to stay out. She says you can’t talk to him without his parent. Raman says they can. She sees him and says see what Ishita did, I told you she won’t understand. Raman says enough….. Ishita did not complain, I told the judge all the truth.

Shagun is shocked and says what are you saying Raman, you complaint against your son, what is this drama, the truth is you wanted to punish us, you are so weak in her love, what happened to your love for Adi. Raman says I love Adiu, but it does not mean to encourage him for mistakes, you are a mum, do your duty, you forgot, but I won’t. What Adi did, he has to realize, anyone would have died, I will do my duty and bring him on right path. She says you are using Adi to take revenge from me. He says I m not like you, to use him as a shield.

The judge asks them to stop it, and said I want to talk to Adi to get some answers. Kaur asks Raman to come out. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Ishita and asks why did she do this. She says Shagun told us that you got Adi arrested. Raman comes and says I did this, not Ishita. Everyone is shocked. Raman says this punishment was necessary, as I did not do any duty till now, as dad does not divert the kids from right path, I was wrong but I realized today that I m ruining him, he will do bigger mistakes if I save him today, parents can die for children, but I realized I m preparing him for bad future, where no one can control him. Shagun ruined his life but I can’t, you should be proud that I did the right thing.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says maybe you are right and he will regret and change. The judge calls all of them. He says I took Adi’s statement and will tell my decision tomorrow, he is a minor and will be kept in children’ remand room, go home, don’t worry, he will be fine.

Amma talks to the judge and says Adi is like our family, I did not know Adi did this and now I want to take the case back. Adi cries. The judge says its first time, a rich family kid came here, its good his dad came forward to bring him on right path, I will not punish him, but find a cure for him. He has to be here tonight in remand room. Adi asks Shagun to stop them. Shagun cries. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla to take everyone home. Shagun says what kind of father are you, this is why I left you and went to Ashok, you are disgusting, I won’t let you take Adi, never. The judge sees all this drama. Shagun says I will fight, I won’t let you separate Adi from me. Ishita looks on.

Ishita talks to Shagun and asks her not to behave such, as Adi will not learn good from her. Shagun says you will teach me how to be a mum, the woman who can’t become a mum ever. Everyone looks at Ishita.. 
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Vandu coming to meet Ishita. She says what you are doing for Amma, I can’t imagine, and the case…. Ishita sees her sonography report and hugs her happily. Raman comes and sees it. He tells his sweet memories with Adi, and how he learnt to find Adi in sonography report, I love him since he was of 150 grams. Ishita and Vandu hear him smiling. Vandu says fathers love children a lot. Ishita says yes, that’s why they fight with the world for their children. She comes to her room at night while Raman is working. Bandh gaye ye bandhan……………plays………………Raman thinks he wants to talk to her, and he is feeling bad hiding everything from her.

It rains and the drops come on Ishita’s face as she is sleeping near the window. He sees her and stands at the window seeing the rain. He shuts the window and sits to work again. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………. Ishita thinks parents can do anything for children, but its to save Adi, but his life, if we cover his mistake, he will do many mistakes and will ask Raman later why did he not stop him before. Lessons taught in childhood make a person right. She thinks there was no one to teach Adi, and if we are quiet now, who will teach him, is it not elder’s duty to explain and stop him. Its parents’ first duty to give a child right values, what are we doing, making him hide, this is unfair.

She thinks Raman is worried for Adi, he has become bad in our eyes and saving Adi. She thinks I wish he told me this once. He puts her hand out in rain water and Raman too joins her. He asks do you like rain. She says yes, it looks like sky came down to touch us, some people don’t like it, they don’t think everything gets clean by rain. She gets philosophical. Raman says people are weak, they are not like Lord in sky. Sleep now. She thinks one day clouds will come, even if its heat, one day you have to come to me and tell everything, I will wait for that rain.

Raman thinks he will talk his heart out one day and he will wait for that rain. Shagun talks to Adi and he is annoyed with her as she scolded him badly yesterday. She gives him money to make his mood happy and asks him to give a treat to his friends in canteen, its important day today, ass this court case will be over, Raman will never let you get hurt, whatever you do, Raman keeps his promise, he loves you, don’t tell anyone about this accident. Adi thanks her and hugs.

She says I have a surprise, I will keep a party for your friends at the resort, call Papa and thank him. Adi leaves with his phone. Romi sees Sarika on the road as her scooty breaks down. He stops thinking to return her favor and give her lift. They have a talk and he offers her lift and will arrange a mechanic. Sarika asks will you get late. He says its my brother’s office, so its settled. He says hold me tight, I drive in speed. She smiles.

Mihir asks Raman to come for meeting. Raman is upset. Mihir says I m sorry, forgive me, I always supported you, but this time, in this case, I went against you, you always supported truth, but I felt you are wrong this time, but you were not, I came to know Shagun did not do that accident. He says I was wrong to doubt you, I m proud of you. Raman thinks how to tell you I m not right, I can’t fall in your eyes. He tells Mihir sometimes there are things which are above true and lies, I m glad this all ended. Mihir says sorry and hugs him.

Raman gets a call from Adi’s school. The principal asks him to come immediately. Mihir worries. Simmi meets Parmeet at the restaurant and tells Parmeet that Ishita gave pic to Raman and saved Shagun. He asks did Ishita not ask Raman who did the accident. She says no, its good the case is over. Parmeet thinks why is Ishita saving Adi, after seeing everything. Parmeet tells Simmi the real culprit is still out. The principal tells Raman whats the need for 11 year old kid to bring mobile in school, its not allowed. Raman apologizes, I promise this won’t happen again.

Adi argues with him. The principal says look at his speech, he argues with the teacher too. Adi scolded the teacher and says his dad won’t let anything happen to him, whatever he do. The principal asks will you save him whatever he does, what message are you giving him. Raman scolds Adi. He asks Adi to say sorry and Adi does not. The principal asks Raman to take responsibility of Adi, else she will rusticate him. Raman says no, I will see.

Raman scolds Adi for misbehaving with teachers, the principal will kick you out of school. Adi says why are you shouting, mum was right, you will save me from every problem, mum threw a party this weekend as the case is shut now, you also come. Adi leaves. Raman says what did I do, I did a mistake saving him, he is feeling he can do anything and Papa will save him, whats wrong with Shagun. Raman talks to Shagun and says relax, its just a phone, and teachers these days……….

He says you are spoiling him, and you are giving him party. She says don’t talk me like this, its party on Saturday, come. Raman scolds her and asks her to spare Adi, as she has already ruined him. She says Adi will be happy with this party, you should be thankful as I m letting you become a part of Adi’s life. Raman ends the call and says what did I do, I m ruining my son’s life with my hands.

Precap: Raman holds Ishita’s hand and says I should have told you, what did I do. She asks what happened. He says Adi did Amma’s accident. She says I know Raman and he looks at her. 
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Ishita giving the pic to Raman and saying she did not steal it. Raman ccalls Shagun and says he got the pic. She says you stole it, did Ishita steal it. He says you got the pic, don’t blame Ishita again. Shagun says now Ishita will know. Ishita says now its clear Shagun did not do the accident, but when will I reach the real culprit. Parmeet drinks and says Adi is real culprit. Is Ishita knows this, she will not leave him and Raman is helping Shagun, he will not forgive Ishita. Ishita meets some ladies outside the school.

Adi talks to his friend and says I made Sharma Sir quiet. He gets a call and his friend says you bring mobile in school, if teacher sees, she will complain. Adi says no one can harm me here. Adi receives the call and says what happened to mum, her accident. The driver waits for Adi. Adi runs and Ishita sees him. She says what happened to him, why is he worrie and where is Ruhi. Adi shouts for driver and sees the key in the car. He opens the door and sits in it. Ishita is shocked seeing Adi drive the car and runs after him asking him to stop the car. Shagun comes there and Adi barely hits her car.

Adi asks her is she fine and cries. Shagun scolds him for driving, and says you touched the car again. She scolds the driver. She says Adi this is last warning, don’t you know what I m facing because of the accident, Ishita is after us. Ishita hears this and is shocked. Ishita says Adi did the accident…… Shagun says come with me and takes Adi with her. Ishita cries and says how can this happen. Parmeet is the one who made Ishita know this truth by his plan to make Adi tense and drive the car.

He says he is emotional just like his dad Raman, I just made a call that his mum is hurt and he ran. He says Raman….. now Ishita knows this, now she will send your son to jail and your relation with her will break. Now I will take the revenge of the slap. Raman gets Shagun’s call and says what, Adi drove the car again. She says he said someone called him and said someone called him saying I m hurt. He says what, who can this be. He asks when did he drive, Ishita goes to take Ruhi, if she sees him driving, she will know he did the accident. Shagun says I did not see.

Raman says you go to Adi, I will see. She says if Ishita knows, she will not leave Adi, you have to do something, please stop her. She panics. He says don’t worry, I will see. Ishita is at home thinking making dough in kitchen about Shagun’s words. Raman comes home and says Ruhi he came to take some files. He comes to his room and says Ishita won’t talk to me, how to ask her. He takes the file and tries to initiate a talk. Ishita sends Ruhi to the room and sees Raman.

Raman asks her who went to school to drop Ruhi, you or Bala. She says I. He asks did you get parking. She says yes. Ruhi comes and says I will not learn Maths, see it. He thinks she is not telling anything, if she saw Adi, she would have said. He leaves. Ishita says Raman was also worried, there was something in his mind, so did he mean to know what I saw in school today, what I saw has shaken my heart, now I understand why Raman was hiding this from me, he was not saving Shagun, but saving Adi. She says Adi, I felt I m fighting for justice, but no, I was fighting with a 11 year old kid, that too he is Raman’s biggest weakness, what to do now.

She says shall I tell Raman to expose his son infront of everyone or just let him go. She says the whole matter has turned now, we can’t punish a small kid, but he should be…. She says I have to decide, the decision is in my hand, but….. what to decide and how, on whose favor. Ishita comes to talk to Amma and Mrs. Bhalla. She says I m in a problem and want to discuss with both of you. She says its important and only mum can answer this. She says a mum loves the child and also scolds him to show the right path. Amma says I m afraid, what is it, did Raman………. Mrs. Bhalla says I will call him.

Ishita says no, I want to tell something, but promise me you won’t tell anyone. She forwards her hand and they hold her hand promising her. Ishita says Shagun did not do that accident. They are shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says no, this can’t be, my Adi, are you sure about this. Ishita says I saw everything by my eyes, he drove a car and Shagun scolded him for touching the car as he did the accident. Ishita says now I know why Raman was against us, he was hiding this. She says he was alone and worried, he might be going through much, he was not saving Shagun, but his son Adi. Amma cries. Ishita says now we can’t change this, I m worried thinking what to do. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun ruined my Adi, she gave car to such a small kid, see what he did. Amma asks Ishita to take case back, Adi is our house’s child, this will affect his future.

Mrs. Bhalla says I always supported you, but my Adi is my life, my everything, if anything happens to him, I will die and Raman will also can’t live, Adi is Raman’s life, he is our heir, have pity on him, I request you. Mrs. Bhalla folds hand and breaks down. Amma tells Ishita that Adi drove the car, that’s bad, maybe he was adamant and then he could not control, but I m fine now, I came home, and Lord made me fine so that Adi’s life does not get any stain. She says this punishment is not for Adi, but for Raman and us, think if he stays in remand room, no, why this. Ishita says if you are saying this, I will take this case back and will not tell anything to Raman, as he is already feeling guilty, I don’t want to make him feel ashamed. Mrs. Bhalla says you will do a big favor on us if you do this. Amma says now finish this matter. Ishita looks on.

Raman tells Vandu and Ishita when Adi’s was born and loves him since he was 150 grams, since he first saw him in sonography. Ishita smiles as Raman shares his precious memories.
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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming home. Ishita says I forgot to call the doctor and is surprised seeing him come out with Appa. He says Amma is fine now. She asks Appa about him. The doctor says Raman called me. Ishita and Raman have an argument about Amma and Shagun, again the court case comes in between them. She says if you cared for her, you would have supported her, I don’t know who are you, what are you, what you want and whom. She leaves annoyed. Raman gets angry. The people talk to Ashok in conference hall about Shagun, Ishita and Raman, where does he fit in this matter. He tells Ashok that a young chick suits you. Mihika comes and says if your presentation is over, lets go out. Ashok says she is right, lets work if you want to gossip, some home in evening, we will talk. Ashok eyes Mihika and smiles.

Simmi comes to Raman and shows him the pic to prove Shagun was in the shopping mall. She says see date and time, 10th june, 8.12pm. He says this will proof Shagun was at mall and did not do the accident, thanks. She says now everything will be fine. Raman calls Pathak and says there is 100% proof. Pathak says its good news, we will prove her innocent tomorrow, you relax now. Raman says I will tell this to Shagun. Shagun says Simmi saved me, now they will know I was in mall, keep the pic safe. Raman says I m happy we will win the case with this case. Shagun says thanks Simmi.

He keeps the pic in the drawer and Ishita comes there. He leaves from the room. Its morning, the court case starts. The judge asks Pathak did he make use of the time given to him. Pathak says yes, see this pic which will prove Shagun was in mall at accident time. The judge sees it and asks what type of joke is this. He turns the pic and shows puppies pic. Shagun asks how did this happen. Raman says I don’t know. Mrs. Bhalla laughs that Shagun looks like this in pic. Pathak says I m sure someone changed it, give me some time. Kaur says he is wasting our time.

They argue. Pathak says why will I hide the pic if it can free Shagun. The judge says fine, I give you four days time. Raman says where did the pic go. He talks to Pathak and says I kept it in drawer. Shagun says you should have seen it before bringing. She says the pic was exchanged, from your bedroom, Ishita did this. Raman says what. Shagun shouts on Ishita and says whats your problem, I did not do this crime and you are punishing me, I had the proof and you stole it, you want justice, so why are you doing injustice with me. Raman says don’t blame Ishita for this. Pathak takes Shagun.

Raman talks to Ishita and says I will drop you home, come. They come home. Raman comes to his room and checks the drawer. She says thanks for today. He says sit here please. He says see we are worried for this case, but this is home. I know you are understanding. She says yes. He says then you know what I m trying to say, what I want. She asks what do you want. He says fine, I want Shagun’s pic which you took, which can prove she did not do the accident. She is shocked and cries, asking you feel I have stolen this, when Shagun told you this, you scolded her, and now you are blaming me, how could you.

He says this room is ours and no one comes here, the pic was here. She says I did not do anything wrong till now, I did not even see that pic, what is it, as Shagun told this, you thought this. She says if she is innocent, will I get her punished, how can you tell this, for Shagun, when you scolded her, I felt you care for me, but no, there is no feelings. No respect, you know why, one reason, as you love Shagun a lot. He says oh God damn it. She says I don’t care for this, its alright, love her, she is your first wife and you are unable to forget her. She says but she has hurt you so much, how can you praise her, and don’t need anything for us and against her, you are feeling her pain, what about Amma’s pain.

She says you will do as Shagun says, I don’t expect anything from you, whats our relation, its only a contract for Ruhi. She says your name is linked to mine, I value it, but you value only her who left you and your name, you care for her and dance on her fingers. Its ok with me, but please don’t blame me like this, I m not like this. Raman says enough, I m not in a mood to hear your lecture, don’t give the pic if you don’t want, I m still strong to prove her innocent. He leaves banging the door. She cries. She says he doubted on me.

Ishita looks for the pic everywhere in the room. Mrs. Bhalla comes and shows her pic sahying you are finding this right. Ishita sees it. Mrs. Bhalla says I have hidden this. As I want Shagun to go to jail. She says you know Raman doubted me for this pic. She says Raman is mad, she has ruined him, I heard Raman and Simmi talking so I have hidden this, but sorry, now he is blaming you. Ishita says we are fighting for justice, if she did not do accident, then how can we punish her. She says this pic is a proof and we have to give this in court.

Mrs. Bhalla says she deserves to go in jail, the truth is she will do new drama everyday. She says you are Raman’s wife, let her go to jail. Ishita says this fight is not between me and Shagun, but between me and culprit. Mrs. Bhalla says you are very good and one day Shagun will use it. Ishita hugds her and says I will do what is true, tomorrow you will realize what I did was right. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her crying and leaves.

Parmeet meets Simmi at a cafĂ© and she sees him wounded. He says I fell, don’t worry. She says I m worried for Raman. He says yes, he is losing the case. Who took the pic, will the truth come out by it. Simmi says yes, it proves Shagun was not at accident site, don’t know who took it, Raman doubts on Ishita. He says don’t worry, I will try to get second copy of that pic. She gets a call from Mrs. Bhalla. She says I m on the way, coming home. She says I have to go, take care, don’t fall like this. She hugs him and leaves. He says she is innocent, she does not think if Shagun was in mall, Ashok was with me in office, whose crime are we hiding, whom is Shagun trying to save. He thinks about Adi….. and says Shagun is taking blame on herself and Raman is helping her, Adi did the accident, if Ishita knows this.

Shagun scolds Adi and warns him not to touch the car. Adi cries. Ishita hears the truth about the accident and is shocked.
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th July 2014 Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th July 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Kaur keeping her statements infront of the judge. Pathak says there is a point which Kaur did not see. He says this is accident reports of Amma, as its states her mental health was unwell when the accident happened. Kaur says atleast spare her. Pathak says it’s a fact, she was in depression and took anti depressant pills too. He says she goes to a psychiatrist and she took a tablet, which reacted and she got a headache, she went to meet Ishita and hit the white car, the car did not hit her. Ishita says what. Kaur says then why did she did the case. Pathak says her daughter Ishita did the accident. He asks Amma to come in witness box.

Raman says wait, all this is nonsense. Pathak says Bhai please…….. Raman comes in witness box and says I m sorry, Amma does not have mental illness, she is fine, so don’t point on her Pathak. He says I n sorry on my lawyer’s side. Kaur says great, see him, what a drama. Pathak says give me some time, a break, to talk to my client. The judge gives a 15min break. Raman talks to Pathak and asks why did he do this. Pathak says Amma told me to say this. Raman says what, Amma told you. Pathak says you know amma took care of Trishna, she blames herself and does not want you and Ishita to get separate because of this. Raman cries and says what am I doing.

He says Amma is thinking about me and Ishita, I m so selfish, I m cheating and hurting many people because of Adi. Shagun asks him not to get weak and think about Adi, we are doing this for our son. Simmi comes and hears them. Rama says don’t point on my family, Amma Appa and Ishita. Pathak says I promise you. Simmi thinks I can’t see him like this, Lord show some way to save Shagun. The judge asks Pathak to present anything if he has to say. Pathak says take the date ahead. Kaur says no, end the case soon.

Pathak says its about my client’s life. The judge says fine, you can get time till tomorrow. Simmi informs this to Parmeet. He says don’t worry, Pathak will do something. He asks her to buy baby clothes. She says yes, I m going for shopping, can you come, fine Raman is coming, I will talk to you later. I love you and ends the call. Simmi tells Raman that she is going to buy clothes for Ananya. Raman says fine and she leaves. Raman tells Shagun not to worry, as he will talk to Pathak and find a way out.

Ishita asks everyone to go home, as she will discuss with Kaur. She asks them to take the car, she will be late, they need rest. Shagun taunts Mihit for cheating Raman, for Ishita, where is your loyalty, disgusting. Mihir says I m doing this for him, for his wife, Ruhi’s Ishi Maa, no one matters to me. Ishita hears them. Mihir says I m with Ishita, when you are ready to come back, you can, I m sure you will come back, we will wait for you. He leaves. Bala takes Ruhi and Shravan from school and give them icecreams.

Ruhi tells him about her and Roshni’s plan to make Raman and Ishita dance and win the prize. Bala is surprised and asks whose idea was it. Ruhi says it was Shravan’s idea. Shravan says I m smart, thanks. Ruhi kisses Shravan and thanks him. Kaur tells Ishita that Raman stopped Pathak on time, I m seeing this for first time. You both are together but apart, you can’t see anyone point on his character and he can’t hear anything against Amma. She says our case is strong, judge feels they are lying, just stay strong, we will win. She leaves.

Ishita comes out and sees Raman standing near his car. He says Ishita where are you going, I will drop you. She says I will take rickshaw. He says I will drop/leave you. She says you have already left me, how much more will you leave me. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein……….plays………….. She goes ahead and Parmeet comes to tease her. She asks him to back off and goes away. It starts raining. Raman sees him teasing Ishita and starts beating him. Ishita is shocked. Pathak and Mihir stop Raman. Ishita says Rama, please. Shagun comes in between them and holds Raman’s hand. He takes his hand back in anger and goes to hold Ishita’s hand.

He takes Ishita from there. Parmeet gets up with his shirt torn. Ishita says leave my hand. He says I won’t leave, you are my wife. Bandh gaye ye bandhan ek hue do dil…………….plays…………….. they have an eyelock. He says sit in the car, come. He hits the car in anger and blood comes. She says your hand is bleeding. He says I know, so what. She says so give me the keys. Yeh hai Mohabbatein……….plays.He says sit in the car now. Shagun asks Parmeet what did he say to Ishita that Raman went mad, whats wrong with you, it this the right place for this. He says Shagun ji….. She leaves.

Raman and Ishita are on the way, he is unable to drive as his hand is bleeding a lot. She asks him to stop the car. He says after we reach home. She shouts on him, and says don’t worry, I m not going to run from here. She says give me your hand. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays………… She tries a cloth to his hand. He looks at her. She says come this side, I will drive. He gets down the car and sits in next seat. She drives the car home. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………..He looks at her again.

Simmi brings few people home and says they have some to take Ananya’s pic for cute baby contest. Mrs. Bhalla welcomes them. Simmi says take her pic. I will make her dress well. The girl says if she wins, her pic will be on our magazine’s cover. They like Ananya. The girl takes her pics and the guy shows her photo album. She sees Shagun’s pic in their last event. She thinks of Shagun’s words and thinks she really went to mall. She asks when was it taken. He says 10th june, at 8.40pm. She thinks Shagun did not do the accident, so Raman will win now.

Pathak presents the pic to judge to proof Shagun was at the mall. The judge asks whats this joke.
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